Achieve Sustainable Architecture in Bali

Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways you can make your own villa. And with the many kinds of technology that’s available now, a sustainable and eco-friendly house can be easily built. If you want to have some inspiration for your next sustainable building development in Bali, here are some ideas that may inspire your next architecture project in Bali.

Wooden houses with traditional architecture

wooden houses is sustainable because it can be recycled and have high insulation
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The main advantages of creating a wooden house are the quick construction period and the excellent insulation provided by the raw materials. Furthermore, due to their flexibility, wooden structures are earthquake resistant and environmentally benign, as they are almost entirely recyclable. Wooden houses are non-permanent structures that are an excellent choice for leasehold title land plots. It is feasible to disassemble the house and move it to a new place after your land lease expires. What’s great is that wood is a great insulation for your home. So you don’t need to add more insulation to your house and can save power for air conditioning that’s used for the house. Wooden house with many style of architecture is common in Bali so definitely theres a lot of inspiration to choose

Using solar panel as source of electricity

Solar power systems use the sun as a source of energy to convert it to electricity. Installing solar panels on your buildings may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because we’re not taking electricity from the power plan. Currently, electricity is traditionally made by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are used to generate power, toxic gasses are released, which are the leading source of air pollution and global climate change. Fossil fuels is limited so it can be used forever, beside that the process of extracting it is bad not environmentally. Because of that price may raise and in a short time. You can also make your electric bill cheaper or even not paying for electricity. In Bali your roof is exposed to sunshine almost all year long, so you can maximise the architecture for your house to accomodate the solar panel with ease.

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Recycling the water in your house

There are some water that you can recycle in your house, like the greywater. Which is used water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines that has been gently filtered. It’s not water that’s been in contact with feces, whether from the toilet or from diaper cleaning. Dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning chemicals may be found in greywater. While greywater maybe considered filthy or dirty by people, it is a harmless and even helpful source of irrigation water for a lawn. Greywater can also be reused for flushing toilets, and in washing machines.

Another simple ways of reducing the usage of water is to store rainwater which provide cleaner water than greywater but doesn’t have consistent supply for it. But still can be a great way to reduce clean water consumption in your buildings. Make sure to also consult your architect in Bali because installing it require proper planning.

Embracing The Process When Building Success With Your Business

Everyone who start a business must set a goal to be successful. Yearning for success is to be expected when growing your own business and it is a must. What is the point of building a business if you don’t aim for success? However, many people think that success happens overnight. They think that when one thing doesn’t work their way, it is an absolute sign of failure and they end up giving up. The truth is, there is nothing instant about reaching success. There will always be phases and failures along the way. The key is how to navigate yourself through all of it so you stay in your lanes on the path of success. 

Do not look for shortcuts

Just because one has more wealth than others doesn’t mean he can reach success faster or easier. There is no shortcuts for success even if you have every factors from steady finance to skillful people. Instead of focusing on looking for the shortcut, pay more attention to your consistency in giving it your all. Not to mention that shortcuts often end up in the loss column as well as premature failures. When you suddenly reaching the peak in such a short time, you might be overwhelmed because you are not ready with the sudden rise of all. Hence, it is better to do your best in everything and enjoying the process while expecting success to come. 

Be eager to learn new things

It is important to experience all the process because throughout the journey, you will keep learning to improve yourself better. Therefore, it is important to not act like you know everything when starting a business. It will only lead you to believe that you are invincible and you don’t need to learn anymore. Meanwhile, the real world is dynamic. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow and what kind of knowledge and skills you need in order to pivot accordingly. But when you keep learning something new, you add more value to yourself, making you more capable and knowledgeable as a person for your organization or colleagues. 

Know how to utilize your strengths

Every individual is unique. Just because you think you are bad in math doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing other things. You have that potential in you that the others might not have. Even if it is something you think unusual, it might be your strongest strength to help you reach success. Instead of mopping around with how weak you think you are, find your strong points and utilize them to be your secret weapons. 

Take advantage of innovation

For business, technology and innovation has significant role in speeding up the process of reaching success in some ways. It is because with innovation and technology, you know how to complete tasks more efficiently. Use what you learn about innovation to the best practices. And with patience, you will build more sustainable growth and more ready to welcome the success you have expected.

Komodo Liveaboard Trip, A New Adventure Exploring Flores

Komodo Liveaboard, a fantastic way to dive and explore the islands of Komodo. When most people think of Komodo, they think of a sluggish lumbering enormous lizard that belongs in a horror movie or on the pages of a comic book. Images of pure gorgeous coral reefs, sharks floating in the current hunting their food, or even manta rays softly flowing through the sea do not instantly come to mind. Not only is Komodo home to its famous dragons, but it also has some truly world-class diving. Also on the Unesco World Heritage List.

Komodo Liveaboard, A New Adventure Exploring Flores

Komodo liveaboard, Easy Way to Reach Komodo National Park

The Indonesian archipelago’s easternmost point is home to the Komodo Islands. The considerably larger island of Flores is located just to the east. The little hamlet of Labuan Bajo, on Flores’ west coast, is the main entry point to the magnificent Komodo National Park. While Labuan Bajo has a harbor where ships from neighboring Indonesian islands stop, the main entrance is through Labuan Bajo International Airport. On a daily basis, a large number of flights arrive from various destinations.

Komodo National Park is best visited at two different periods of the year. The finest months to visit are April to June and September to November, despite the fact that the high season spans from April to November, which is the opposite of the Similan islands season. During those two times, the place is less busy, and the diving is at its best, with many of interesting creatures in the water, including manta rays.

The diving area on Komodo Island is quite extensive. The park can be separated into two diving areas, one in the south and one in the north, starting from Labuan Bajo. The main distinction is access! The northern dive spots are close enough to Labuan Bajo that they can be reached by day boat. The southern dive spots are a little too far away to reach without taking a Komodo liveaboard tour.

Komodo Diving Liveaboard

The northern Komodo dive locations are equally as beautiful as their southern equivalents. Manta Point, Batu Bolong, the Cauldron, and Castle Rock are among the greatest.

Manta point is exactly what it sounds like: a location frequented by a large number of manta rays. This mile-long shallow plateau attracts a large number of manta rays who cruise up and down while feeding in the current during the right season. With a maximum depth of around 12 meters, it is relatively shallow.

The Cauldron is a beautiful bowl-shaped dive location with lots of marine life and coral reefs. Castle Rock is a small offshore reef with a 22-meter-high plateau on one side.

The diving locations in the south are less popular than those in the north, yet they are genuinely stunning. Manta Alley, End of the World, and Langkoi Rock are among the most spectacular. Manta alley is comparable to Manta point, a long shallow channel with a lot of Mantas passing through.

End of the World is Komodo’s most southern dive site, a 40-meter-deep wall of rocks with immaculate unspoilt reefs and plenty of overhangs and caves. Whitetip sharks, moray eels, and rays abound in the abundant aquatic life. Langkoi rock is, to put it bluntly, insane! It is the best dive spot in Komodo to see sharks.

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

People always say that customers are kings and whatever they need should be fulfilled. The thing is, customers are not always right. Sometimes, they make impossible request or complain about irrational matters. However, saying no to them can put yourself in uncomfortable decision not knowing how the customers will react to being denied. Not to mention that it potentially puts your relationship in dangerous edge. 

Being tactful when dealing with difficult customers

It is important to maintain positive working arrangement with your customers. To do so, you need to be more tactful in dealing with them when they are being difficult. It is necessary to set boundaries without potentially harming your relationship with your difficult customers. And here are some tips to deal with difficult customers more tactfully:

Part ways respectfully and nicely when necessary

It is impossible for customers to always right. Fulfilling each of their demands can be impossible as well especially when it doesn’t bring any good for both parties. Hence, make sure to know when to part ways. If it is better to let go of your clients, part ways respectfully and nicely. Make sure to take this decision after weighing down everything thoroughly. If they are good customers and valuable, fight for them. If they are not, let go of them. 

Ask necessary questions

When your customers keep asking or demanding things from you to the point where you think is impossible to fulfill, make sure to ask questions. Ask why they are asking what they are asking for. It allows your customers to think about the demand or requests more rationally. There is possibility of them changing their mind. If your customers don’t seem to understand what they ask for yet being stubborn about it, maybe you need to let them on their way. 

Offer alternative options

Before saying no or when it is difficult to say no to your customers, try offering alternative options to them. This can be a way for you to say no to your customer’s impossible demand without actually saying it. Try delivering more options they can choose that fits their needs without impacting your margins. 

Accommodate with conditions

When your customers demand things too far from what you can actually perform or deliver, you can agree to what they ask for but it comes with some conditions. These conditions can accommodate their needs even though they are not exactly what the customers want initially. The point is to make sure both parties are satisfied. 

Underpromise and overdeliver

It should be your principle to underpromise and overdeliver rather than the other way around. Make sure to not promise anything above what your brand can perform. Try to be as honest as possible with your promise so your customers won’t set their expectation too high and end up extremely upset when it is not delivered well. Honesty is a key to build healthy relationship with your customers. So when customer ask for something that you can’t deliver, you can say no and set boundaries. 

5 Steps Marketing Your Vacation Rental Bali for Wellness Trend

5 Steps Marketing Your Luxury villa rental Bali to Wellness Trend

Ever since the rise of mental health issues since 2020, people are beginning to recognize and accept the indications of stress, worry, and depression more than ever before, and are taking action to address them. One of the favourite is taking a wellness break; a moment to heal, isolate, and reconnect with the nature. It’s evident that this is a growing trend, which is fantastic news for owners and managers of luxury villa rental in Bali. Particularly in vacation rentals that feature easy access to nature, scenic hiking, biking routes, and other outdoor activities.

Why You Need to Promote Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali as Wellness Retreat

As a vacation rental owner or property manager in Bali, encouraging health in your marketing is a terrific way to increase bookings. Traditional hotel rooms tend to be smaller and less comfortable than alternative options. They’re also a more cost-effective option for groups of wellness travelers. The growing interest in wellness has permeated the travel industry as well. According to a Skift survey conducted in 2019, an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents claimed that physical and mental wellbeing activities play a significant role in their travel preferences. Following a period of stagnation during COVID-19, it is once again on the rise as more individuals place a premium on their personal well-being.

We’ll go through what property managers need to know about proactively appealing to and capturing guests interested in wellness travel in this blog post.

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Know What Does Wellness Retreat Means

So, what makes a vacation a wellness vacation? Every traveller has his or her own definition of wellness. Some people choose calm spa treatments and yoga sessions to destress, while others prefer daring bikes or walk along mountainous rail to see the beauty of nature. Take a moment to look at what options around your luxury villa rental Bali that you can use for your advantage. 

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

One thing we’ve learned about travel habits is that guests enjoy doing extensive research before making a final selection.

By targeting the keywords they are looking for on search engines, your website is the ideal spot to reach potential guests in the discovery phase. Make various contents that reflect wellness and peaceful stay, like yoga session or rejuvenating spa for your social media content. 

You can establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy voice on all things wellness in your location by developing content around these topics. You can also use an exclusive time-sensitive special offer, remarketing campaigns, or email updates to retarget your website guests for the highest chance of closing the booking.

Example of Wellness Retreats

Your rental (or destination) must appeal to tourists seeking a wellness experience in order to qualify as an appropriate location for a wellness vacation. While there are no common criteria for what constitutes a wellness vacation rental, wellness travelers look for a variety of activities, facilities, and features in a luxurious vacation rental home in Bali.

Here’s some idea to apply in your villas:

  • Eco Retreat
  • Zero Waste Stay
  • Natural Balinese Spa
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Flower Bath
  • Scuba Diving & Stay
  • Surfing

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Create Wellness Package in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

International wellness travelers spend an average of $1,528 each trip, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, which is almost 53% more than the average international guests. It’s also important to know that wellness travelers are more impulsed to spend more in their retreat, which opens up the up-selling. This means owners can profit from travelers’ willingness to pay more on this type of trip. 

Create wellness packages for guests that include your villa rental and a variety of activities at an unbeatable price. This can be as basic as an on-site massage or meditation session, but it will provide significant value to your guests.

You can also form a partnership with local business to create wellness package bundle. Also, try to cooperate Balinese culture in your villa rental. Bali is one of the most popular destination for wellness and healing trip among travelers, anyway!

Here are some wellness package ideas you can try:

  • Two night stay in your villa with one yoga session in nearby yoga studio. 
  • 2N3D package with Balinese herbal drink class + Balinese massage with flower bath.
  • 1 week stay with free kombucha drink from XXX vegan cafe + Melukat ceremony.

The Little Things That Matter For Your Customers

There are so many little things in life that can make big differences. Sometimes, your happiness is not about achieving something big but those little things that feel truly relatable to you. In business, it is also the same. Sometimes what your customers appreciate most is not something grande but more like the little actions you do for them. 

When one small action is done alone, it may not seem significant. But when you combine a series of small actions, they may transform your customers’ experience to another level. And that’s why you should start paying attention to detail when it comes to your customers. And here are the little things that matters for your customers to improve their buying experience with you:

Creating a memorable, impressive experience

You don’t have to go all beyond creating luxurious package of your products to make your customer happy with what they buy from you. You can instead pay attention to small detail especially to your interaction with your customers. Make a stronger impression in doing so. For example, personalize your email to customers so they know that you talk to them and offer things that they personally needed. You can also do it by sending a customized packaging that is used to deliver your products to your customers. 

Personalization is one of the most important point in improving customer’s experience. It is often forgotten by many companies who only chase spectacular sales. Personalization can do wonder to make customers feel appreciated, special, and happy in general. They feel like they are being noticed by the brand they like and that they are provided with what they truly need with compassion. 

To make personalization easier, you can track your customers using advanced analytic tools so you know your customer’s buying pattern and behavior. Many retailers have used this method in order to personalize their offer to their customers. For example, they send personalized coupons for the items an individual buys most often because they have gained the information from the tool they used. 

Minimizing errors

Mistakes happens in every part of our life including in business industry. However, making multiple errors is not something to be excused of. Instead, it is something that needs to be fixed. If you find so many errors in your business, especially with your customers or employees, you may need to fix some areas, but especially in communication area. Therefore, it is important to establish effective communication in your organization. It is also essential that you encourage attention to detail in maintaining effective communication. You can do it by ensuring appointing who is accountable for specific part of the project. Hence, everyone can work efficiently and smoothly. 

You need to encourage your employees to also pay attention to small details. To make it easier for them to understand how to do it, set an example of how you communicate with them, what tone you use both to employees and customers, etc. Effective communication can be established if it is done regularly so everyone understand their own responsibilities.

Sailing Tour with Boat Charter Komodo

Tired of the same holidays? Komodo cruise can be a vacation option that will not be boring. Stay on the boat for days, enjoy various dive and snorkel spots, and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery. Your adventure starts from Labuan Bajo, with a choice of Komodo boat charters that you can adjust to your budget. Boat charter Komodo for a day excursion or a multi-day overnight begins in Labuan Bajo and ends in Komodo National Park and its environs. 

Sailing Tour with Boat Charter Komodo

What is the minimum boat charter Komodo?

Usually, Komodo boat charter providers offer different options. For the boat rental itself, you can choose sharing cost or private charter. Price? For the two types of holidays above, the price will certainly be very different. Sharing cost means that you join other groups at an affordable price. As for the Komodo private boat charter, you control the entire ship for a vacation with family or friends.

A private yacht charter Komodo gives you a unique perspective of Komodo Island that you can’t get any other way. The chance to float through hidden bays and visit one of Indonesia’s rare pink beaches. The result of thousands of years of coral debris mingled into the sands creating these shorelines.

But that’s far from the end of Komodo’s natural wonders, as the island is home to some of the world’s most diverse underwater settings. Dolphins skim the water-air boundary, as Manta Rays and six shark species glide serenely beneath them over hundreds of coral types. The presence of so many massive predators can only signify one thing: there is a lot of fish for them to eat.

When you’re cruising Komodo on an extended overnight charter, you’ll see that there are thousands of anchoring spots and hundreds of dive sites ideal for all kinds of divers, from anxious snorkelers to experienced scuba divers. There are sheer coral walls that plummet into the deep reefs that built up overages, as well as river estuaries where dugongs are known to feed.

The waters around Komodo are also a fantastic spot to look for whale signs, as well as five of the six ocean-going species of sea turtle, which means you may never want to leave.

Komodo Liveaboard Destinations

Discover a real-life Jurassic Park, complete with dragons roaming the lands and an underwater frontier setting the stage for some of the world’s most thrilling diving.

Komodo Island, nature’s adventure theme park, takes you into the wild. Take in the breathtaking scenery, abundant marine life, and the feeling that you’ve arrived in a beautiful location where time has stood still.

Make Humbleness A Norm In Building Your Business

Sometimes, it is unimaginable to know that some of the biggest and greatest businesses come from humble beginnings, such as Apple or Amazon. I is because you see the big scale and greatness today, making it hard to imagine how humble they were in their beginning. However, humbleness one of the keys to success. In fact, it should be a norm in business rather than exception. There is a reason why humble starts can contribute significantly to major success in business. 

The importance of humbleness in business

You can see that many of the most successful brands today had humble beginnings which play huge role in their success in building their big empire. Humbleness is not a weakness in business. It is something that can help you reach the success you expect, here is how:

Humbleness keeps cost manageable

Many successful founders understand that maintaining positive cash flow helps them learn valuable principles not only for the present but also for the future when they scale their business later. Hence, they put more effort to keep their cost manageable by reducing expenses during those early stages when every penny truly matters. Many successful founders even started their business in their own garage or any other unassuming places instead of flashy buildings. They tried hard to not let their eyes bigger than their stomach because it would help them avoid spending far more than what their new business could actually afford. 

Focus more on what matters most for long-term’s success 

By reducing unnecessary expenses, successful founders are able to focus more on what truly matters for long term’s success. Cutting out unnecessary expenses is a great way to eliminate distractions that often come especially in the beginning of business. You won’t think of buying unnecessary flashy sofa for your workspace or throw an office party. You will focus your attention on fine-tuning your strategies so you make the best decision for your business by being as productive as possible. 

With limited resources, you are also getting better at sorting out the best strategies knowledge of the industry. You are forced to take a deep dive into learning skills and strategies that will have the greatest impact on your business’s growth. It also means that humbleness as foundation of growing business can help develop discipline. 

Humbleness helps reset expectation

When you grow your business with humble beginning, it requires you to reset your expectations. Or at least adapt the way you work so you can deal with unusual circumstances due to lack of resources. It teaches you flexibility as well as other valuable leadership lessons along the way. Your mindset will become more flexible to use what you have to create the most positive outcomes. 

You will be trained to act with agility to adapt with any situation. It also means that you will be better equipped with the ability to pivot anytime the situation requires. With humble beginning, stronger work environment is created where everyone feels valued while trying their best to reach the goals.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites

You have two alternatives for scuba diving Komodo island: you can join a group and choose from one of the several dive companies on the island, or you can stay on a liveaboard and snorkel from there. Komodo island is one of the world’s most recognized dive destinations. Known mostly for its manta ray population, it earns its name not just for the majestic rays, but also for the abundance of marine life and massive coral communities. The best way to see all of the Komodo dive sites is to embark on a liveaboard for at least 3 days (but preferably 7) to go to the more remote dive sites that aren’t accessible from the main island of Labuan Bajo.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites

Best scuba diving Komodo sites

Batu Bolong

Now, don’t take our word for it, but this could be the nicest dive location ever. With corals stretching as far as the eye can see, we doubt you’ve ever seen so much color – or so many turtles – on a dive. Another advantage of Batu Bolong is that the current is moderate and the depth is shallow, making it an underwater photographers’ paradise when the light is good. Sharks, turtles, rays, and pretty much anything else can be found at any moment. GO RIGHT NOW!

Manta Alley

Have you seen enough manta rays? Or, even worse, haven’t been able to find them yet? Then let’s go to Manta Alley! Enjoy this shallow dive with a high likelihood of seeing mantas, turtles, and possibly even a shark. Perhaps even a free dive on this one? When a manta comes to say hello, it’s an experience like no other! Please keep in mind that the water here can be cold and turbulent, making access to this place not always viable.

Taka Makassar

If you’re looking for the elusive manta rays, here is the place to go! Expect manta rays swooping by, turtles pursuing them, and corals swinging quietly underneath you at this dive spot. Then there’s the possibility of encountering sharks, eagle rays, morays, and clownfish. Basically, you’ll want to place Taka Makassar at the top of your bucket list!

Gili Lawa

This is a dry savanna island. Uninhabited, and a herd of deers can be seen playing on the beach in the afternoon. Climb to the top of the hill for a spectacular panoramic view of the sunset or sunrise. Climbing takes roughly an hour. Before sunset, if you’re lucky, you might see a herd of dolphins playing on the beach.

A night diving Komodo island is a must-do! Visit Gili Lawa to see the bioluminescence in all its grandeur, even with the tiniest of touches. Squids, octopuses, sharks, and rays are all possible sightings. Get your dive torch ready, because you’re in for a show!

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The Importance Of Your Company’s Online Visibility To Success

To run your business successfully, you need to pick the right strategy to make your brand standout from the competition. It is not only a brand that shows who you are at one point in time but also who you aspire to be. Your brand is what can connect you with your customers. However, keep in mind that branding is not only about choosing the best logo, making pretty website, or make flashy campaign. Those factors are important to help you build your brand but the most important thing is about telling the truth about your company and remaining true to that. 

the roles of your company’s online visibility to success

When it comes to branding, the most important factors to implement is honesty. It is the thing that your customers will love about your brand the most. With honesty comes trust that will be the reason they are loyal to you. It is important that your brand is not the representation of problem solver but also of authenticity and transparency. In this case, your company’s online visibility plays huge roles in deciding your success. 

Being online is essential because it is where customers spend most of their times on daily. Hence, it is the best place for you to build your brand’s online presence. Hence, be strategic about it so that your customers will be attracted to get to know your brand better. You can do it by considering these three important things:


Before any social media, website was the only online platform many brands use to build their visibility. It is where many companies put their best at their marketing strategy. Today, there are many social media platforms where you can reach out to larger audience. However, keep in mind that website is still your main workhouse. Customers who want more information will visit your company’s website. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you improve your website through its contents and functionality. Make sure it is easy to access and have various aspects your customers might need. 


Reviews from customers are valuable data you need to improve your business. In the past, business relied on word-to-mouth marketing strategy. Today, reviews are the same thing because customers usually read the reviews before deciding on their purchase. Hence, encourage your customers to review your brand. It is normal to find few poor reviews. However, do not ignore those but reach out to those customers so you can gather more information about what you can improve and how to help them solve the problem. 

Public relation

In business industry, PR is considered the best advertising money can’t buy. To keep up with today’s trend on digitalization, it is strongly recommended that you consider digital public relation to increase your brand’s online visibility. Digital PR can help in distinguishing your brand and provoking a sense of authenticity that can build customers’ trust. Implement your digital PR strategy with a goal of gaining their trust by increasing more positive online visibility across industry, mainstream, and nice platforms.