4 Things to Ask Before Choosing Komodo Liveaboard

Bali might be the most famous holiday destination in Indonesia but the Komodo National Park quickly rise from the shadow. This remote frontier offer a bunch of things Bali didn’t have; undisturbed coastline, virgin beaches, brighter marine life, and empty jagged islands that seemingly transported right from the Jurassic Park. And everything made even more perfect as trip to Komodo couldn’t possibly done without Komodo Liveaboard, a vessel that would take you around the national park. Think about staying in a floating resort and having breathtaking dive spot right in the doorstep. A panoramic galore of the sky, the sea, and the towering islands all from the comfort of the boat. A walking tour with the nearly-extinct Komodo Dragons in the wild. It’s going to be an amazing summer holiday—especially when you pick the boat right. 

You see, you will spend a lot of your Komodo holiday in the boat. You will sleep, eat, preparing for the dive, and wasting the downtime all in the boat. The quality of liveaboard itself plays a huge factor on how would you enjoy the holiday. We want to make sure you choose it right, and we have prepared some help. Here’s five important questions you should ask when browsing liveaboard in Labuan Bajo, the gate city of Komodo. 

Important Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Komodo Liveaboard

Will You Have Enough Space in the Komodo Liveaboard?

Check the size of the boat, how many stories does it has, and how many cabins but inside. See whether the amount of cabins match with the capacity of the boat. When you are browsing for Komodo liveaboard, you want one that has plenty of space. Not only cabins, but also spacious living space to enjoy the downtime. You don’t want to sail in a small boat where you are jam-packed like sardines in a wooden box. The safe choice would be a 20 – 30 meters phinisi—Indonesia’s wooden schooner—which cater to 8 – 16 passengers maximum. We don’t really recommend booking liveaboard with no cabins. The one where you sleep in a semi-open deck with a bunch of other strangers. It’s not really comfortable and further limit the space you could use to relax and enjoy the journey. 

What Are the Facilities?

Knowing what facilities provided in the Komodo liveaboard is essential. You need to match the liveaboard with your expectation. Do the liveaboard provided diving equipment? Does it has small boat to carry you into remotest and protected dive sites where larger boats can’t? How many dive guides or tour guides does the liveaboard have? Do you think the creature comforts—patios, beds, sun beds, and loungers are enough? You are going to be on holiday, and the boat will practically be your home for the week! Also, check on the meals, wifi, and other complimentary facilities like toiletries that would be nice to have. 

Do They Have Diving Facilities?

If you come to Komodo with diving in mind, you might want to embark on Komodo diving liveaboard. That’s being said, the liveaboard should have diving facilities onboard. You might want to have wet area, dive stations, rise stations, and maybe photography area in the boat. 

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What is Included? What Is not Included on the Package? 

Does the Nitrox come for free? Is there’s any special dinners you need to pay more? Most liveaboard come with all inclusive meals and excursion. Some dive liveaboard rent their dive gears for free, when some other rent them for extra charge. Black coffee and tea are usually a free complimentary drinks, but that latte might be billed later. Certainly, onboard spa would cost you another additional bill—excluding the tip. Knowing what’s included and what’s not on your liveaboard package is mandatory, especially when you want to travel in budget. 

How to Save Your Struggling Small Business

Running your own business means you should be ready to face the risk. One of them is your business to be struggling during a crisis. There are various reasons on why your small business ended up struggling. Financial crisis is one of the most common factors. However, it doesn’t mean that you have failed already. You still have chance to get it back in line with some efforts and strategies. Besides, experiencing ups and downs in business is common for business owners. Business is not for the weak anyway.

Getting your struggling small business back in line

There are many forms of how your business is struggling. What you need to do is stay calm and find the right solution to get it back in line. Of course, it is easier said than done because many business owners failed to do so. Remember that your finance is one of the most crucial factors in getting back your struggling business. Here are some tips you can consider:

How to Save Your Struggling Small Business

Finding the Root of Problem

The first thing you need to do when your small business is struggling is to find the root of the problem. Even if you are struggling to find one, there must be one when you search enough. Most of the problems is rooted from financial plan. Thus, you can start digging the problems from there.

Never overestimate

One of the most common mistakes in financial plan is that when business owners overestimate the income of the business they run, be it net income, profit, etc. at the same time, they underestimate the expense. Both are not supposed to do when running business because they can lead to disaster in your financial setting. Remember that business is about game of number. It is important to calculate everything thoroughly and carefully so at least you get estimation the closest to reality.

Control Spending

The money that you earn from running your own business is meant to be spent. You should spend it and that’s the how the cash flow works. However, do not spend all of it or do not spend it too much.  Instead of making random decision on how you spend the money, it is much better to make budgeting of business expense. Thus, you will know what your priority is and you know where to spend your money. Budget management is important because the unexpected is possible to come so you always need to be prepared with the cash in your business account.

Keep Track on Financial Life

Manage your writing business financial life. This way, you can keep track of your business expense. You will be able to see where the problem lies that cause your business to struggle much. While finding out the cause of the problem, you can start arranging and managing your finance to the better. Remember that you need to make positive cash flow so your business will stay afloat in the long run. From the beginning of running your business, make sure that you don’t mix business and personal finance because it can cause so much troubles than you expected.

From Beaches to Beaches with Komodo Boat

The New 7 Wonder of Nature Komodo National Park is filled with some of the best beaches in South East Asia and the Komodo boat is the best vessel to embark on sandy exploration. Here, we have compiled a mix of most phenomenal beach in Komodo and some best-kept secret that should be make it to your Must-Do list on a Komodo holiday trip!

From Komodo Boat to Beach Galore! Where to Go?

From Beaches to Beaches with Komodo Boat

The Cotton-Candy Like Pink Beach

Do you know that pink beach is one of the rarest beach on earth? Most of travel sites and guides said that there’s only around seven to twelve pink beach in the whole world. The Komodo National Park is very lucky to be blessed with the presence of several rose-hued beaches on several of its coastlines. The Komodo Islands’ Pink Beach is located in the other side of the dragon park—means you need to sail on the back of the island with Komodo boat.

To reach the Pink Beach (or locally known as Pantai Merah in local tongue), you need to hike and climb down the rolling hills of dry grassland. The picturesque views from above the savannah hills reveals a stretch pink blush glows as the sun hits the sands. This is where the cotton-candy like sands meet the brilliant turquoise water—like a piece of neverland. Thanks to the presence of red corals, which microscopic shreds were gotten carried by the waves and mixed with normal sand grains, resulting on beautiful pink beach that we know.

The Floating Beach, Taka Makassar

Other must-visit destination on Komodo boat trip is Taka Makassar, the “Floating Beach” made of big sandy atoll. A bright, crescent shaped “island” filled entirely by stark white sands, free from any palm trees, beach huts, and whatsoever. The Taka Makassar is a pleasant surprise in the middle of the sea. This little island only come to the surface when the tides are low, and would get drowned again when the sea tide risen. The Taka Makassar located just miles away from the phenomenal Manta Points—a special dive set for Manta spotting. This island was surrounded by shallow water, where you can swim like in swimming pool or stay afloat comfortably with your Insta-ready floaters.  

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The Snake Island

Komodo might have Kalong (Big Bats) Island which the bats are the only habitants. But that doesn’t happen on the Snake Island. The Snake Island is another sandy atoll—a little smaller than the Taka Makassar, shaped like apostrophe with long tail—which seen like a snake tail from the above. Similar as the Taka Makassar, the Snake Island is surrounded by shallow water, which means the Komodo boat could not go near to this tiny island. You need either to swim to reach this island (if you can handle the currents—or hop into small boat. The bright shallow water features jellyfishes (which are pretty, but you need to stay away from), starfishes, small fishes, and beautiful small corals that would surely brighten up your day. Not everyone knows the Snake island, so there’s high probabilities to have it for yourself!

The Empty Beaches of Mauwan Island

Just like the Snake Island, the Mawan Island is also quite hidden from mainstream travelers. Only the true adventurers has probably found this small, deserted island among other 28 islands within the national park. Mawan is nothing but simple and beautiful. It promise nothing, it provides nothing, yet this little uninhibited island will deliver one of the best beach-venture experience on your whole life. Take a short trekking to the hills to catch stunning view; sun rays reflected on the vast sea below, the bright and blue sky above, and the neighbouring islands on the horizon. Go down and let your bare foot touches the softness of the sands. To your surprise, Mawan islands also hides glimmering pink beaches on one of its side!

Ubud Villas Options for Your Recommendation

Staying in Bali to spend your holiday is great idea because Bali provides everything you need for a memorable vacation. Amongst all popular areas, Ubud is recommended to stay in. You can rent one of Ubud villas that provides you with services and facilities you prefer. Besides, Bali is travel destination that fits any type of traveler. From backpacker to luxury travelers, Bali can give what you want started from perfect accommodation that meets your budgets to stunning attraction you won’t forget. Of course, picturesque view is the highlight of Bali because everywhere you go, you will be presented with stunning landscape of the nature.

Here is the list of Ubud villas you can rent

It must be stressful to find villas to stay during your time in Bali. Instead of renting the place on the spot, it is highly advised to book beforehand. Aside from being less hassle, it gives you security just in case the villa you are going to rent is already fully booked. Booking villa in advance also makes your holiday more efficient. So here is recommendation of villas in Ubud:

  • Villa Awang Awang is a five bedroom-villa located in Melayang Village. This is also a family-friendly villa providing great service and amenities. The best part of staying at this villa is the views of the landscape you can see from the uphill. The majority of villa is designed in traditional Balinese style. There are also some Indonesian antiques decorating interior design. Then, infinity pool is also available for relaxing outside the villa. You can also visit the nearest temple to meditate or just admire the building.
  • Griya Atma is located in the middle of the rice fields, allowing you to enjoy the scenery anytime you want. The majority of this villa is designed in traditional Balinese style but has some modern flairs as accent. This villa features spacious bedroom with private veranda, outdoor rain shower, as well as Jacuzzi and infinity pool. There is also a book library if you feel like reading while enjoying the scenery.
  • Samaki Villa is a three bedrooms-villa in the middle of nature. Staying at this villa, you will feel strong vibe of calmness and serenity. There is stand-alone bungalow overlooking stunning view of the nature. This villa is mostly designed in natural style. It is dominated by wooden materials. The roof is also decorated with alang-alang, a traditional Balinese style. You can relax in a terrazzo bathtub, outdoor garden or infinity pool.
  • Amrita Villa is a three bedrooms-villa surrounded by rainforest and rice fields.  This place is perfect to release some stress and recharge your energy with positivity. You can sip your afternoon tea or coffee at the balcony overlooking the view. This villa is located not too far from the center of Ubud. Thus, you still have access to go to important places. There is also tropical garden filled with various plants and flowers outside the villa. This villa is perfect for solo traveler as well as couples.

Various Goals Owned by Property Investors

Every investor has their own goal for why they invest in property. The goal is what drives them to keep going and trying. Comparing your goal with average investors is not essential. However, there is nothing to lose if you know what other’s goals are. Basically, there are two main goals which are short-term and long-term goals. Every investor should have those two goals. The type of goal you have can determine what kind of investor you are. Whether you are a conservative or ambitious investors can be seen from your goal, especially from the long-term ones. Of course, having goal is essential in property investing as it is the thing you should achieve.

The average goals of property investors

Goals in property investing is not only helping you to thrive the business. It also helps you to know where you direction is. You see, there are various paths you can take during your investing. There are so many choices you and decision you need to make. With clear goals, you know where to go and what kind of strategies you should use in order to achieve them efficiently and successfully. Here are the most common goals of property investors you may need to know:

Owning Multiple Properties

One of the most common goals is to own five or six investment properties by retirement age in hope to have financial freedom without working too much. It is not wrong to have this kind of goal. You can have as many investment properties as you want to get your own financial freedom. However, you also need to remember that there is no relevancy between wealth and the number of investment properties you have.  The more important points than the number is the value and the size of your asset. You also will be more beneficial when you focus on the quality of your asset with the portfolio. It is better to have one property worth $1M instead of 10 properties worth $100K. Therefore, it is recommended not to decide your goal based on the number but based on the quality and value of the asset. It is more relevant to the wealth.

Having Passive Income in Mind

Another goal owned by most property investor is to have property portfolio generating $100K in passive income per year. The purpose comes from the need to reach financial freedom as well. Of course, you can have this goal as well and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is realistic and achievable if you have allocated enough time. The key of this goal is time because you need to see how your investment grade assets grow and compound. The process of how your asset grows doesn’t happen overnight. If you look at the nominal $100K, it is considered realistic and enough for you to live your retirement pretty comfortable. It will be enough if you are a mortgage free as well. If you don’t have excessive spending habits, $100 K will be enough to cover tour daily expense with decent luxuries occasionally.

Travelling Komodo Cheap & Sound: Backpacking with Komodo Liveaboard Budget

The Komodo National Park sits in the middle of tropical emerald of Indonesia, is definitely one of the most impressive and pristine archipelagoes to found in the planet. In fact, Komodo NP is one of UNESCO World’s Heritage, intriguing explorers all around the world to see what’s inside. The islands’ remoteness and a certain sense of wilderness are somewhat luring, and its abundant biodiversity both in the land and beneath the sea makes one heaven of trip destinations.

Much like the Galapagos island, Komodo is a sailing trip kind-of-trip. Means that you have to embark on a boat for a set of days, sail from one island to another, sleep and eat on the boat, and practically have that liveaboard experience. With the growth of tourism, now Komodo has developed a range of liveaboard boats to embark on. From extra luxurious until the cheapest Komodo liveaboard budget, you have it all. But now we’re not talking about taking the most basic liveaboard to have a budget-pressed adventure. We gonna talk about how you can have affordable Komodo exploration and still enjoying your holiday to the most.

Travelling Komodo Cheap & Sound: Backpacking with Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Keep a pair of good eyes on the Skyscanner

Skyscanner is our BIG SECRET when it comes to budget traveling. If you haven’t used it, we absolutely don’t have any idea why. This is why travelers can keep wandering the world even when they are tight on money. Just like its name, the application helps you to watch the fluctuation of plane tickets and find the best time to book when they are the cheapest.

If you are traveling from outside of Indonesia, you will need at least make one connecting flight reach Labuan Bajo, where the Komodo is. You may reach Jakarta and make a direct flight to Labuan Bajo, land in Jakarta and fly to Bali before taking a flight to Labuan Bajo, or get straight to Bali followed by a direct flight to Labuan Bajo. Plane tickets can cost 1/3 part of your trip, even when you have booked a Komodo liveaboard budget beforehand. So, plan it considerably.

Always book the most comfortable Komodo liveaboard budget you can find

A holiday to the brilliant, untouched land of Komodo would mean nothing when you cannot enjoy your trip. That’s why even though you are short in cash, we recommend you to put comfort on top whenever you are looking for Komodo liveaboard budget. You may find the cheapest liveaboard available, but most often than not, they are not coming with the most comfortable facilities. Instead of decent cabins, you might find a semi-open deck where all passengers would sleep together with a thin sleeping pad. Meals might feature the same Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng more often than you’d like. And did we mention that these liveaboards usually carry 20 and more people on such a small boat?

There are a lot of Komodo liveaboard budget that you can choose without neglecting creature comforts. Remember, your body needs a good place to have a good amount of quality rest and gather the energy for Komodo adventure!

Brush any temptations of unnecessary packages

In the midst of liveaboard competition, a number of operators get super creative with their product and start to offer extra packages that will surely attempt many travelers. Some of the most popular extras are onboard spa and massages, professional trip photographer, a professional videographer, private lunch on a deserted island, or even island camping. Now, who wouldn’t like to have their journey get aesthetically documented by professionals? However, these extra fun’ could cost a fortune, so don’t even let them sink in your head. Just a standard Komodo liveaboard budget would be enough to make the adventurous memory last a lifetime.

Things That Make You the Real Property Investor

Investing sounds easy and simple. It is like everyone can do it regardless their occupation and educational background. Well, it is not entirely wrong because investors indeed come from different disciplines and backgrounds. However, there are certain things that make you the real investor or not. Investing in property is possible but it is not all the time that people jumping into this industry come out successful and rich. Some of them fail and keep going while others fail and give up. Aside from the ‘success’ point, being the real property investor involve more on mindset, process, ability and mannerism. Property investing is not only for building wealth but also as a great access of a delivering an early and comfortable retirement.

Clues of the real property investors

Property investing is an access to provide you luxurious lifestyle you have dreamt of. However, it cannot be achieved in only a day or two. It requires long process and most human are impatient creatures to begin with. Here are some clues to know if you are real property investor or not:

  • If you believe that any property is an investment then you are not real investor. To believe in one thing, you cannot rely on your assumption or rumor. You need to dig into the fact. The fact is, fewer than 10% of properties qualify as investment grade. Thus, not all properties are investment grade. Thus, finding the right property to invest in means you need to find the one that has the qualification to property investment grade.
  • You are real property investor if you understand that property cannot make a cash machine in a year or two. Well, it could be if you happen to have a large chunk of saving and equity. However, it needs time for property to grow big and make steady flow of income. Even if you choose the right properties, it still takes time to accumulate. Besides, capital growth also takes time to build. Everything about property investing business takes times to plan before executed. It may take more than three years before you can rely on your property investing to have steady income and build wealth.
  • Real investor won’t rely on personal feeling or liking. For example, you buy a property because you like it personally and you think you can live in it for long time. However, you only see from your point of view not your buyers or tenants. And that’s what makes you not the real property investor because the real one won’t involve personal preference to make any decision.
  • The real property investor won’t ever think they can do it alone. Real estate is resource-intensive. Thus, you cannot be ignorant and keep going on the business without knowing what you are getting into. To achieve success, you need to trust others. You need to find and build solid team to support you throughout your journey in property investing. Only then you can achieve success because other’s knowledge and experience have powerful impact to it.

4 Property Business Ideas with Low Capitals

What are the best property business ideas? Many people are simply interested in the property business for the high profits possible to gain. Sure, the money to spend as the capital is not a few as well. Besides, there are strategies to think about and apply to avoid any loss and even bankruptcy. Well, if you are one of those people who want to start a property business and look for the ideas. Some of the ideas below may inspire you. The capital is also relatively lower anyway.

4 Property Business Ideas with Low Capitals

Land Leasing

The land only is much cheaper than when there is a house on it. Therefore, you can start your property business empire from this small idea. Buy a patch of land in the rural area that is guaranteed to be fertile and good for farming. Then, you can lease it to the farmers around with prices that are relatively low in the beginning. When it is proven that the land is able to produce a lot of crops, you may increase the rent money later. This way, you are not only conducting business but also helping the economy of local people.

Boarding House Business

More expensive than the land leasing business, here is now the boarding house business. It doesn’t need a large land or a big house anyway. You only need to prepare a medium-sized house with some rooms to be rented. Make sure to prepare some supporting facilities like a living room, a kitchen, and some bathrooms. The rooms rented should not be too big and choose students and medium-class workers as your tenants. Although this idea sounds simple, when it is successful, you can develop more boarding houses in the future.

Property Brokers

The two ideas above are for you who have money for capitals although it is limited. On the other hand, if you have no capital at all, you can start it all from here; being a property broker. As additional information, a broker can work for a property company but also you can do it independently. If you want to do it by yourself, start it all by looking for a property to sell or rent. It can be in the form of lands, houses, shops, apartments, and more. Next, conduct a negotiation with the property owner; it is including the time period and commission to gain when you successfully sell it. Then, you have to put many efforts to make the properties sold out.

Property Website

Although it is not directly related to the business of selling and buying properties, it can be a starting point for all. You can provide articles around properties first while making an offer to the property owner to offer their products on your website. It is similar to the broker actually but you may do it online. Interestingly, the money gained can be more in the property business ideas. Some of them are from the commissions of the transactions while some others are from the AdSense. So, are you interested in it?

How to Start a Business without Money

Start a business can be a dream for many people. It must be great if they are able to be a boss at least for themselves. It is great to see other people who are successfully running their business. Nevertheless, taking the first step can be very difficult especially when people do not have money to run their business. There is no need to worry because they can follow these steps to make their dream comes true.

How to Start a Business without Money

Keep the Existing Job

In many cases, money becomes a very important aspect to consider when people want to build their business. It is not only about the money which is used for the business but also the money for fulfilling their daily needs. If people do not have the money yet to build the business, it is better to keep their present job. It is true that running a business becomes their ideal life but they also have to be practical. While keeping the existing job, they still can collect the money and toy with the business idea at the same time. Although it can help people to be more secure when they have to take risks, they also have to work harder and spend more time preparing the business.

Business Ideas

It must be true that there are so many business opportunities which can be found. The beginning of the business comes from the idea after all. People cannot just use any business idea for running a business if they want to be successful. They have to make sure that the idea is unique. To start a business, they also have to ensure the value which will be generated from the business. They also have to consider the expectation of the target audience. Those are important things which must be considered before people can go further with their business idea.

Market and Challenges Analysis

When people arrive at the conclusion that their business idea will really work, they must not forget that there will also be a kind of competition. They have to analyze the market and the challenge of their business idea for sure. In fact, the potential investors will give them questions about this aspect when they are approaching for getting the fund. It is crucial to understand the market so people can identify the challenges. This way, they will also be able to overcome the challenge so the business can be profitable.

Capital Needs

Once again, the capital will be a very important element for running a business. It might be true that people can take the loan for funding their business but they cannot go that far before they make the capital requirement assessment. It is important to know the amount of money which will be needed for running the business. There is no way people can make a realistic business valuation when they do not have any idea about the challenges which can be faced by the business. Evaluating the requirement of the capital should be focused before people can raise the money to start a business.

Property business is not scary, check out tips below

Might be you are wondering why the property business can be very profitable. Of course, it cannot be separated from the basic needs of every human being. No one in this world does not want to have a place to live and a place that protect them. This is something that keeps business and property always profitable even the price of goods still continue to increase. Firstly, property always experiences depreciation. Each year, the price of buildings is always shrinking. This makes the tax which should be paid decrease every year. Second, the property business can be a profitable cash flow as well. 

Property business is not scary, check out tips below

Determine the type of your property business 

Before starting your business, you should determine the type of your property business first. Now, there are many types of property business that you can work on, ranging from apartments, office buildings, shop houses and so on. Each type of business also has its own consequences. You also need to determine whether you only want to invest in capital, buy for resale or buy for rent as well. If you only need to invest capital, then the tasks will be less. If you want to buy for resale, then you can decide to gain profits in the long or short term. There are also things that need attention. Firstly, this is very important to decide the type of property business before you step forward. 

Set your target market 

Surely you do not want to set up a property business that does not have a buyer right? For this reason, determine the target market will greatly affect your next decisions. The main thing that you have to know, who is your buyer? That question will help you to set up the target market effectively. By answering that question, your product will also be easier to market. As we know that millennials were mostly filled up with new workforce have limitations in terms of costs. So, you are able to adjust the specifications of the product that you want to offer along with the payment scheme. Most millennials are the first home buyers, so you have to invite the cooperation of various financial institutions that provide installment payments. 

Monitoring the property prices 

If you only want to buy for sale, then this is very important to monitor the prices first. Monitoring property price is also important to decide whether a market is really profitable or not. One thing you have to consider, if Business and property were filled by many players, then it has two meanings. Firstly, the filed is indeed profitable, second, the field has many competitors. This is can be done in many ways, you are able to use the internet to find information about property prices in the fields that you want. You are able to start by looking at newspaper ads to get an average price. You can ask people who are experienced to find out what properties are going up and what properties are down. Then you are able to decide the most appropriate time to make purchases and sales.