Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Trust is needed when it comes to building healthy relationships with your investors. It is not only your project that can be at risk when you neglect that factors but you also may lose your credibility with the other investors. Finding the right investors is already challenging and you don’t want to ruin your credibility by taking the wrong steps. 

Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Building trust with investors

Looking for investment partners is not something new in business. When you work on a serious project that add value to customer with such an innovative ideas then looking for the right investors is necessary. However, you need to be careful in doing so because wrong steps might put your credibility in vain with investors. And here are things you can put into consideration:

Be realistic

When it comes to investors and investments, be realistic. It means you need to make sure that you are taking only the right number of investors and the right amount of money from them. Too many investors and too many investments will overwhelm you. You need to be realistic with your valuation and calculate the timeline when your investors can expect a return. 

Money doesn’t guarantee anything

Remember that more money doesn’t guarantee your project to be successful. When you get high cash, it means you need to give quick return. It brings more pressure on your side so remember to also always have exit strategy and manage expectations that you can handle. 

Pursue the right investors

Pursue the right investors

It is also important to pursue the right investors. Money is essentials but not the only factor to consider when finding the right investors. Hence, it is essential that you know what kind of investors you need. Do you want investors who pour their money generously but impose requirements that you are not able to fulfill? Or do you want short-term investors who aim for quick return? 

The answer is in yourself

You need to know what kind of capital that suits your business’s project. This way, you can avoid ruining your own credibility. Remember that your business needs to grow in the long run. It is best if you make business model and stabilize it beforehand so then you know what you are looking for.

Be wise in how you use your capital

Another thing that can ruin your credibility with investors and investment is the way you use your capital. Money is like a weapon in business and if you don’t know how to use it or where to funnel it to the right area of your project then it will be a waste. It won’t do nothing to your business but ruin its credibility. Therefore, you should make business plan to communicate with your investors. Your business plan should lay out your step-to-steps milestones. This way, investors know your sustainable growth. 

Prepare business proposal

It will also help your credibility if you are prepared with business plan as well as a set of achievable long-term and short-term goals. Then, always deliver regular reports to your investors to keep them engaged and know the progress of their investment to the worthy project. 

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

Your business’s website needs daily content to keep the engagement. However, it can be overwhelming to post content regularly and make them stay fresh. Also, there are so many websites out there that your audiences can visit with anytime with high quality content. Hence, the competition is pretty tough. Delivering fresh, high quality content is challenging but it is not impossible to do. 

Content Ideas To Engage More Of Your Audiences

Engagement is important factor for your business’s website so your audience will attract to your brand. With quality contents delivered regularly, it is easier for your audiences to keep coming back checking out your website. It results in steady traffic for your website and also more potential customers to come. Keeping your every content fresh can be challenging but these ideas are worth your consideration:

Reading article can feel like a chore for some people. Hence, they always look at the headlines first to decide whether they are going to proceed reading the whole article. Therefore, it is important to make catchy headlines especially the one that start with how-to’s and X-tips. Usually, readers have already goals in their mind to solve certain problems. By giving those kind of headlines, you give what your audiences want. 

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

In how-to’s posts, make sure that you give step-by-step instructions clearly to solve specific problems you suggest for your audiences. Also, make it short, to the point, and insert helpful images. When you post something about tips, you need to make it interesting and practical. Those kinds of posts usually get higher rank on search engines so you can consider making those posts for your business’s website. 

You can also make a post with content that counters commonly accepted bets practices or a golden rule in your expertise ideas. People like reading contents that breakdown a difficult subjects into a simple post they can understand easily. You can also use your content to address negative perceptions about particular topic that your audiences find interesting. 

As mentioned earlier that people like reading understandable contents. Sure, contents with highly technical terms can show off the expertise. However, it doesn’t guarantee engagement from readers when they don’t understand a thing. Hence, simplify a complex technical subject in your contents. It is more helpful that way because readers can understand the topic in a good and easy way while you can also position yourself as an industry expert. 

Create contents that can evoke emotions of your readers. This way, your audiences can picture the events. Usually, contents with real stories are what audiences like because it feels personal. You can share your real stories of your hardships or about the lessons you have learned while running your business so far. 

It is also suggested that you add some visual formats to make your post more interesting to read. The point is, your content should be helpful, resourceful, and interesting. You will earn more points if it is entertaining and inspiring as well. 

How To Boost Employee Engagement And Optimize Workforce

How To Boost Employee Engagement And Optimize Workforce

Having engaged workforce is essential for business not only to keep going but also to thrive. During this global pandemic, engaged workforce is even more essential element to boost. With engaged workforce, any circumstances seem more possible to get through include a remote work. This concept has been going on for almost a year. Building an engaged team has become one of the most priority for every business to stand strong especially during difficult times.

Guides to create solid employee engaged workforce

Consolidating a solid structure to create and support stronger engagement is important. Your team members are talented individuals who can also work in team seamlessly. However, you need more than that. You have to ensure that they know their value. You also have to continue motivate them to keep reaching their full potential. And here are what you can do to create more employee engagement and optimal workforce:

One of the most important thing to build solid engaged workforce is to put the right people in the right positions. To do it, you need to have the right people first thing first. When assessing an individual, you need to do it beyond their individual skill but also their chemistry and culture. You need to find out whether or not they will fit in your team. Then, you need to place them in the right position. Make sure that they have proper title and have defined job description that fit into your organizational structure seamlessly. Always use as much clarity as possible in the process of enabling your employees to do what they are good at.

How To Boost Employee Engagement And Optimize Workforce

Enabling them to use their skills is not enough to build engaged employees. You also need to equip them with the right tools and procedures they can use to thrive in the company. Their skills might not be useful if they don’t have proper facilities. However, you also need to be mindful with the procedure and not go overboard with it. Instead of choosing too many good thing, why not choose the one thing that truly works. 

Also, you have to keep communicating about the importance of your company mission and vision to keep everyone aligned. This way, everyone in your company is heading to the same direction. It may make you sound repetitive but it is like a reminder that is essential to take. 

The next important step to do after enabling and equipping your team is empowering them. It is not less important as the other two. Empowering aims to motivate and inspire your team. It is also important thing to do to remind your employees that they are also human. They deserve to feel valued, appreciated, and recognized. 

You can also set expectation with clear goals your employees can achieve. When they reach specific goals, they can experience the achievement. Recognize, appreciate, and celebrate their achievements. However, keep in mind that accountability and empowerment doesn’t happen overnight. It requires continual efforts, time, commitment, and energy. Patience and trust are key elements in this process.

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

It is time for your brand to step up its game. During this global pandemic, many brands give messages of how they are there for their customers. However, words are not enough anymore. It becomes so repetitive that even consumers don’t take it seriously anymore. It is time for your brand to fully grant certainty during this uncertainties. It is time for your brand to provide pathways for real action. And it is time for your brand to foster connection while adjusting to a ‘new world’.

Fostering connection while adjusting to the changes

Every brand may have good intention. However, it is not enough to fully support consumers. Intention should be followed by real actions that can be impactful for others who receive. So here are how you can navigate your brand and let it foster connection during this uncertainty:

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

Do not hesitate to innovate and collaborate. During this tough time, you need to think of the impact. The world keeps changing and if you are too afraid to pivot, your brand won’t stand a chance. You will be left behind while others keep running. Hence, innovation and collaboration can be your ultimate recipe to foster more connection with your consumers while adjusting to the physically distanced world. Some adjustments here and there might be needed to keep your brand providing what your consumer needs. 

Find a way to make your brand lead and support the right cause. This time, there are many conflicts and problems happening regardless of the situation. It is understandable to feel hesitant or even afraid of being involved in those matters. However, you need to show up and let people see where your brand stand at. Avoid being ignorance just because you are afraid of losing loyal customers. In fact, you can lead your brand to empower for a good purpose. 

Gaining profit is important but it is better if you can do it the right way without harming other animals or environment. Creating amazing products that can help your customers’ skin youthful and glow is good. However, what’s the point if the process of producing the products cause a death of animals or destroy the environment. Hence, make sure that your brand emphasize your company values. Fighting for your brand’s value is not a one-time-done thing. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to constantly fighting for it. 

You need to have clear mission to let your brand shine even more. The mission should be set from the beginning. For example, you create products or deliver service that embrace the minorities. Your brand is there to help improve the life of the minorities. Show how your brand has responsibility to the society. Your brand is not only selling products or services but also buying power for a greater good. Selling with purpose can help create foundation, long-life bond, and loyalty. Your brand should be establish power driven by purpose in this challenging time. 

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

In this digital era, it will be harder for business to thrive if it can adapt to it. Internet has been playing a big role in business industry especially since the pandemic hit. Business and digital platforms have become associated to one another. There are many benefits business can gain from going digital. And now, digital marketing and online shopping have become business norms. That’s why building a website that can work for your business is necessary now. It is not complementary element anymore.

Building a website to work for your business

It is true that we cannot depend entirely on a device or tools to keep business running. However, we can take advantage of them. If it is possible for your website to do the heavy lifting for your business then why not? As long as you provide what customers needs and don’t neglect anything, it is good idea to have your website work for your business. 

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

Using utilizing your website to the next level is important because the majority of shoppers start their product search online. Also, the surveys showed that since the pandemic until now, the number of online shoppers keep increasing. In fact, it is predicted that 2021 is the year where the number will keep raising. Through your website, you can also show who you really are because you can show transparency to your audience. 

Putting a little more time and energy to build working website is worth it. It is like another long-term investment to push your business forward. You can maximize your effort in growing your business by building a successful website. In building a working website, you need to consider the essential elements such as building brand awareness, marketing, credibility, and authenticity.

Marketing strategies don’t always work right away. Online shopper might not add your products to their cart right away. Thus, it is important to build your brand awareness. It is like easing your audience to get to used to the presence of your brand. Through your website, show visitors who you are and why you are trusted. Also, show them what your brand can do to help them. Make sure to develop positive relationship with every visit your visitor makes to your website. 

Website is important marketing tool you can utilize. The way to do it is through quality content. Your website should not only full of the images of your products. You should also provide contents that your online visitor consider insightful, informative, entertaining, or interesting. You can also post positive testimonials from your previous customers on your website. Then, optimize your website with SEO approach. 

Building a website means you can establish your brand’s credibility and authenticity. Make sure that in the process, you value transparency and consistency. In the About section, you can tell more about your brand and who you are. Give brief rundown about your company’s history. Also, make sure you are consistent in even small details such as writing style, visual style, etc. 

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

If you own an e-commerce, you must know that its sale continue to rise at rapid pace especially since the pandemic hit. Staying up-to-date with consumer trends and marketing tech is what you need to do to thrive. Evolving your business to meet your customers needs is more important than ever now. You need to know where they spend their time and money the most.

Major e-commerce trends to consider

Business industry is one of the impacted since the pandemic hit. Customer behavior has been shifting to online shopping. It is still considered as safer alternative even now when we are already stepping into 2021. there are also other major trends in e-commerce you may consider to boost your business:

Compatibility with mobile devices. This is not actually a new trend in e-commerce. Many website or B2B e-commerce use website compatibility with mobile device to increase traffic. However, today this trend is getting bigger. A mobile-first strategy is essential in today’s e-commerce because a lot of internet traffic comes from mobile devices now more than ever. It is predicted that in 2021, the number will continue to rise. Hence, you need to optimize your e-commerce to be mobile-compatible. Of course, it should be followed by providing excellent shopping experience for customers. 

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

AR and VR adoption is also predicted to be the trend in e-commerce especially after the shift caused by the global pandemic. It has accelerated rapidly since the covid-19 so the development of both in e-commerce will become a major trend. You may consider adopting AR and VR to allow your customers interact with product digitally since in-person interaction is still limited. You can add AR or VR feature on your website first for example before making it compatible with mobile devices. 

Sustainability practices have become major trends as well in e-commerce as the result of a demand from consumers. They are more conscious about sustainably marketed products than ever now. They will prefer sustainable products than the non-sustainable one regardless of the brand. Also, consumers are now becoming more aware of the emphasize of social consciousness. They support companies who have consciousness to social and racial injustice. They prefer brands that know what they are standing for, transparent, and authentic. 

Cyber insurance will be the major trend of e-commerce in the next year because shopping online comes with the risks. Cybersecurity is a huge deal because customers need to feel secured when making transaction online. Hence, you have to consider increasing the protection both your business and your customers. You need to ensure that both are safe from the risk of cyber crimes. 

Digital payment method is not something new in e-commerce but it will continue to be one of the major trends in 2021. you may consider new digital payment method that your customers prefer the most. It is always best to provide more options so your customers can always have choose the best one. For the success of your business, you need to keep improving your e-commerce from all angles. 

Making the Most Of Your Business’s Distinct Energy

Making the Most Of Your Business’s Distinct Energy

Energy is like the core of everything. Your business also runs with its own energy coming from various sources such as its founder and everyone involved. Every business may have different energy that make them more distinctive than others. Your business may also have that distinct energy. You may or may not find it already. But one of the biggest challenges is to channel it and make the most of it.

Channeling distinct energy of your business

There are many examples of energy channeling in business. For example, most buyers make their purchase based on their emotions not logic. Their decision is made due to the energy they feel from the seller. For example, they get the energy from the salesperson who has bright personality. Or maybe they make a purchase because they have seen how charismatic and confidence the business owner is.

Business and energy are linked with each other. One of the most significant individuals who can determine the energy of a business is the founder. It is because the founder has the energy through their visionary during the creation of the business they aim. The energy of the founder can influence the flow of the business in some ways. Hence, energy imbalance within the founder can affect business significantly as well.

The founder here is not only the CEO or business owner but also include top management team, board of directors, and even employees. Conflict of energy is highly likely to happen. however, the first the entire organization basically feed off of the founder’s energy since he/she is the one that makes the first idea to begin with. It is when the first idea take a shape.

There are many factors that can affect the flow of energy within the founder such as health problems. It can cause an energetic imbalance which often affect the way the business flow, be it in finding investor, making investment, etc. Hence, health is also a core in maintaining good energy to build successful business.

Also, body has its own chakra. It is the concentrated energy center of the body. When your own chakra is affected for example by depression, then it can cause energetic imbalance as well. When your well-being is not in good condition, you may not be able to take in the maximum amount of energy for your needs. It is just the same with business’s chakra. You need to keep the energy of your business to keep it going. The energy flooding through your business can be felt by your customers. Hence, establishing the chakra of your business should be done intentionally.

Many business leaders are not aware of the energy they have. They may not realize that there is also energy within their business they can channel out into positive outcomes. To find your optimal energy, you can get yourself a coach to work with, or participate in energy healing. Then, you can synchronize your energy with your business’s to find any potential disruption and imbalances.

Choosing The Right Shipping Company To Provide Seamless Delivery Experience

You customer’s satisfaction is everything. You need to consider many factors that can make your customers happy or disappointed with your service. It is quite often for customers to complain about the delivery service. Even if it is not your fault that your customers receive their package late, your brand will still be affected. It is possible for your customer to stop buying from you after experiencing bad delivery service. Hence, it is important to choose the best shipping company for you. Hence, you can provide seamless delivery experience for all your customers. 

Choosing The Right Shipping Company To Provide Seamless Delivery Experience

What to consider when choosing shipping company?

When it comes to deliver service, giant brands usually have more resource because they usually partner up with big shipping companies who provide best deliver. It is often for small business to struggle with delivery because it comes with expensive price.  

Choosing the right courier can be tricky but once you find the right one, it pays off. Providing best shipping experience will not only help in increasing your checkout conversion but also trust and loyalty in your brand.  

Location and Delivery Matters

When it comes to your customers, find out more about their location and their willingness to pay for delivery. The urgency of your customer’s need to use your products can be taken into consideration as well. Also, your products characteristics should be considered such as their size, fragility, weight, dimensions, etc. By knowing your products in detail, you will be able to determine the price better. 

Find Delivery Options 

Location and Delivery Matters

It is also important to find out about delivery services and options your competitions provide to their customers. This way, you will see what’s truly working and what’s not. Then, you will know what to do to be better that your competition in the matter of delivery. 

Test Delivery Speeds

Speed is important factor to consider. It is in fact the selling point of delivery service. Most of customers prefer same-day delivery. Sometimes, they are even willing to pay extra to have their packaged delivered on the same day. It is best to give more options when it comes to deliver services. You can offer your customers free-shipping when they are not in a hurry. Also, provide premium shipping option in which your customer can get super fast delivery by paying more. 

Think about Local Courier

Consider local courier if your deliver is in small range. Local couriers know the area better so they can operate more efficiently. They also usually offer cheaper options since they operate locally. If your delivery range is large, consider trusted international shipping company with good reputation. 

Think about Delivery Cost

Cost is also something you need to consider when it comes to choosing shipping company. Try not to rely too much on cheap price because it doesn’t always provide the best delivery. Find shipping company who offer price that works for you and your customers but still give you high-quality delivery. Also, choose shipping company who deliver excellent customer service both for you and your customer. This type of company is more trusted and good for long-term partnering. 

About Reputation Marketing In Business Field

About Reputation Marketing In Business Field

Today, many consumers are using internet to track down local businesses. Hence, your online presence and reputation are crucial. Build and maintain your marketing reputation is just essential as managing your finance. In business field, online reputation management is widely known as important element. However, you might also want to learn more about reputation marketing and how it can affect your sales and brand’s online image. 

Learning more about reputation marketing 

Reputation marketing itself is an approach toward brand’s presence proactively. Sometimes, it is easy to mistaken it as reputation management. However, it is a bot different because reputation management is reactive strategy made to target negative contents such as bad press or reviews. There are many strategies you can use for reputation marketing. One of the most effective ways is embedding reviews and testimonials on your website. 

Today’s consumers are smart

They don’t want to trust anything presented on the internet. Hence, they act more carefully. They read reviews and testimonials before making transaction. They compare price before buying, and so on. This is why you need to implement reputation marketing. It allows you to build positive presence while staying authentic and informative. It means, what you build is not based on lies. 

Consumers choose brands with positive information

Positive and authentic information is what consumers’ prefer in choosing a brand. Therefore, always stick to two important characteristic when it comes to delivering information. They are organic and paid. The most common mistakes made by many businesses is to tend to one side, mostly to paid-for-information. However, it is best to use both forms so you can fully build positive and authentic information for your reputation. 

Organic information for authenticity 

Organic information is preferred by consumers because it is trusted and authentic. They know that the reviews are not paid for. You can still use paid-for-information but be more mindful because sometimes it is in some gray legal area. For example paying customers to give their reviews even if you don’t ask them to give good reviews. Buying fake reviews and testimonials is tempting but it won’t make your success last long.  

Build reputation marketing

You can proactively build best practices for reputation marketing. For example, make campaigns that ask your customers to give their honest feedback. More reviews your brand gains, the higher the chance for you to build your brand’s image successfully. Most buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. Even if you receive bad reviews at first, you can always use them to improve your brand.

Conveying well-received massage 

Use only authentic, passionate, effective communication. Authenticity is the main key when it comes to reputation marketing. It is the main key to build trust between your brand and customers. It affects whether customers will support your brand. One of the best things to show authenticity is to personalize. For example, you can personalize your email marketing by addressing your customer by their name. Or deliver content that is relevant to your customer’s interest. This will be more appreciated because customers feel more valued and special. 

Scaling Your Business During Crisis

Scaling Your Business During Crisis

The situation with covid-19 has brought such a difficult times for business industry. Many have shut down for good. However, there are also some of businesses that are able to withstand the huge waves caused by the global pandemic. Some of them have been able to react fast and adapt with the situation. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds because not all business can do the same so that’s why most of them are shut down. 

How to scale business during tough times

Scaling business even in normal days can be very challenging because there are things to calculate before making any decision into real actions. Let alone doing it during difficult times like what is happening now with the global pandemic. Many businesses think thousands times before deciding to scale due to the uncertain situation and future. 

Learn from the survivors

What we can all learn from businesses that have been thriving in the middle of the crisis brought by covid-19 is adaptability and agility. They are also supported by data so they can find opportunity to make fact-based decisions. This way, they are able to read the situation, take necessary plan, and take action. You can also follow other businesses that have been scaling successfully even during tough times. 

See opportunities anywhere you can find

See opportunities anywhere you can find

One of the most important elements you should use is an eagle’s eye for market opportunities. Even during difficult times, opportunities will always be there. However, not everyone can see them clearly. There are many things that can make them unable to see opportunities such as inability to think clearly hence your mind is filled with blocks. 

Get creative with your services

Many service-based businesses also suffered from the crisis brought by the global pandemic because how can they deliver their service well if people are in lockdown? However, creative people are able to spin their wheel in their brain to turn their service into a product. For example, if you usually a sales speaker who usually come face to face with your future clients, you can still deliver your service via webinars or create online training modules. 

Identify the needs of your customers

To scale successfully, you need to be able to identify the right kinds of customers for you. Remember that selling products or service to the right people is the key. You may try to customize your products and services to fit everyone’s needs. However, it is tougher to do during difficult times. Hence, it is better to identify and seek out your ideal customers instead. State your offering’s value clearly so you get the right people coming to you. 

Understand your the values of your products/ services

Make sure that you understand your own product or service’s value as well as your target customers. Efficiency should be one important factors to pay attention to when scaling business. You have to make plan and take actions to ass resources as fast as you add revenue amounts to treading water. That’s why selling your products or service to the right people is also a form of efficiency because you shorten sales cycle.