An Understanding of Digital Detox Trend: Guide for Beach Villa Owners!

An Understanding of Digital Detox Trend: Guide for Beach Villa Owners!
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Growing mental health awareness, combined with the pressures of social media, is causing an increasing number of vacationers to disengage from their devices. To tap into on this new trend of travels, holiday accommodation that offer “digital detoxes” are gaining popularity. Hoteliers are boasting experiences that encourage guests to live in the moment, from declaring ‘phone free’ zones and offering awards to guests who disengage to off-the-grid hotels eschewing Wi-Fi entirely. For owners of beach villa in Bali, these are everything you need to know to make your property appealing for the mental-health-conscious travelers. 

The Rising Trend of Digital Detox and Slow Travel

In 2018, Internet research on ‘digital detox’ saw a 42 percent increase, with one out of every five customers participating. While on vacation, an increasing number of travelers appear to wish to disconnect, detach themselves from their electronic gadgets, and even more. It became necessary to disconnect. The term “digital detox” refers to a type of therapeutic rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, slow travel has also emerged as a new type of tourism. This trend began around the same time that people became aware of climate change. Physical and technical decelerations, as well as a digital detox and purposeful simplicity of movements and consuming habits, are all part of this tourism.

How Digital-Detox Travelers and Slow-Traveler Behaves

The benefits related to a disconnection are: to be brought back  basics, being physically, geographically and socially present with the surroundings. It also brings an open mind, trying new activities, allowing a better quality of sleep, or even speaking another language. It has been found that digital detox enthusiasts generally spend their holiday time in spiritual or regenerative retreats including activities focused on maintaining silence such as yoga and life reflexion through meditating. They love to spend a lot of time in the vacation house and take all time needed to focus just on their self. 

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With all of these information of digital detox and slow travel trend, how can you apply it in your beach villa Bali? 

How to Promote Your Beach Villa Bali as Digital Detox Destination

How to Promote Your Beach Villa Bali as Digital Detox Destination

Consider how you can make the most of what you already have in and around your property when thinking about wellness facilities to add to your listing. Are there any peaceful perspectives to be had, for example? Make the most of that bonus by investing in some outside furniture or refinishing the deck flooring so that yogis may practice while watching the sunset.

A Spare Room Dedicated for Home Gym

Consider designating an extra room as a location for fitness equipment and exercise for guests who want to get a workout in without having to leave your property. Even if a full home gym isn’t feasible, investing in some dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga mats can provide the ideal setting for health-conscious travelers who want to keep up their fitness routine while on the road.

Decorate for Calm Ambience 

Decorate for Calm Ambience

Guests will already love the calmness and closeness to nature ambience when they are staying in a private beach villa in Bali. However, small things such as high-quality speakers for music, candles for atmosphere, and, of course, high-quality mattresses and bed sheets to ensure a good night’s sleep, may all add to the guests experience. Wellness travelers spend 130 percent more than the average visitor, indicating that they want a stay that is as much about an experience as it is about a place to sleep — and they’re ready to pay a premium for it.

Think About Nearby Natural Attractions

Make sure to check out all of the attractions near your listing. During the pandemic, nature reserves or local running and walking routes are wonderful, wellness-oriented activities that will appeal to this visitor type. Do your homework and capitalize on your discoveries by emphasizing them in your listings and on your direct booking website. Try to frame the local beach near your Bali villa as a place to get alone or to have a meditative sunrise yoga. Highlight nearby hot spring water or holy sites that guests can visit for restorative spirituality.

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Highlight Sustainability and Green Living Your Bali Villas 

As mentioned above, most of the slow-travel guests also take extra concern to climate change and sustainability. So, start to include more sustainable lifestyle inside your beach villa Bali. In the views of potential guests that care about the environment and would want to stay in a more environmentally friendly space, a recycle or compost bin, canvas shopping bags, and environmentally friendly lighting can go a long way. For guests who are environmentally aware, include recycled supplies such as recycled paper rolls and travel water bottles. In your listing descriptions, make sure to emphasize the eco-friendly efforts you’ve taken.

With the advent of wellness tourism luring tourists to book health-focused stays, investing in your listings to appeal to wellness warriors can help you remain ahead of the competition and guarantee your business flourishes as this trend gains traction!