Balancing Act In Leadership To Lead Successful Organization

When you decide to run your own business, you become the leader of an organization regardless of how small your business is. You need to develop leadership quality to successfully build your success. Of course, it is not something you can do overnight because as you build your leadership qualities, you make mistakes and learn from them. Balancing act in leadership is important so you can gain source of great learning and strength. This way, you will be able to pick up yourself even when you make mistake. 

How to balance the source of great learning and strength in leadership

There are many challenges when it comes to running your own business regardless of what area you are focused on. Building your own success while leading an organization can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. Sometimes, you may get feeling lost. However, it is also important to remember that you are human and you always have space to learn. 

One of the most obvious role of you as a leader is to be responsible. You are practically responsible of everything when it comes to your own business and organization. However, keep in mind that just because you are responsible for everything doesn’t mean you have to be good at everything. Many leaders try so hard to be an all-rounder due to the feeling of responsibility. They feel like they have to be expert in everything to have control over everything in their business. 

The fact is, a leader or CEO of a business for example, is a little bit above average at everything. However, it is more important that you have to be really good at something. To balance between responsibility and your ability, you can identify your own expertise at particular area. Also, don’t try to be an expert at everything but learn more about everything so you can be above average so you won’t lose your credibility. Aim to get better instead of for expertise. To make it short, you have to be excellent in your domain and just above average in other areas. 

In leadership, making decision is like daily challenge. You have to decide for almost everything. Sometimes, you are facing between giving the right answer and the best answer. Having the right answer means doing well in most areas. However, it is different in leadership. Sometimes, there are no answer and sometimes there are too many answers when problems arise. Instead of looking for the great answer, you may have to find the better option. Leader has to decide the best answer and manage the outcome. Being decisive is important quality of a leader. 

Your responsibility doesn’t end in that day. There is still tomorrow’s responsibility you also have to take. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish between important matters and urgent matters. Your role as a leader is to delegate the not important and take the lead of the important. This requires lots of learning in the process but you will get there. 

Seminyak Private Villa Bali- An Amazing Modern Villa for Sale!

For many luxury seekers, Seminyak is definitely a go-to destination for the Bali holiday. Seminyak is known for its boutique shops that line the main street, fine dining options, beautiful cafes, and beachside bars. Seminyak is home to numerous world-class villas that are strategically located and using high-quality materials and boasting a luxury aesthetic design. This area may also be the perfect area to stay in Bali, especially if you are staying at Seminyak private villa Bali. Seminyak Villas allow you to feel the elegance and luxury of living. So, these special experiences will enhance your paradise trip, creating unforgettable memories of a perfect holiday!

Reasons to Choose a Seminyak private villa Bali!

Staying at a Seminyak Private Villa Bali is an opportunity to enjoy a vacation in utmost privacy. Many private villas in Seminyak offer plenty of rooms. If you are on holiday with a big family, staying in a private villa will allow you to stay in one place instead of scattered in different rooms through a hotel. Aside from looking amazing, with stunning views, you can enjoy some fun things to do in your Seminyak villa. You can take a dip in the pool at any hour. Seminyak private villa Bali allows you to feel at home away from home, to really settle in and relax. With your Seminyak villa key in your hand, you can do whatever you want to relax in your private villa during your stay. But, what’s better than having your own villa in Seminyak? So here’s our pick of one of the best modern new villas for sale in Berawa, Seminyak for consideration!

Amazing modern brand-new villa for sale in Berawa

For many luxury seekers, Seminyak is definitely a go-to destination for the Bali holiday. Seminyak is known for its boutique shops that line the main street, fine dining options, and beautiful cafes. Seminyak is home to numerous world-class villas that are strategically located and boast an aesthetic design. This area may also be the perfect area to stay, especially if you are staying at Seminyak private villa Bali. Seminyak Villas allow you to feel the elegance and luxury of living. So, these special experiences will enhance your paradise trip. Creating unforgettable memories of a perfect holiday!

Reasons to Choose a Seminyak private villa Bali!

Staying at a Seminyak Private Villa Bali is an opportunity to enjoy a vacation in utmost privacy. Many private villas in Seminyak offer plenty of rooms. If you are on holiday with a big family, staying in a private villa will allow you to stay in one place instead of scattered in different rooms. Aside from the stunning views, you can enjoy some fun things to do in your Seminyak villa. You can take a dip in the pool at any hour. Seminyak private villa Bali allows you to feel at home away from home. You can do whatever you want to relax in your private villa during your stay. But, what’s better than having your own villa in Seminyak? So here’s our pick of one of the best modern new villas for sale in Berawa for consideration!

Amazing modern brand-new villa for sale in Berawa

Villa VL2203

This gorgeous modern villa is located in a quiet yet prime area of Berawa. Its strategic location is connected with an excellent road where it is just an easy 5-minutes to the stunning beach. When you stay at this villa you can also reach the nearby local market within 5 minutes. The Ngurah Rai International airport is around a 30 minutes drive away.

This 4 classy bedroom elegant villa comes in a completely modern design but with a touch of Bali tropical living. This amazing modern villa is fully equipped with top-notch facilities in a great taste that provides comfort and luxury. This modern villa offers some luxurious features such as a dining area, kitchen, jacuzzi, gazebo, and parking area. It also has a separate maid room. A stunning outdoor terrace holds the villa’s swimming pool surrounded by two lovely sun loungers. Open style living room overlooking the private pool and beautiful garden is a great place to gather with the family.

With all the luxury this villa provides, this villa is on freehold and costs 555,684 USD. For further information, you can check the detailed information on our site by typing the codes in the search bar!

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

If you own an e-commerce, you must know that its sale continue to rise at rapid pace especially since the pandemic hit. Staying up-to-date with consumer trends and marketing tech is what you need to do to thrive. Evolving your business to meet your customers needs is more important than ever now. You need to know where they spend their time and money the most.

Major e-commerce trends to consider

Business industry is one of the impacted since the pandemic hit. Customer behavior has been shifting to online shopping. It is still considered as safer alternative even now when we are already stepping into 2021. there are also other major trends in e-commerce you may consider to boost your business:

Compatibility with mobile devices. This is not actually a new trend in e-commerce. Many website or B2B e-commerce use website compatibility with mobile device to increase traffic. However, today this trend is getting bigger. A mobile-first strategy is essential in today’s e-commerce because a lot of internet traffic comes from mobile devices now more than ever. It is predicted that in 2021, the number will continue to rise. Hence, you need to optimize your e-commerce to be mobile-compatible. Of course, it should be followed by providing excellent shopping experience for customers. 

Trends In E-Commerce You May Consider To Implement

AR and VR adoption is also predicted to be the trend in e-commerce especially after the shift caused by the global pandemic. It has accelerated rapidly since the covid-19 so the development of both in e-commerce will become a major trend. You may consider adopting AR and VR to allow your customers interact with product digitally since in-person interaction is still limited. You can add AR or VR feature on your website first for example before making it compatible with mobile devices. 

Sustainability practices have become major trends as well in e-commerce as the result of a demand from consumers. They are more conscious about sustainably marketed products than ever now. They will prefer sustainable products than the non-sustainable one regardless of the brand. Also, consumers are now becoming more aware of the emphasize of social consciousness. They support companies who have consciousness to social and racial injustice. They prefer brands that know what they are standing for, transparent, and authentic. 

Cyber insurance will be the major trend of e-commerce in the next year because shopping online comes with the risks. Cybersecurity is a huge deal because customers need to feel secured when making transaction online. Hence, you have to consider increasing the protection both your business and your customers. You need to ensure that both are safe from the risk of cyber crimes. 

Digital payment method is not something new in e-commerce but it will continue to be one of the major trends in 2021. you may consider new digital payment method that your customers prefer the most. It is always best to provide more options so your customers can always have choose the best one. For the success of your business, you need to keep improving your e-commerce from all angles. 

5 Best Things to Do in Waigeo Island

Waigeo Island

Located about 65 km off the coast of the West Papua mainland, Waigeo Island is the largest of the four main islands in Raja Ampat. This stunning island is home to a wide range of amazing attractions. The rich local culture, clear blue skies, amazing natural sights, stunning dive sites, are some of its attractions that can ensnare you completely. With a huge number of things to do on the stunning area, let’s take a look at the best things to do in Waigeo.

Admire the Kabui Cape

Kabui Cape is located in the south of Waigeo. It is a unique combination of relaxing yet fantastic experiences you can have on the stunning island. The highlight feature of this cape is Pencil Island. The Pencil island is actually hard stones and coral reefs that look like a pencil and surrounded by a soothing blue sea. Due to its unique shape, many travelers come to the island and capture a lot of beautiful pictures of it.

Explore local village in Waigeo Island

Take your time to visit Urbinasopen village. This local village is located in the eastern part of the Waigeo east. The village has a population of over 300 people, with most working as fishermen or in the fields. Urbinasopen village presents you with interesting natural phenomena which can be seen only every year-end. The local people call this rare phenomenon as Sea Ghost, where light comes out from the blue ocean and wanders around on the water surface for about 10-20 minutes then disappears. But, the local people believe that the light was the spirit of their ancestors. To reach the village, you can use a wooden boat by the sea-route.

Watch the Suling Tambur performance

One of the best things to do on Waigeo island is watching traditional music performances presented by the Biak tribe. Suling Tambur aims to celebrate local’s birthdays and nuptials. The amazing performance is usually held in an open-air grass field near the sea. The local people also wear traditional costumes, which makes the performances more spectacular.

Diving in Waigeo Island

One of the most popular attractions in Waigeo is deep-sea diving as this is a spot with an amazing amount of marine life. Its pristine clear water with healthy and colorful coral reefs becomes the perfect home for thousands of species of biological diversity. In Waigeo, there are tons of fantastic dive sites. Such as Bird’s wall, The Jetty, Manta Sandy, The Passage, and Mios Kon.

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Visit Sauwandarek Village

Sauwandarek village located in the west of Waisasi, Raja Ampat. Most travelers come to the village to buy numerous options of local souvenirs, made by women villagers. The local village particularly women produce bags and hats made of sea pandan leaf. Many travelers even call it the best spot to buy souvenirs when spending a holiday in Raja Ampat.

Making the Most Of Your Business’s Distinct Energy

Making the Most Of Your Business’s Distinct Energy

Energy is like the core of everything. Your business also runs with its own energy coming from various sources such as its founder and everyone involved. Every business may have different energy that make them more distinctive than others. Your business may also have that distinct energy. You may or may not find it already. But one of the biggest challenges is to channel it and make the most of it.

Channeling distinct energy of your business

There are many examples of energy channeling in business. For example, most buyers make their purchase based on their emotions not logic. Their decision is made due to the energy they feel from the seller. For example, they get the energy from the salesperson who has bright personality. Or maybe they make a purchase because they have seen how charismatic and confidence the business owner is.

Business and energy are linked with each other. One of the most significant individuals who can determine the energy of a business is the founder. It is because the founder has the energy through their visionary during the creation of the business they aim. The energy of the founder can influence the flow of the business in some ways. Hence, energy imbalance within the founder can affect business significantly as well.

The founder here is not only the CEO or business owner but also include top management team, board of directors, and even employees. Conflict of energy is highly likely to happen. however, the first the entire organization basically feed off of the founder’s energy since he/she is the one that makes the first idea to begin with. It is when the first idea take a shape.

There are many factors that can affect the flow of energy within the founder such as health problems. It can cause an energetic imbalance which often affect the way the business flow, be it in finding investor, making investment, etc. Hence, health is also a core in maintaining good energy to build successful business.

Also, body has its own chakra. It is the concentrated energy center of the body. When your own chakra is affected for example by depression, then it can cause energetic imbalance as well. When your well-being is not in good condition, you may not be able to take in the maximum amount of energy for your needs. It is just the same with business’s chakra. You need to keep the energy of your business to keep it going. The energy flooding through your business can be felt by your customers. Hence, establishing the chakra of your business should be done intentionally.

Many business leaders are not aware of the energy they have. They may not realize that there is also energy within their business they can channel out into positive outcomes. To find your optimal energy, you can get yourself a coach to work with, or participate in energy healing. Then, you can synchronize your energy with your business’s to find any potential disruption and imbalances.

Papua Diving Tips for Beginners

Papua Diving

Papua is a gem on the west side of Indonesia. This stunning area offers excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities as the visibility is so clear that you will be able to spot a huge variety of marine life. You also can enjoy long white sandy beaches with wavy colorful coral reefs. Unlike many other dive destinations in Indonesia, Papua has the advantage of being able to offer a lot of excursions on dive-free days. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for a fun holiday, where a mix of diving, relaxation, sightseeing can be combined. There are only two kinds of travelers coming to this exotic place: those who love diving and those who haven’t yet. You definitely should try Papua diving at least once in your lifetime! Here are some essential tips for beginner divers!

Tips for your first time Papua Diving

Always listen to your diving instructor. Listen to your driving instructor is number one on the list because it truly is the most important. Your instructor’s word is law and you must never, ever think you know everything better.

Be a patient diver. Many new divers want to get straight underwater and think they will know just what to do straight away in the water.  Diving is something you need to learn both out in the water and out of the water. Even outside of your diving classes, you have to learn and practice as much as you can. It takes a long process, but the more time you take to practice, the better your skill becomes.

Stay close to your dive buddy. One of the important rules of Papua Diving at any stage is staying with a buddy. Staying with a dive buddy is so important because in certain situations you are each other’s lifeline.

Relax when diving. Many beginner divers tend to stress over the little things, which can really worsen their diving skills in the water. It is very common to feel a little bit nervous before dives. Learning to calm and relax. Take deep breaths, imagine all the wonderful marine life you are going to see and enjoy all the exciting sensations in the water.

Stay hydrated while Papua diving. Stay hydrated is essential for technical diving. However, most divers don’t drink enough water. They also do not consider drinking water once a dive is underway.  You can become very hydrated while underwater, especially in a climate like Papua’s. Make sure to drink at least 2 liters a day.

Take care of your dive gear. Your scuba gear is your life support equipment underwater, so it is great if you use only good quality dive gear. Make sure to regular service and maintenance of your scuba gear. It is not only important in order to ensure the scuba gear lasts the test of time, but also a very important safety for diving.

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Choosing The Right Shipping Company To Provide Seamless Delivery Experience

You customer’s satisfaction is everything. You need to consider many factors that can make your customers happy or disappointed with your service. It is quite often for customers to complain about the delivery service. Even if it is not your fault that your customers receive their package late, your brand will still be affected. It is possible for your customer to stop buying from you after experiencing bad delivery service. Hence, it is important to choose the best shipping company for you. Hence, you can provide seamless delivery experience for all your customers. 

Choosing The Right Shipping Company To Provide Seamless Delivery Experience

What to consider when choosing shipping company?

When it comes to deliver service, giant brands usually have more resource because they usually partner up with big shipping companies who provide best deliver. It is often for small business to struggle with delivery because it comes with expensive price.  

Choosing the right courier can be tricky but once you find the right one, it pays off. Providing best shipping experience will not only help in increasing your checkout conversion but also trust and loyalty in your brand.  

Location and Delivery Matters

When it comes to your customers, find out more about their location and their willingness to pay for delivery. The urgency of your customer’s need to use your products can be taken into consideration as well. Also, your products characteristics should be considered such as their size, fragility, weight, dimensions, etc. By knowing your products in detail, you will be able to determine the price better. 

Find Delivery Options 

Location and Delivery Matters

It is also important to find out about delivery services and options your competitions provide to their customers. This way, you will see what’s truly working and what’s not. Then, you will know what to do to be better that your competition in the matter of delivery. 

Test Delivery Speeds

Speed is important factor to consider. It is in fact the selling point of delivery service. Most of customers prefer same-day delivery. Sometimes, they are even willing to pay extra to have their packaged delivered on the same day. It is best to give more options when it comes to deliver services. You can offer your customers free-shipping when they are not in a hurry. Also, provide premium shipping option in which your customer can get super fast delivery by paying more. 

Think about Local Courier

Consider local courier if your deliver is in small range. Local couriers know the area better so they can operate more efficiently. They also usually offer cheaper options since they operate locally. If your delivery range is large, consider trusted international shipping company with good reputation. 

Think about Delivery Cost

Cost is also something you need to consider when it comes to choosing shipping company. Try not to rely too much on cheap price because it doesn’t always provide the best delivery. Find shipping company who offer price that works for you and your customers but still give you high-quality delivery. Also, choose shipping company who deliver excellent customer service both for you and your customer. This type of company is more trusted and good for long-term partnering. 

Why Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo is Honeymoon Perfect!

Why Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo is Honeymoon Perfect!

Have you ever consider planning a visit to Komodo for your honeymoon? if you haven’t, it’s best to place it in thought from now on. The raw and delightful Komodo park is sort of a dream destination for many travelers, including those honeymooners!. It’s perfect gateway after the hustle and bustle of the marriage. Imagine laying in soft white sand together with your partner, in an island lack of individuals, and forget everything within the outside world. It’s only you and your lover. Get on your love bubble. Take a sailing trip to Labuan Bajo, get lost to this beautiful Indonesian frontier and have the foremost memorable honeymoon ever.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s five reason why you would like to travel on a visit to Komodo for your honeymoon.

The Sceneries on Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo is Unbeatable

Get prepared to be spoiled by the dramatic landscape of Flores. the simplest time to plan your honeymoon is around April to June, when it’s just out of the season. During your sailing trip Labuan Bajo, you’ll meet series or rolling green hills that rising high from the ocean. The water is so clear, especially near the shore where it got almost transparent. Preserved as a park , the character here has been kept at it most pristine.

The Otherworldly Sunset. It’s Just AMAZING

The Otherworldly Sunset. It’s Just AMAZING

What’s more romantic than watching a gorgeous sunset together with your better half? In Komodo, what you get is quite a reasonably sunset. It’s extraordinary. Dock to Kalong Island (Islands of the Bats) to possess a really Nat-Geo-ish sunset experience. Thousand of bats fly into the tangerine sky from what’s once looks like a sleepy island. dwell your liveaboard and luxuriate in the nature’s show that you simply won’t forget for years.

For a more idyllic setting, dock to Gili Lawa Island just when the sun starts to glide toward the horizon. Hike to the highest , where you’ll see the stunning landscape of the encompassing islands. The last ray of the sun warmed every hills and valley, creating soft ambience for the both of you. this is often a an ideal place to soak up within the moment and let the love bent the air.

Dozens of Deserted Beaches to Visit on Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo

Dozens of Deserted Beaches to Visit on Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo

Imagine each day on your sailing trip Labuan Bajo to at least one of its deserted island. you’re dropped with nothing quite a picnic basket, snorkel gears, and every other for company. This gonna be one among the foremost romantic thanks to spend time together with your beloved . And it get even more better as Komodo is blessed variety of pink beaches. one among the rarest sort of beach within the world! are you able to consider a far better place to chop faraway from the planet and just spend the time together with your loved one?

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The Secludedness of Honeymoon in the Sea

One of the rationale why a visit to Komodo is best for honeymoon is that the experience. Sea excursions make a superb honeymoon because it will pamper you and allow you to relax during the journey. The destinations has been ready , and you simply left to enjoy the salty winds and never-ending sea throughout the day.

The Colourful Marine Life is Cheering for Your Wedding

Aside of the Komodo dragon, the Komodo park is additionally praised for its world-class diving sites. Nothing are often more delightful than watching the gorgeous coral, hand in hand together with your partner. Let the lively school of fishes swim around you and celebrate your happy day.

Are you ready for a memorable sailing trip Labuan Bajo for your honeymoon treats?

About Reputation Marketing In Business Field

About Reputation Marketing In Business Field

Today, many consumers are using internet to track down local businesses. Hence, your online presence and reputation are crucial. Build and maintain your marketing reputation is just essential as managing your finance. In business field, online reputation management is widely known as important element. However, you might also want to learn more about reputation marketing and how it can affect your sales and brand’s online image. 

Learning more about reputation marketing 

Reputation marketing itself is an approach toward brand’s presence proactively. Sometimes, it is easy to mistaken it as reputation management. However, it is a bot different because reputation management is reactive strategy made to target negative contents such as bad press or reviews. There are many strategies you can use for reputation marketing. One of the most effective ways is embedding reviews and testimonials on your website. 

Today’s consumers are smart

They don’t want to trust anything presented on the internet. Hence, they act more carefully. They read reviews and testimonials before making transaction. They compare price before buying, and so on. This is why you need to implement reputation marketing. It allows you to build positive presence while staying authentic and informative. It means, what you build is not based on lies. 

Consumers choose brands with positive information

Positive and authentic information is what consumers’ prefer in choosing a brand. Therefore, always stick to two important characteristic when it comes to delivering information. They are organic and paid. The most common mistakes made by many businesses is to tend to one side, mostly to paid-for-information. However, it is best to use both forms so you can fully build positive and authentic information for your reputation. 

Organic information for authenticity 

Organic information is preferred by consumers because it is trusted and authentic. They know that the reviews are not paid for. You can still use paid-for-information but be more mindful because sometimes it is in some gray legal area. For example paying customers to give their reviews even if you don’t ask them to give good reviews. Buying fake reviews and testimonials is tempting but it won’t make your success last long.  

Build reputation marketing

You can proactively build best practices for reputation marketing. For example, make campaigns that ask your customers to give their honest feedback. More reviews your brand gains, the higher the chance for you to build your brand’s image successfully. Most buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. Even if you receive bad reviews at first, you can always use them to improve your brand.

Conveying well-received massage 

Use only authentic, passionate, effective communication. Authenticity is the main key when it comes to reputation marketing. It is the main key to build trust between your brand and customers. It affects whether customers will support your brand. One of the best things to show authenticity is to personalize. For example, you can personalize your email marketing by addressing your customer by their name. Or deliver content that is relevant to your customer’s interest. This will be more appreciated because customers feel more valued and special. 

What Can You Do on A Mola Mola Season Bali

Have you ever heard about Mola Mola? It’s a fish as big as rhinoceros, growing in a flat circular shape like a giant plate with fins, living far in the twilight zone of the deep sea. The Mola Mola might appears in utterly ridiculous shape. However, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the greatest star of the underwater world of Bali! Every year from July to November, Bali receives great influx of enthusiastic divers who just cannot wait to meet this weird ocean giant! ’Tis the great Mola Mola season in Bali; the time when the sunfish swim up to the shallower water. So, what can you do to maximise your experience in this extraordinary encounter? 

What Can You Do on A Mola Mola Season Bali
Just… look at this weirdly wonderful animal

Know Well That You’re In for Mola Mola Season in Bali 

On this Mola Mola season in Bali, you will be in for quite a competition. Hundreds of curious divers are coming in everyday to satisfy their curiosity on this elusive animal. That means competition in the best spot and time to see the Mola everyday. You might be grouped with other 5 divers or so on one trip to see the Mola Mola. The time you have won’t be too long. On a busy day, you might only get 15 – 30 minutes to see the Mola Mola before getting replaced by other team of divers. 

Maintain Your Distance

Just like any other animal living in the wild, sharing tight enclosure with human can cause distress to the Mola Mola. The minimum distance between human and Mola Mola to keep them feel safe is 3 meters at a cleaning station. This is the time when a Mola enters a deep relaxation state, as it get pampered by the cleaning fishes. When a Mola is unsettling or on the move, you should maintain at least 10m distance. 

Also, never get attempted to touch or feed the Mola. This can be dangerous to the animal. 

Maintain Your Distance
Always remember to give the Mola’s enough space!

DO NOT Use Flash to Photograph Them 

Unless you want to scare the animal away, please restrain to use flash to photograph the Mola. You only have limited time with them anyway, so don’t prematurely end the precious Mola visitation. 

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Gently Approach the Mola Mola from Your Side

Anyone could tell the difference on a wild photography photo where the animal is calm and showing its best nature and when the animal is cornered and panicked. Do not be those intrusive photographer, especially when a Mola is modelling for you. This ocean behemoths are actually very shy! It would flee in panic when someone is getting too close—It think you are going to attack them. Never go directly on a Mola’s path or swim beneath their body; your air bubbles would floats directly to it. Also, never swim behind it as this would scare a Mola. Instead, try to gently approach the Mola from its side, keeping a respectful distance while getting a camera ready. Eventually, the Mola will get used to you and it will slow down. Now it’s the right time to take your best wildlife documentary.  

Take your opportunity wisely. You might not get another chance to meet with this wonderful creature out of the Mola Mola season in Bali

Stay for A Few Days During the Mola Mola Season 

Do you really wish to leave soon right after your first Mola Mola encounter? The Mola Mola season in Bali only last just for few months a year. Take a liberty to stay for more days and get second or third dives with this wonderful giant!