Various Type of Property Business At the Public Beach

Doing business at tourist spot like the public beach can be a dream for many businessmen. It is no wonder since the spot is getting its own attractions so many people will keep on visiting at almost anytime.

Have you been heard before that the public beach is closed for no reason? I bet that we haven’t except there something happening such disasters, etc.

When we are talking about the property business at the public beach, most of us may are thinking about the various kind of the stay. In fact, it is not only the kind of property you need to get if possible since there are more of that.

Types of property businesses to run at public beach

That’s why I am here to share some types of property for business that I have seen in many tourist spots that I have been visited.

Anyway, another one advantage the businessmen can take from doing business at the public beach is that they can be possible to cut some ads expenses for promoting the business since the destination is usually will be promoted by the local government, etc.

1. Accommodation rentals

This kind of property business will be needed by the tourists who need to stay for at least a day or two at the public beach or arounds it.

The more the beach is popular, especially there will be various attraction the travellers can do, the better for the accommodation rentals business. Be it renting the hotel rooms, villas and condos with coastal view, and many more.

2. Culinary centres at the public beach

Foods and drinks can be the things that can make the travelling feels completed especially when each regions have their own recipes and tastes. And all of that are needed by those who are visiting the public beach.

Drinks are great when the weather is getting hotter, while foods can be one kind of travelling you can experience especially when you are the foods enthusiast or generally as the culinary maniac.

Some of the culinary businesses you could run at the public beach are the restaurant or the destination restaurant, cafe and coffee shop where the travellers can be hanging out while enjoying the scene, cafetaria, etc.

3. Beach clubs

I have something to say that not so long ago, I just knew about this. I have never heard and known about the beach clubs before. Even though the beach clubs themselves are just like the combination of the both points on above.

But, i think that they are still interesting to try for doing business since beach clubs are way to enjoy the beach in luxury while getting relaxed on the sun beds next to the ocean.

4. Night clubs

Far different with the beach clubs where you can enjoy the slow moment at the public beach, the night clubs are for those who need to take the entertainment to the next level.

Mostly, the term of “getting crazy” will be suit to the night clubs than the others business property since they are mostly offering the alcoholic drinks for the visitors and the others that can be so addictive.

The thing is that, when the public beach is only getting the average amount of visitors even in a high season of vacation, then that will be the business you won’t involving in.

5. Souvenir shop is mostly the business that is suits anywhere

After all the itineraries you have to be experienced are done, then the next thing is that you will be ready to get back to where you have came from. But before that, you may need to stop at the souvenir shops to buy things that you should bringing home for the families and friends, right?

Since the public beach is visited by many travellers, you are lucky if you can get a property that can be used for selling the souvenirs.

The Lucky Bamboo: A House Plant for Your Fully Furnished Rentals

In the last decade, Lucky Bamboo is easily one of the most popular plants to decorate the indoors. Property owners who owned full-furnished rentals see the benefits in redecorating in a rather unique way for their properties; an indoor plant. And not just any indoor plant, but a lucky bamboo. Let’s get to know this plant. 

What is this “Lucky Bamboo”?

Apparently, the Lucky Bamboo is not at all a bamboo. They merely resemble what a bamboo sort of look like.

What is the lucky bamboo?

These lucky bamboo are a part of the Dracaena family. They live in waters and apparently, they require little maintenance to keep them good-looking and healthy.

They are one of those plants that people have grown to cultivate because of their aesthetics. A lot of the lucky bamboo sold as decorative plants have various shapes. 

To grow a lucky bamboo in the indoors of your rental property, you need to remember several things.

First off, remember to replace the water every once in a while.

The frequency depends on many factors of the environment. Many people replace the water once every two months, or once the water starts to give off a foul odor.

It is also important to grow the lucky bamboo in a container with a sufficient size.

For instance, make sure that between the roots and the edge of the container, give at least 1 inch of distance. This is important to let the roots properly support the body of the plants. Another thing to note is that; healthy shades of lucky bamboo’s roots are reddish. 

As their name suggests, these plants bring good luck 

Or so the Chinese superstition suggests.

These lucky bamboos are known to be a good element of Feng Shui. But regardless of the mystic powers this dracaena may or may not have, having it indoor is an improvement to your rental property.

If you’re not particularly convinced to have the lucky bamboo, in particular, it is actually always a good idea to start with plants that you prefer. Go for succulents; cactus and the likes, for super easy maintenance. 

Indoor plants help purify the stagnant indoor air

Lucky bamboo as the plants that believed brings luck

Indoor air pollution is no doubt one of the causes of today’s various health problems. From the common cold to allergy, stagnant air is bad news for health.

Rather than getting a more costly air purifier that would generate more expenses and spend electricity over time, get a plant instead.

Having plants indoor has been proven to significantly improve indoor air. On the other hand, redecorating your fully-furnished rental properties with plants would be one of the best moves you can do.

It will not only help improve indoor air, but it would also improve the look of your room significantly.

Redecorating with plants is cheap, fast, and effective 

If you’re dissatisfied with how your rental property looks, you may start stressing out all of the huge, costly details such as the furniture. It’s time to change that thinking.

Indoor plants is apparently one of the most drastic changes that you can do to a room. It’s time to spruce up your space to increase the value of your furnished rentals. 

Having plants indoors would make you rethink of the room’s natural lighting 

Natural lighting is one of the most important element you should always take into consideration whenever a renovation or a redecorating project is on.

When caring for an indoor plant, you would want to rethink the lighting of your property.

This would bring you to the question; is your room well-lit in the first place? Brightly-lit room from natural lights is known to be more desirable.

Why Do You Love Shooting In A Photo Studio?

There are usually the benefits of two contradictory things. That’s what I am seeing about shooting images whether in a photo studio or at outdoor.

Some photographers may are preferring to capture the images in a studio, while the others are love to be at the outdoor since it can be fun and they can take images while experiencing the beauty of nature and landscape.

But today, I won’t talk about both of them since I will only focusing on the reasons why photographers are in love taking images in photo studio or even why you will also need a studio for your personal and even the business needs.

1. Many of the product images created in a photo studio

This first advantage will mostly benefits the business or industry where today, using the professional images for any kinds of business are important and recommended.

Professional businesses (products and services) surely won’t be take images using the low resolution camera plus without thinking about the concept for the images themselves.

If the businesses are surely professional, there will time where they will use the professional images as well. And a photo studio is where you are going to looking for to hire the photographers or renting the studio itself.

2. Everything under control when shooting in a photo studio

You can control many things when shooting images in a photo studio

I sometimes thinking that the photographers themselves are also the artists. Creating images aren’t only what they are doing but it is also when they are creating their own masterpiece of arts.

And you have known that everything is all about how far you can control every elements that are involving in every of your photography projects.

When taking images in a studio, you’ve got the full control of all the elements; models, lighting, backdrops, etc. And you can’t even get so many distractions compared to the outdoor photography project.

3. High quality of consistency

Have you been wondering how to get images with the same tone and light effects whether you are capturing them in the morning or in afternoon?

Shooting images in a photo studio has the timeless quality since you have the full control as I have been mentioned on above. So, the photographers won’t only able to create the high quality images form their high-end tools and gears, but also the controlled and conducive images that all will have the same quality as conceptualised.

4. A challenge to be more creative

As the artist, surely the photographers will also try to improve their skill and concept to explore more of what they could actually do with their camera on hands.

The interesting thing about the photo studio is that the photographers can use any objects to be shot as their main model in a project that can give them new experiences and is possible to make them find the new concept for the next photography services.

Photographers are free to play with multiple colours, objects, background and settings to find the new formula for their skill and to improve the creative sense in using the photo studio as well as the tools and gears they have got on hands.

5. Renting a photo studio to earn money

Taking images indoor can be challenging for many of us. So that, if you have skills in that, there has been actually one business line you could run. It is offering the photo studio services such as taking the formal images for the customers up to renting the studio itself for the other photographers that need.

In fact, having your own photo studio can also beneficial to send the proposal for the certain businesses or companies that will need the professional product images, etc.

It is also so much the same such a photography service in Bali where you can rent the studio Bali Seminyak for any of your photography project. Even more than that, this studio is even offering the image editing and printing services since they are so related and will be needed by the customers.

So, have you interested to learn how to shooting images in a studio, too?

Why People You Have Been Knowing Should Be Told About Your Business

The more people are knowing about what your business is, the better for its own development especially you have just opened it not so long ago.

Among of people that should know about your business, there is one kind of people that should be the first that I think have to be told. It is they who you have been known for so long whether they are your own families or friends, the neighbors, your colleagues, etc.

Reasons for telling people you have been knowing about your business

Those are the people that have been known about you as well for years or even for just months with intense meets.

I am surely have got my own reasons why you should do that ever since the customers of the business themselves can be anyone.

Interested to know more about why you need to tell your friends and acquaintances about your business? Read all the lists below that I have been prepared of.

People you have been knowing surely can be your first potential customers

If you are really sure about the business you are running, all of its benefits and many things, don’t you think that your friends and families are also deserved for that?

Products or services will mostly have their own advantages and that’s why they can be a business. So that, why not selling those advantages for they who you have been knowing for so long?

You have their own various contacts on your phone or e-mail lists that can make you easier to reach them all. So that, get them informed as well about your business as soon as possible.

They will gladly promote your business for free

Promoting a business can be tired and also money consuming. But, there are actually some of the ways where you will only needs one little effort which is telling those who have been knowing you as well.

Besides it won’t be spend a lot of money but only the phone or internet charge that you have been paid off, they may also thinking that you are considered them important for letting them know about your business.

There is also a big chance that they you have known will also helping you promote the business without even need you to ordering them to do so. They will happily doing it for you without any feedback at all.

They have their own networks

Networking is no longer the new thing for us in many aspects of life. Whether it will be as the social network up to the professional limited networks, we are realizing that we do also trying to build our own networks.

So do the people you have been known, they are also have their own networks. If your business will be fit to one or the two networks they have been built, then your business will reach more various customers without allowing you to spend the money for that.

Basically, one of what people are offering from a business is how to help the customers with their own issues in life or work. If your business are also offering the same thing that can be the solution for the others, then you need to speaks it up more often especially with they that you have been known.

You’ll get a trust in a minute

Of all the reasons why people are buying things from you, one of it is because they are putting their trust on you. If you just ran a business for some days or months, getting trust from your potential customers can be hard sometimes But that won’t be applied when you are talking about business with your friends.

Should You Rent Your Property to a Pet Owner?

Renting out our property is one of the best investing strategies to take since you will get monthly payment steadily. However, it is not always as easy as it looks. One of the biggest challenges in renting out your property is choosing the right tenants. It is not always about how on time a tenant can pay every month but also how they take care of your property and follow your rules as a landlord. Allowing a pet to be in a rental property is quite rare. Most landlords prohibit tenants to bring any pet into the property due to various reasons. However, the trend of owning a pet is undeniable. Lots more people like having a pet.

Benefits of renting property to pet owners

Since the number of people owning pets keeps increasing, lots more landlords are more flexible about pet restriction in rental property. However, it is not a must. As a landlord, you can just keep your rules of no pet allowed in the property you own. However, there are also benefits by allowing your tenants to live with their pets such as:

  • According to recent studies, pet-friendly properties rent faster. This makes sense since lots more people like having pets. It means the number of tenants who expect for pet-friendly housing is increasing as well. It means that you have better chance to rent out your property faster if you allow your tenants to bring in their pets.
  • Tenants owning pets are more willing to pay more rent as long as their pets are safe in the property. This means you have more chance to gain higher income than regular if you rent your property to pets owning tenants.
  • Tenants with pets tend to hold longer lease. It is known that it is still rare to find pet-friendly property. Therefore, tenants will be happier to hold longer lease in the place where they can live happily with their pets with no worry instead of searching for new place. Thus, you don’t have to experience vacancy for long if you have tenants with pets.
  • Renting out your property to pets owners means you can save your marketing budget. You can cut your advertising project since your pet owning tenants are more than willing to hold the lease longer.
  • Pet owning tenants can make better tenants than non-owning pets ones. Pet owners know exactly that it is hard to find pet-friendly housing. Thus, they choose to follow the rules so they don’t have to find another place to rent. Besides, pet owners tend to like everything organized and caring.
  • Pet owners consider their pet as part of family. Thus, they will make sure its hygiene, health, cleanliness, and entertainment. They tend to be more socially responsible due to their care for their pet. This way, you can avoid having problems with hidden pets that often happen when you own non-pet rental property to rent. This can cause you headache because you have to deal with it.

Things That Make You the Real Property Investor

Investing sounds easy and simple. It is like everyone can do it regardless their occupation and educational background. Well, it is not entirely wrong because investors indeed come from different disciplines and backgrounds. However, there are certain things that make you the real investor or not. Investing in property is possible but it is not all the time that people jumping into this industry come out successful and rich. Some of them fail and keep going while others fail and give up. Aside from the ‘success’ point, being the real property investor involve more on mindset, process, ability and mannerism. Property investing is not only for building wealth but also as a great access of a delivering an early and comfortable retirement.

Clues of the real property investors

Property investing is an access to provide you luxurious lifestyle you have dreamt of. However, it cannot be achieved in only a day or two. It requires long process and most human are impatient creatures to begin with. Here are some clues to know if you are real property investor or not:

  • If you believe that any property is an investment then you are not real investor. To believe in one thing, you cannot rely on your assumption or rumor. You need to dig into the fact. The fact is, fewer than 10% of properties qualify as investment grade. Thus, not all properties are investment grade. Thus, finding the right property to invest in means you need to find the one that has the qualification to property investment grade.
  • You are real property investor if you understand that property cannot make a cash machine in a year or two. Well, it could be if you happen to have a large chunk of saving and equity. However, it needs time for property to grow big and make steady flow of income. Even if you choose the right properties, it still takes time to accumulate. Besides, capital growth also takes time to build. Everything about property investing business takes times to plan before executed. It may take more than three years before you can rely on your property investing to have steady income and build wealth.
  • Real investor won’t rely on personal feeling or liking. For example, you buy a property because you like it personally and you think you can live in it for long time. However, you only see from your point of view not your buyers or tenants. And that’s what makes you not the real property investor because the real one won’t involve personal preference to make any decision.
  • The real property investor won’t ever think they can do it alone. Real estate is resource-intensive. Thus, you cannot be ignorant and keep going on the business without knowing what you are getting into. To achieve success, you need to trust others. You need to find and build solid team to support you throughout your journey in property investing. Only then you can achieve success because other’s knowledge and experience have powerful impact to it.

4 Property Business Ideas with Low Capitals

What are the best property business ideas? Many people are simply interested in the property business for the high profits possible to gain. Sure, the money to spend as the capital is not a few as well. Besides, there are strategies to think about and apply to avoid any loss and even bankruptcy. Well, if you are one of those people who want to start a property business and look for the ideas. Some of the ideas below may inspire you. The capital is also relatively lower anyway.

4 Property Business Ideas with Low Capitals

Land Leasing

The land only is much cheaper than when there is a house on it. Therefore, you can start your property business empire from this small idea. Buy a patch of land in the rural area that is guaranteed to be fertile and good for farming. Then, you can lease it to the farmers around with prices that are relatively low in the beginning. When it is proven that the land is able to produce a lot of crops, you may increase the rent money later. This way, you are not only conducting business but also helping the economy of local people.

Boarding House Business

More expensive than the land leasing business, here is now the boarding house business. It doesn’t need a large land or a big house anyway. You only need to prepare a medium-sized house with some rooms to be rented. Make sure to prepare some supporting facilities like a living room, a kitchen, and some bathrooms. The rooms rented should not be too big and choose students and medium-class workers as your tenants. Although this idea sounds simple, when it is successful, you can develop more boarding houses in the future.

Property Brokers

The two ideas above are for you who have money for capitals although it is limited. On the other hand, if you have no capital at all, you can start it all from here; being a property broker. As additional information, a broker can work for a property company but also you can do it independently. If you want to do it by yourself, start it all by looking for a property to sell or rent. It can be in the form of lands, houses, shops, apartments, and more. Next, conduct a negotiation with the property owner; it is including the time period and commission to gain when you successfully sell it. Then, you have to put many efforts to make the properties sold out.

Property Website

Although it is not directly related to the business of selling and buying properties, it can be a starting point for all. You can provide articles around properties first while making an offer to the property owner to offer their products on your website. It is similar to the broker actually but you may do it online. Interestingly, the money gained can be more in the property business ideas. Some of them are from the commissions of the transactions while some others are from the AdSense. So, are you interested in it?

How to Start a Business without Money

Start a business can be a dream for many people. It must be great if they are able to be a boss at least for themselves. It is great to see other people who are successfully running their business. Nevertheless, taking the first step can be very difficult especially when people do not have money to run their business. There is no need to worry because they can follow these steps to make their dream comes true.

How to Start a Business without Money

Keep the Existing Job

In many cases, money becomes a very important aspect to consider when people want to build their business. It is not only about the money which is used for the business but also the money for fulfilling their daily needs. If people do not have the money yet to build the business, it is better to keep their present job. It is true that running a business becomes their ideal life but they also have to be practical. While keeping the existing job, they still can collect the money and toy with the business idea at the same time. Although it can help people to be more secure when they have to take risks, they also have to work harder and spend more time preparing the business.

Business Ideas

It must be true that there are so many business opportunities which can be found. The beginning of the business comes from the idea after all. People cannot just use any business idea for running a business if they want to be successful. They have to make sure that the idea is unique. To start a business, they also have to ensure the value which will be generated from the business. They also have to consider the expectation of the target audience. Those are important things which must be considered before people can go further with their business idea.

Market and Challenges Analysis

When people arrive at the conclusion that their business idea will really work, they must not forget that there will also be a kind of competition. They have to analyze the market and the challenge of their business idea for sure. In fact, the potential investors will give them questions about this aspect when they are approaching for getting the fund. It is crucial to understand the market so people can identify the challenges. This way, they will also be able to overcome the challenge so the business can be profitable.

Capital Needs

Once again, the capital will be a very important element for running a business. It might be true that people can take the loan for funding their business but they cannot go that far before they make the capital requirement assessment. It is important to know the amount of money which will be needed for running the business. There is no way people can make a realistic business valuation when they do not have any idea about the challenges which can be faced by the business. Evaluating the requirement of the capital should be focused before people can raise the money to start a business.

Property business is not scary, check out tips below

Might be you are wondering why the property business can be very profitable. Of course, it cannot be separated from the basic needs of every human being. No one in this world does not want to have a place to live and a place that protect them. This is something that keeps business and property always profitable even the price of goods still continue to increase. Firstly, property always experiences depreciation. Each year, the price of buildings is always shrinking. This makes the tax which should be paid decrease every year. Second, the property business can be a profitable cash flow as well. 

Property business is not scary, check out tips below

Determine the type of your property business 

Before starting your business, you should determine the type of your property business first. Now, there are many types of property business that you can work on, ranging from apartments, office buildings, shop houses and so on. Each type of business also has its own consequences. You also need to determine whether you only want to invest in capital, buy for resale or buy for rent as well. If you only need to invest capital, then the tasks will be less. If you want to buy for resale, then you can decide to gain profits in the long or short term. There are also things that need attention. Firstly, this is very important to decide the type of property business before you step forward. 

Set your target market 

Surely you do not want to set up a property business that does not have a buyer right? For this reason, determine the target market will greatly affect your next decisions. The main thing that you have to know, who is your buyer? That question will help you to set up the target market effectively. By answering that question, your product will also be easier to market. As we know that millennials were mostly filled up with new workforce have limitations in terms of costs. So, you are able to adjust the specifications of the product that you want to offer along with the payment scheme. Most millennials are the first home buyers, so you have to invite the cooperation of various financial institutions that provide installment payments. 

Monitoring the property prices 

If you only want to buy for sale, then this is very important to monitor the prices first. Monitoring property price is also important to decide whether a market is really profitable or not. One thing you have to consider, if Business and property were filled by many players, then it has two meanings. Firstly, the filed is indeed profitable, second, the field has many competitors. This is can be done in many ways, you are able to use the internet to find information about property prices in the fields that you want. You are able to start by looking at newspaper ads to get an average price. You can ask people who are experienced to find out what properties are going up and what properties are down. Then you are able to decide the most appropriate time to make purchases and sales.

Business Ideas for Young Adults

Business ideas for young adults are varied. But some of you are probably getting confused about how to start one or what kind of a business you should run. For the beginning, you can start with something that you love. For example, you can run cookies business if you love to bake cookies. Do you need more business ideas? Keep reading!

Online Shops

It can be said that e-commerce is still a hype in this digital era. For you who want to have your own business at your young ages, do not miss this chance. You can sell stuff such as phone cases, hats, scarves, shoes, or anything online. You can create a social media account to market your products or you can also sell them on online shop platforms. Such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, and many more. Besides those products, you can also sell your handmade products. For example, food and beverages. Make sure you maximally use the available features in the social media or online shop platforms so that you can develop your online business.


If this is your first time starting a business and you do not have enough experiences, there is nothing wrong to be a reseller first before you have your own shop. Though the products you sell are other people’s products, you will be able to get knowledge such as marketing strategies. For example, if you become a reseller of makeup products from a specific brand, you will able to know what makeup products which are being a hype among beauty enthusiasts.

Culinary Business

Starting from your passion is the safest way to start a business. For you who love to cook or bake cookies as your hobby, why do not you make it to the next level by turning it to business? Do not think about the big scale culinary food, especially if you do not have enough fund yet. Start from a small scale, look around you. For the beginning, you are able to give your workmates or college friends a taste to your cookies. If they love your cookies, it is possible that they will order some to you as their snacks at work.


If you are living in an area where there are many boarding houses, you can try to start a laundry business. However, running a laundry business is not only washing, drying, and ironing other people’s apparels. This business also needs an accuracy so that you will not ever give clothes to wrong persons. A laundry business is suitable to be run in boarding houses areas because they will be many workers or college students who do not have times to wash their laundry on their own.


If you are a creative person who loves to make unique and attractive handicrafts, you can make it as a business. Because the products are your handmade handicrafts, it will surely have its own uniqueness which is different from other handicraft products. Are you interested to try this one of business ideas for young adults?