Planning Effective Crisis Communication Strategies

The most recent global pandemic known as Covid-19 has taught us so many valuable things. This situation is considered crisis and can affect your business in so many ways. Hence, it is a must that you establish plan for effective crisis communication strategies. Crisis can come in various forms. Generally, crisis refers to unexpected even threatening public safety, your business’s finance, as well as your business’s reputation. 

How to establish crisis communication strategies

Different types of crisis include natural, financial, personnel, organizational, and technological. Your business may face one or several crisis. Hence, it is vital to establish plans that allow you and your internal and external stakeholders to communicate effectively during crisis. Here are several important things to do it seamlessly:

Create crisis communication plan and team

It is vital to draft your own unique crisis communication plan including the plan that outlines the goals, key audiences, crisis management team, and how to communicate with the public. The plan aims to prevent for the crisis from hurting your company again. Make sure to customize your plan according to your business’s characteristics and needs. Also, it is essential that you form a crisis management team consisted of members who will work together to analyze the situation and identify possible solution. They will also the one who are going to communicate with the audience. 

Prioritize your customers

When making crisis communication plan, you need to put your customers on top of the priorities. When the unexpected happen in a form of crisis, it is not only your internal stakeholders that are going to be affected but your customers too. During a crisis, negative emotions are easily spread. It is easy for customers to write negative comment on review sites if your company makes mistakes in dealing with the situation. Hence, try foster a supportive and collaborative communication climate through your social media platforms and website. 

Communicate with the public accurately

When it comes to communication with the public, speed is vital. However, you should not sacrifice the accuracy. Inaccurate information can lead you to make mistake and you may end up in bigger problems, causing a stir in your audience. Find accurate information from reliable sources and provide updates regularly to reduce unnecessary anxiety. 

Consider using multiple channels to communicate

During a crisis, it is best that you use multiple channels to communicate with your audience. You can communicate via email, text, phone calls, voicemail, website, and social media channels. Make sure to not only update information online but also via traditional channels such as voicemail message, or putting a sign on your store’s door. 

Evaluate post-crisis and follow up communication plan

It is important that you conduct evaluation post-crisis to see how your company handled it. Evaluating the performance of your company you will get to learn more for better prepare for the future just in case you face another crisis. Then, you may have to do some reputation repairs followed by planning a follow-up communication strategies. Then, provide updates on social media about your business’s recovery.

Architect Bali, How To Build Your Dream Villa

Architecture is designed to be lived in and used. Things like orientation, shade, air flow, circulation, off-grid solutions are essential to guarantee comfort and quality of life within the home. Homes that are not properly designed for the location end up being concrete air-conditioned boxes. Bali is not only a beautiful, natural paradise but is also home to a large and diverse cultural and art heritage. Professional architect Bali is able to know how to use materials and can build sustainable buildings that are influenced by traditional architecture.

Architect Bali, How To Build Your Dream Villa

Architect Bali: Implement Bali style to your villa

A villa is one of the best examples of an early tropical seaside villa in south-east Asia. A good architect Bali is able to show through the design, how simple traditional elements with links to the culture and religion created a unique and luxurious retreat. 

Bali life is complex. Bali architecture techniques are based upon religious principles along with a village hierarchy. It can be said that the construction of a Balinese villa is a persuasive manifesto because it is faithful to the beautiful Balinese residential style and the way traditional houses are built. As well as how new buildings can honor this ancient tradition in a sustainable manner.

How Big is the villa market in Bali?

Over the last five years, more than 1,000 luxury villa development in Bali. Many investors, whether for retirement or profit, have bet on the rise of the Asia vacation rental market. But how big of a market is there, and where should you start?

Canggu is the most popular villa location in Bali, accounting for 45 percent of the demand. Ubud, Canggu, Legian, Sanur, and Lombok are also popular tourist destinations.

Four-bedroom villas are the second most popular. A three-bedroom villa costs on average US$325, while a four-bedroom vacation home costs on average US$580. Customers prefer villas with a modern, minimalistic design.

Canggu land has become increasingly expensive. Choosing the location of the land will affect the price of your investment in the future. Bali is a favorite destination, that’s clear. Wherever the land you choose, the most important thing is the concept of villa Bali architecture.

Media marketing is very important to promote your villa. Even though the villa land is not near the beach access, you can use the rice fields as a view in your villa. There are many Balinese architecture concepts that you can apply to compete.

Bali construction company

A foreign national investing in property in Bali should do so through a foreign-owned company (PT PMA). In Indonesia, a PT PMA is a foreign limited liability company. You will be able to obtain the Right to Build and Right to Use certificates with a PT PMA. 

Finding a professional Bali construction company is crucial. A professional Bali construction company is able to assist the villa development process from the beginning to the document process. They can even provide Balinese design services. 

Why should you look for a one-stop Bali construction company? Running a villa development from 1 door is the best. This will really help you build a villa without fear of spending your budget in vain. You can look for a professional contractor office south Bali up to the north.

Determining Employee Timeclock For Your Small Business

There are many important elements to pay attention when running a small business such as inventory, cash flow, and supplies. However, there is another important element which you should determine carefully as well; time. It is important for you to determine your employee work hour. It is best not only to decide the time but also a timeclock system where your employees can clock in and out easily. 

Determining Employee Timeclock For Your Small Business

Time and attendance system for your small business

If you start your small business with no employees lined up or if your employees don’t work on hourly basis, it makes sense to put off time and attendance system. However, it is much better if you implement business model that has a form of hourly labor especially when your staffs grow. It may be the right time for you to consider finding time and attendance software solution. 

A good timeclock for small business

There are many reasons why your small business needs a good timeclock especially when you expect your business to grow. The more your small business grows, the more people to contribute. Here are several reasons why a good timeclock benefits your small business:

Fair and accurate way to pay your employees

With timeclock, you will be able to ensure your employees are being paid fairly. With a good timeclock and attendance software, you can simplify tasks such as payroll or employee scheduling. 

Reduce the risk of employee fraud and time theft

With a good timeclock and attendance system, you know exactly when your employees clock in and out. Hence, it reduce the chance of time theft. It is not uncommon for some employees to commit time theft by adding between fifteen to sixty minutes to their timesheets. Regardless of accidental or willful, time theft can cost your business thousands of dollars in wages while also losing productivity. 

Track payroll

Your payroll needs to be tracked well so you know how to implement your paid time off or PTO policy well. With a good system and software, you will be able to create a good timeclock that allow automatic handling for calculations. 

Manage attendance

With a good timeclock software, you will get notifications or alerts if there is any inconsistency to the attendance. Combining it with great attendance policies, it helps reduce the risk of employees taking advantages of instances such as leaving work early, showing up to work late, having a regular ‘sick’ days, etc. 

Manage labor cost

A great timeclock and attendance software also allows you to know data in real-time. It means you know which positions are using up the most times, your overtime cost, as well as comparison of your business to the industry standard. Such information is valuable for your small business to run smoothly since it comes in handy to keep your labor cost stay reasonable. 

Type of timeclock to choose

There are different timeclock you can opt for your small business from the simple manual punch clock to high-tech options. Choose the one that fits your small business the most.

Indonesia Yacht Guide, Exploring Remote Islands With Luxury Phinisi

Indonesia is a sailing paradise. The world’s largest archipelago, with over 18,000 islands to explore and some of the world’s best dive sites. It is a diverse cultural tropical area that is largely undiscovered. Bali is the ideal place to start your luxury charter Indonesia yacht. Lombok, the Komodo National Park, and remote areas of the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat are just a few of the thousands of other islands to explore. 

Indonesia yacht, Exploring Wakatobi

Indonesia yacht exploring Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that consists of three larger islands and 26 smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. The giant reptiles, the Komodo dragons, call Komodo and Rinca home. 

Selain Komodo & Rinca, ada pulau yang tidak kalah menarik yaitu Padar. Terdapat 816 anak tangga yang harus anda lalui 

The locals believe that they are descended from a dragon princess born centuries ago. This area is also known as one of the most species-rich tropical marine environments on earth.

Komodo also has one of the world’s seven pink beaches, which makes for another great photo opportunity.

Yacht charter Indonesia to Raja Ampat 

Because cruising has recently moved east, Raja Ampat has quickly become one of the most popular cruising destinations. The diving and snorkeling in Raja Ampat are considered to be among the best in the world, especially from November to February. Raja Ampat, home to over 1,400 different species of fish, is a must-see for avid snorkelers. To cap off a day of exploring Indonesia’s exotic oceans, take in the breathtaking sunsets of Raja Ampat. 

Yacht charter Indonesia to Raja Ampat brings you to see stunning white-sand beaches, secret lagoons, mysterious caves, and translucent turquoise waters. Raja Ampat has to be Southeast Asia’s most beautiful island chain.

Indonesia yacht, Exploring Wakatobi

Wakatobi is one of the best diving spots in the world. Indonesian yacht charters are highly recommended to reach many dive spots. When the waters of Wakatobi are warmer than the seas in other parts of the world, you will find schools of whales.

Apart from diving, Wakatobi is the perfect place for snorkeling. The reason is, that Wakatobi has long coral reefs, as well as stunning coral gardens in shallow waters.

For divers, Wakatobi is heaven, the little paradise in the world. The underwater beauty is truly spectacular. There are about 942 species of fish and 750 species of coral that inhabit the waters of Wakatobi among 850 species of coral in the world.

How To Plan A Great Social Media Campaign

In today’s marketing strategy, social media platform has been considered one of the most effective tools to connect, communicate, and engage more with target audience. It is true that social media is useful in so many ways. However, not many people know how to use it effectively. In growing your business, social media can be such a booster to draw more customers in. Hence, engagement with target audience on social media should be nurtured properly. And here are ways you can do to improve the engagement:

Choose the right social media outlets

Before making any campaign, make sure to choose the right social media outlet. There are many different social media outlets out there but not all of them is right for your business. You need to focus on outlets that can be beneficial for your business. Social networks vary including TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Identify your target audience

After choosing the most fitted social media platforms, you need to identify your target audience. Find relevant leads based on the metrics you set such as geographic location and keywords. Finding the best leads may take time but it ensure you get engaged with high-profile people who are more likely to become customers of your brand. 

Craft your content

Content is just as powerful as any other marketing tools if you make the one that is meaningful, full of information, and relevant. It is vital that you make content that is engaging and interesting. If you don’t have time to write or make content, hore professionals who know what they are doing. Make each content as unique as possible for each social media platform you use. 

Don’t forget the hashtag

Hashtag is also important for social media campaign. It is one of the keys to reach and build your audience. By finding popular hashtag within your niche, you will be able to elevate your visibility that fit your industry and target audience. With the right hashtag, you will be easier to find by your audience. 

Use relevant, interesting elements

If you aim for more views, make sure to deliver interesting, relevant visuals on your posts. It can be interesting images that are relevant with the content. Make sure to also update your profile and cover photos from time to time. You may implement videos to get even more engagement. Make sure that the video is in good quality. 

Be responsive

To get the best outcomes from social media campaign, you need to be responsive when it comes to your audience since they expect you to listen and respond to them as fast as possible. If not, they will easily move to another brand that respond better and quicker. 

Be inviting

Make your social media handle a welcoming place for your audience to engage more. Give a reason for people to follow your social media handle. Also, customize information to match your audience. Don’t send out repetitive monotonous automated messages to everyone since it is not the most effective ways to engage with them. 

How To Build Amazing Concrete Villa in Bali?

Concrete villas can be built to withstand extreme weather, rising heating and cooling costs, and increased noise pollution. Concrete has numerous options for villa design. Since it is the structure material not the style, concrete buildings are not limited in how they appear. Furthermore, owners of a concrete villa typically save money on their insurance policy due to fire resistance alone.

Amazing Concrete Villa in Bali with swimming pool

Concrete Villa Construction Advantages

  • Outside noise has been significantly reduced.
  • Fire resistance
  • Capable of preventing damage from both subterranean and dry wood termites.
  • Stronger than wood framing and resistant to wind-blown debris

HVAC loads are reduced because their continuous wall assemblies reduce air infiltration and have higher levels of insulation built-in.

Concrete can incorporate recycled content into the mix, gaining additional support from those who want to build green.

Concrete Building System Types

Concrete building systems are classified into five categories: concrete blocks, ICFs (insulating concrete forms), removable forms, panel systems, and autoclaved aerated concrete.

Blocks of Concrete

The well-known rectangular blocks are traditional building material and the most widely used concrete building system, where they provide an affordable hurricane defense. For cost-effective results, today’s concrete blocks work with improved insulation and building techniques.

Pros and cons of concrete building

Pros: Sturdy in high-wind areas; familiar product for local crews and local code officials; and a modular product that allows homes to be designed in standard dimensions reducing construction waste.

Cons: Regional preferences may make this product not as readily accepted in some parts; the standard dimensional aspects of blocks may mean that some of the more exotic home designs will take more time and may impact the productivity of construction crews.

Removable Forms

Insulation and reinforcing steel are installed inside removable wall forms made of aluminum, wood, or steel in this system. Concrete is then poured into the forms. The forms are removed after the concrete has been cured.

Best for: Villas in high wind areas, especially with designs that employ concrete floors, ceilings and walls.

Cons & Pros

Pros: Exterior and interior walls can be poured at the same time; concrete interior walls can be textured or furred out for drywall; wind-resistant; exterior walls can be made to look like brick or textured paint.

Cons: Due to regional preferences and familiarity with this system, it may not be as widely available in some areas.

Panel Structures

Precast concrete and tilt-up concrete are the two types of panel systems. The exterior walls of a home with rough openings are produced at a concrete plant using precast. Foam insulation is applied, steel reinforcing is embedded, and electric wiring is installed. The panels are delivered to the job site, lifted by cranes, and secured to the foundation and to one another.

This method necessitated a relatively open site that could accommodate tilting the walls into place. The walls are connected to the rest of the structure once they are properly positioned.

Best for Contemporary villas in flat-site open settings.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Manufacturing in a factory ensures a high level of quality that is unaffected by job site conditions and weather; wind-resistant; quick set-up possible if site is properly prepared for either system; both systems can accommodate curved panels; on-site system eliminates the cost of transporting panels.

Cons: Precast plant accessibility may limit availability; tilt-up option works best with large, flat, open sites; the site must be large enough to accommodate large cranes.

Concrete Construction Costs

Concrete systems are initially more expensive. On average, typical concrete systems add three to five percent to the cost of a home.

When comparing relative costs, it is critical to compare apples to apples. Costs are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Concrete costs in your area
  • The cost of a concrete system in your area
  • Local labor costs
  • Local marketplace competitiveness
  • The crew’s experience
  • Residence design
  • Building regulations in your area

Achieve Sustainable Architecture in Bali

Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways you can make your own villa. And with the many kinds of technology that’s available now, a sustainable and eco-friendly house can be easily built. If you want to have some inspiration for your next sustainable building development in Bali, here are some ideas that may inspire your next architecture project in Bali.

Wooden houses with traditional architecture

wooden houses is sustainable because it can be recycled and have high insulation
source :

The main advantages of creating a wooden house are the quick construction period and the excellent insulation provided by the raw materials. Furthermore, due to their flexibility, wooden structures are earthquake resistant and environmentally benign, as they are almost entirely recyclable. Wooden houses are non-permanent structures that are an excellent choice for leasehold title land plots. It is feasible to disassemble the house and move it to a new place after your land lease expires. What’s great is that wood is a great insulation for your home. So you don’t need to add more insulation to your house and can save power for air conditioning that’s used for the house. Wooden house with many style of architecture is common in Bali so definitely theres a lot of inspiration to choose

Using solar panel as source of electricity

Solar power systems use the sun as a source of energy to convert it to electricity. Installing solar panels on your buildings may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because we’re not taking electricity from the power plan. Currently, electricity is traditionally made by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are used to generate power, toxic gasses are released, which are the leading source of air pollution and global climate change. Fossil fuels is limited so it can be used forever, beside that the process of extracting it is bad not environmentally. Because of that price may raise and in a short time. You can also make your electric bill cheaper or even not paying for electricity. In Bali your roof is exposed to sunshine almost all year long, so you can maximise the architecture for your house to accomodate the solar panel with ease.

Read more How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

Recycling the water in your house

There are some water that you can recycle in your house, like the greywater. Which is used water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines that has been gently filtered. It’s not water that’s been in contact with feces, whether from the toilet or from diaper cleaning. Dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning chemicals may be found in greywater. While greywater maybe considered filthy or dirty by people, it is a harmless and even helpful source of irrigation water for a lawn. Greywater can also be reused for flushing toilets, and in washing machines.

Another simple ways of reducing the usage of water is to store rainwater which provide cleaner water than greywater but doesn’t have consistent supply for it. But still can be a great way to reduce clean water consumption in your buildings. Make sure to also consult your architect in Bali because installing it require proper planning.

Embracing The Process When Building Success With Your Business

Everyone who start a business must set a goal to be successful. Yearning for success is to be expected when growing your own business and it is a must. What is the point of building a business if you don’t aim for success? However, many people think that success happens overnight. They think that when one thing doesn’t work their way, it is an absolute sign of failure and they end up giving up. The truth is, there is nothing instant about reaching success. There will always be phases and failures along the way. The key is how to navigate yourself through all of it so you stay in your lanes on the path of success. 

Do not look for shortcuts

Just because one has more wealth than others doesn’t mean he can reach success faster or easier. There is no shortcuts for success even if you have every factors from steady finance to skillful people. Instead of focusing on looking for the shortcut, pay more attention to your consistency in giving it your all. Not to mention that shortcuts often end up in the loss column as well as premature failures. When you suddenly reaching the peak in such a short time, you might be overwhelmed because you are not ready with the sudden rise of all. Hence, it is better to do your best in everything and enjoying the process while expecting success to come. 

Be eager to learn new things

It is important to experience all the process because throughout the journey, you will keep learning to improve yourself better. Therefore, it is important to not act like you know everything when starting a business. It will only lead you to believe that you are invincible and you don’t need to learn anymore. Meanwhile, the real world is dynamic. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow and what kind of knowledge and skills you need in order to pivot accordingly. But when you keep learning something new, you add more value to yourself, making you more capable and knowledgeable as a person for your organization or colleagues. 

Know how to utilize your strengths

Every individual is unique. Just because you think you are bad in math doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing other things. You have that potential in you that the others might not have. Even if it is something you think unusual, it might be your strongest strength to help you reach success. Instead of mopping around with how weak you think you are, find your strong points and utilize them to be your secret weapons. 

Take advantage of innovation

For business, technology and innovation has significant role in speeding up the process of reaching success in some ways. It is because with innovation and technology, you know how to complete tasks more efficiently. Use what you learn about innovation to the best practices. And with patience, you will build more sustainable growth and more ready to welcome the success you have expected.

Komodo Liveaboard Trip, A New Adventure Exploring Flores

Komodo Liveaboard, a fantastic way to dive and explore the islands of Komodo. When most people think of Komodo, they think of a sluggish lumbering enormous lizard that belongs in a horror movie or on the pages of a comic book. Images of pure gorgeous coral reefs, sharks floating in the current hunting their food, or even manta rays softly flowing through the sea do not instantly come to mind. Not only is Komodo home to its famous dragons, but it also has some truly world-class diving. Also on the Unesco World Heritage List.

Komodo Liveaboard, A New Adventure Exploring Flores

Komodo liveaboard, Easy Way to Reach Komodo National Park

The Indonesian archipelago’s easternmost point is home to the Komodo Islands. The considerably larger island of Flores is located just to the east. The little hamlet of Labuan Bajo, on Flores’ west coast, is the main entry point to the magnificent Komodo National Park. While Labuan Bajo has a harbor where ships from neighboring Indonesian islands stop, the main entrance is through Labuan Bajo International Airport. On a daily basis, a large number of flights arrive from various destinations.

Komodo National Park is best visited at two different periods of the year. The finest months to visit are April to June and September to November, despite the fact that the high season spans from April to November, which is the opposite of the Similan islands season. During those two times, the place is less busy, and the diving is at its best, with many of interesting creatures in the water, including manta rays.

The diving area on Komodo Island is quite extensive. The park can be separated into two diving areas, one in the south and one in the north, starting from Labuan Bajo. The main distinction is access! The northern dive spots are close enough to Labuan Bajo that they can be reached by day boat. The southern dive spots are a little too far away to reach without taking a Komodo liveaboard tour.

Komodo Diving Liveaboard

The northern Komodo dive locations are equally as beautiful as their southern equivalents. Manta Point, Batu Bolong, the Cauldron, and Castle Rock are among the greatest.

Manta point is exactly what it sounds like: a location frequented by a large number of manta rays. This mile-long shallow plateau attracts a large number of manta rays who cruise up and down while feeding in the current during the right season. With a maximum depth of around 12 meters, it is relatively shallow.

The Cauldron is a beautiful bowl-shaped dive location with lots of marine life and coral reefs. Castle Rock is a small offshore reef with a 22-meter-high plateau on one side.

The diving locations in the south are less popular than those in the north, yet they are genuinely stunning. Manta Alley, End of the World, and Langkoi Rock are among the most spectacular. Manta alley is comparable to Manta point, a long shallow channel with a lot of Mantas passing through.

End of the World is Komodo’s most southern dive site, a 40-meter-deep wall of rocks with immaculate unspoilt reefs and plenty of overhangs and caves. Whitetip sharks, moray eels, and rays abound in the abundant aquatic life. Langkoi rock is, to put it bluntly, insane! It is the best dive spot in Komodo to see sharks.

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

People always say that customers are kings and whatever they need should be fulfilled. The thing is, customers are not always right. Sometimes, they make impossible request or complain about irrational matters. However, saying no to them can put yourself in uncomfortable decision not knowing how the customers will react to being denied. Not to mention that it potentially puts your relationship in dangerous edge. 

Being tactful when dealing with difficult customers

It is important to maintain positive working arrangement with your customers. To do so, you need to be more tactful in dealing with them when they are being difficult. It is necessary to set boundaries without potentially harming your relationship with your difficult customers. And here are some tips to deal with difficult customers more tactfully:

Part ways respectfully and nicely when necessary

It is impossible for customers to always right. Fulfilling each of their demands can be impossible as well especially when it doesn’t bring any good for both parties. Hence, make sure to know when to part ways. If it is better to let go of your clients, part ways respectfully and nicely. Make sure to take this decision after weighing down everything thoroughly. If they are good customers and valuable, fight for them. If they are not, let go of them. 

Ask necessary questions

When your customers keep asking or demanding things from you to the point where you think is impossible to fulfill, make sure to ask questions. Ask why they are asking what they are asking for. It allows your customers to think about the demand or requests more rationally. There is possibility of them changing their mind. If your customers don’t seem to understand what they ask for yet being stubborn about it, maybe you need to let them on their way. 

Offer alternative options

Before saying no or when it is difficult to say no to your customers, try offering alternative options to them. This can be a way for you to say no to your customer’s impossible demand without actually saying it. Try delivering more options they can choose that fits their needs without impacting your margins. 

Accommodate with conditions

When your customers demand things too far from what you can actually perform or deliver, you can agree to what they ask for but it comes with some conditions. These conditions can accommodate their needs even though they are not exactly what the customers want initially. The point is to make sure both parties are satisfied. 

Underpromise and overdeliver

It should be your principle to underpromise and overdeliver rather than the other way around. Make sure to not promise anything above what your brand can perform. Try to be as honest as possible with your promise so your customers won’t set their expectation too high and end up extremely upset when it is not delivered well. Honesty is a key to build healthy relationship with your customers. So when customer ask for something that you can’t deliver, you can say no and set boundaries.