How To Structure More Productive Workday

Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

Entrepreneurs’ workday are often not standardized. Many of them work for more than 14 hours at a time. Of course, it is not healthy even from any perspective. However, most entrepreneurs think that 24 hours are not enough to do their work. You might be one of them who work long hours on daily basis. The problem with this is, there is no guarantee that your days are truly as productive as you thought. 

Structuring your day to be more productive

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner often leave you with no choice but do everything on your own. You have so much on your plate just to make sure everything runs well. However, it is also important to know if your days are productive or not with how much you work. Because you can make your workdays more productive without straining your well-being.

Rely more on your calendar to spend your workday. Do the tasks that are stated on your calendar. Hence, it is important to set up your calendar to manage your schedule. By relying on your calendar, you know how much time you have in a day. It also helps in eliminating distractions. It helps you to keep up with your schedule better. 

Make your meeting short and simple. Meetings are often time-consuming. You can make it short but with great outcomes using three elements. You need an agenda, a two-minute rule, and a person to lead. With those elements, the meetings will be much more efficient. Agenda will make everyone stay in the topic. The two-minute rule allow every participant to talk only for two minutes not more. The leader helps monitor time and keeps the agenda flowing. 

Sort out your tasks and separate the small and big ones. Finish your bigger, arduous tasks when you are in productive mode  and motivated mindset. Then, group small tasks together and finish them when you don’t have to spend a lot of mental energy. Smaller, mindless tasks can be finished quicker together. It is also recommended to tackle touch tasks first so you have more energy to do the other tasks because you know that you are capable with how you succeeded in completing the tough tasks. 

Plan in breaks in your workday. Working constantly for 12 hours without a break will not make your workday more productive. When you are tired, you will be distracted. You will be unable to stay focused and end up completing your task longer. Set 10 minutes breaks to go escape from your work by going on a walk, looking at the landscape, and just clearing your head. Two or three short breaks a day will make you more productive. 

Eliminate things that can distract you. So many distractions that can hold you back from working productively. They can be your phones, foods, noise, etc. Silent your phone during work and make sure your stomach is full already. Block noise by using a canceling-noise headphone. Set a reminder/alarm so you know when to take a necessary break. 

Flores Tour goes to Mount of 9 Sun, Mount Sangiang

Flores Tour goes to Mount of 9 Sun, Mount Sangiang

In West Nusa Tenggara there is an island called Sangiang, and it has two volcanic cones. The two cones are named Doro Mantoi which is 5,889 feet, and Doro Api is 6,394 feet high. Mount Sangiang is still in an active status, its experience has erupted several times, causing residents to have to be evacuated. But Mount of 9 Sun has become an anti-mainstream destination in the Flores Tour. 

The territory of Mount Sangiang is also used by residents to grow peanuts, sesame, barley, chili, and raise livestock. However, most of the people of Sangiang depend on their fate as sailors. So do not be surprised if on the coast of the island there are many boats including the Komodo Boat Trip. 

Hiking on Flores Tour

The tourist attraction of mountains in Indonesia is indeed very eccentric. Tropical forests and rainforests that cover each mountain have a very attractive charm. Dense forests need to be traversed by tourists, and the adventure of Flores Tour through the forest is the essence of satisfaction. So that’s why you should look after this: 

  • Body Health

You need to pay attention to the condition of your body before climbing because you have to syad prime to be ready for adventure. Don’t bother other people if you don’t have to. 

  • Condition of Climbing Equipment

This is a routine thing that is often done by professional climbers before climbing. Checking the condition of climbing equipment is very important. What more if the weather is not good. 

  • Mountain Information

Find out in advance the information contained in the destination mountain, as well as the weather in the area according to the climbing schedule. Because natural conditions are often very different from what we know. 

  • Humble

In terrain you’ve never explored you don’t have to feel strongest and know best. It can harm yourself and others.

  • Change Clothes

You don’t need to bring too many clothes but bring more clothes. So that if it rains you can replace it with something else. Including a raincoat. 

  • Important Item Cover

You need to bring a waterproof cover to protect your important items from rain or other circumstances. Like a cellphone, for example, so you can still take selfies on Flores Tour. 

  • Don’t Stop Too Long

To keep your body temperature stable, you need to keep moving. What’s more, in a wet body condition, you will be more prone to wet lung attacks, hypothermia or others. 

  • Avoid Night Climbing, If it’s Raining

The view is more disturbed if it rains at night when you climb. What’s more, if it rains at the beginning of the climb, you should wait for it to subside. You’re better off doing it in the morning or afternoon to keep the track visible.

  • Turn Off the Phone

When the weather is suddenly bad you need to do this, or other electronic items. This must be done to avoid being struck by lighting in Flores Tour. 

Route to Mount Of 9 Sun

Mount 9 Sun is included in the conservation area, its height is 1,986 meters above sea level. Why 9 sun, because the heat there makes climbers feel more tropical. This is one of the reasons why you need extra physical and mental preparation for Mount Sangiang. 

The route starts from Bima, from there you will use land transportation to Wera for 2-3 hours. Then you continue to Sangiang land by renting a motorcycle taxi. Arriving there you will go to Mount of 9 Sun by boat from Sangiang to Sangiang Island. There are so many boats that you can choose, from cheap to expensive for an hour’s journey. 

Towards the top of Mount of 9 Sun there are 4 posts that you will pass, namely:

  • Tangengeng Post
  • Padang Ilalang Post
  • Post Basecamp Post
  • Summit Attack

The ascent from post one to post three takes approximately five hours. The terrain that you will go through is very challenging. Before reaching the last post, you are advised to make a camp at the third post. Because after that you will pass the Sirotomustakim path. A path that is surrounded by cliffs on the right and left flanking each other. Sand and gravel from the eruption also become your climbing base. So make sure you bring your heavy boots on this challenging adventure on Flores Tour. 

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Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Trust is needed when it comes to building healthy relationships with your investors. It is not only your project that can be at risk when you neglect that factors but you also may lose your credibility with the other investors. Finding the right investors is already challenging and you don’t want to ruin your credibility by taking the wrong steps. 

Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Building trust with investors

Looking for investment partners is not something new in business. When you work on a serious project that add value to customer with such an innovative ideas then looking for the right investors is necessary. However, you need to be careful in doing so because wrong steps might put your credibility in vain with investors. And here are things you can put into consideration:

Be realistic

When it comes to investors and investments, be realistic. It means you need to make sure that you are taking only the right number of investors and the right amount of money from them. Too many investors and too many investments will overwhelm you. You need to be realistic with your valuation and calculate the timeline when your investors can expect a return. 

Money doesn’t guarantee anything

Remember that more money doesn’t guarantee your project to be successful. When you get high cash, it means you need to give quick return. It brings more pressure on your side so remember to also always have exit strategy and manage expectations that you can handle. 

Pursue the right investors

Pursue the right investors

It is also important to pursue the right investors. Money is essentials but not the only factor to consider when finding the right investors. Hence, it is essential that you know what kind of investors you need. Do you want investors who pour their money generously but impose requirements that you are not able to fulfill? Or do you want short-term investors who aim for quick return? 

The answer is in yourself

You need to know what kind of capital that suits your business’s project. This way, you can avoid ruining your own credibility. Remember that your business needs to grow in the long run. It is best if you make business model and stabilize it beforehand so then you know what you are looking for.

Be wise in how you use your capital

Another thing that can ruin your credibility with investors and investment is the way you use your capital. Money is like a weapon in business and if you don’t know how to use it or where to funnel it to the right area of your project then it will be a waste. It won’t do nothing to your business but ruin its credibility. Therefore, you should make business plan to communicate with your investors. Your business plan should lay out your step-to-steps milestones. This way, investors know your sustainable growth. 

Prepare business proposal

It will also help your credibility if you are prepared with business plan as well as a set of achievable long-term and short-term goals. Then, always deliver regular reports to your investors to keep them engaged and know the progress of their investment to the worthy project. 

The Most Popular Designs of Private Villa in Bali You Should Steal

Whether you are planning to buy a private villa Bali for your personal vacation retreat or renting it to guests, you will need to build a holiday home that reflect island living at the finest. it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of the most popular designs of seaside villas in this tropical island for some inspiration before decorating your own. 

Private Villa in Bali Loves Open Space

Private Villa in Bali Loves Open Space

Open and airy space is the essence of any private villa in Bali. The open space designs allows abundant lights to come in, creating a relaxed atmosphere that vacationers seek on their holiday. Coastal homes in Bali favour design aesthetic that prioritise natural lights so that everything feels just flow with the air. An open kitchen and dining room that merges with private pool is prevalent in many holiday homes in Bali. Vacationers also loves the opportunity to take bath in a secluded, semi-open showers which they don’t usually have back in the home. You will also want to feel as though there’s no boundary between the indoor and outdoor, so swap walls with large windows, large doors, and skylights for the ceiling. 

Crisp Whites and Earth Tones 

Crisp Whites and Earth Tones

When you are trying to build a private villa Bali that defines a relaxed coastal living, white palette is the key. White crips interior complements the open-air designs as it reflect the lights and define the airy feeling. It also brings breezy coastal summer vibe to the room when complemented with earth and neutral colours like brown, washed-beige, or khaki. It’s also perfect to be paired up with soft vibrant colour like bright coral or deep green for an exotic coastal ambience. 

Tons of Tropical Plants for Your Private Villa Bali 

Tons of Tropical Plants in Private Villa Bali

What is holiday home in Bali without tropical plants? Plants are one of he main element of beach homes. Not only that it brings the refreshing tropical breeze to the room; plants also serves as privacy landscaping to the villa. High trees with thick leaves like clumping bamboo, thuja green giants, and traveler’s palm tree are great to create an instant hideout and illusion of seclusion as it separates the villa from the outer world. Having green landscape on your wall is also great for the visual appeal and muffle the sound of busy roads. 

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Nature-Inspired Furnitures in Light-Washed Colour

Nature-Inspired Furnitures in Light-Washed Colour

Wood materials is very popular in most of luxury villa rental Bali to reflect the seaside living at its best. Furnitures are often made from teak, rattan, acacia, birch, or even repurposed driftwood. Many wood craftsman in Seminyak make trendy furnitures that were entirely made from recycled boats. Not only that it gives unique weathered look, but this material is also stronger and more durable than freshly-cut woods. 

A Touch of Balinese Classic Ornaments 

A Touch of Balinese Classic Ornaments

What makes private villa in Bali different than the ones in Thailand is the subtle touch of Balinese tradition on the everyday life. A mix of classic ornaments like statue of Balinese Hindu god or goddesses often graced one corner on the villa. Guest beds features tradition-inspired flowing curtain which also serves as mosquito nets at night. Balinese’s woven bamboo materials can be added for shades or roofs of lounge room, mixing tradition with urban design. 

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

Your business’s website needs daily content to keep the engagement. However, it can be overwhelming to post content regularly and make them stay fresh. Also, there are so many websites out there that your audiences can visit with anytime with high quality content. Hence, the competition is pretty tough. Delivering fresh, high quality content is challenging but it is not impossible to do. 

Content Ideas To Engage More Of Your Audiences

Engagement is important factor for your business’s website so your audience will attract to your brand. With quality contents delivered regularly, it is easier for your audiences to keep coming back checking out your website. It results in steady traffic for your website and also more potential customers to come. Keeping your every content fresh can be challenging but these ideas are worth your consideration:

Reading article can feel like a chore for some people. Hence, they always look at the headlines first to decide whether they are going to proceed reading the whole article. Therefore, it is important to make catchy headlines especially the one that start with how-to’s and X-tips. Usually, readers have already goals in their mind to solve certain problems. By giving those kind of headlines, you give what your audiences want. 

Content Ideas For Your Business’s Website

In how-to’s posts, make sure that you give step-by-step instructions clearly to solve specific problems you suggest for your audiences. Also, make it short, to the point, and insert helpful images. When you post something about tips, you need to make it interesting and practical. Those kinds of posts usually get higher rank on search engines so you can consider making those posts for your business’s website. 

You can also make a post with content that counters commonly accepted bets practices or a golden rule in your expertise ideas. People like reading contents that breakdown a difficult subjects into a simple post they can understand easily. You can also use your content to address negative perceptions about particular topic that your audiences find interesting. 

As mentioned earlier that people like reading understandable contents. Sure, contents with highly technical terms can show off the expertise. However, it doesn’t guarantee engagement from readers when they don’t understand a thing. Hence, simplify a complex technical subject in your contents. It is more helpful that way because readers can understand the topic in a good and easy way while you can also position yourself as an industry expert. 

Create contents that can evoke emotions of your readers. This way, your audiences can picture the events. Usually, contents with real stories are what audiences like because it feels personal. You can share your real stories of your hardships or about the lessons you have learned while running your business so far. 

It is also suggested that you add some visual formats to make your post more interesting to read. The point is, your content should be helpful, resourceful, and interesting. You will earn more points if it is entertaining and inspiring as well. 

Komodo Boat Trip, An Experience to Remember

komodo boat trip

Komodo National Park is one of the popular holiday destinations in Indonesia. This national park consists of 29 stunning islands. The park includes three large islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar Island. This place is also the only place in the world where you can spot encounters with the largest lizard or Komodo dragons. While it’s famously known for its Komodo, many travelers flock to its shores for other reasons. One of the main reasons is to experience the amazing marine life that surrounds the Komodo Island. Charter a boat is a perfect way of spending time with your family or friends in Komodo. Komodo boat trip in Indonesia is the most prestigious way of spending holidays and fun as well. Once you spend your trip on a boat, you never get enough!

Why book a Komodo Boat trip?

You will be treated like a queen

Komodo boat trip is a type of vacation that many travelers love. No washing dishes, no cleaning or cooking breakfast. Sailing holidays give you pure relaxation and just taking care of yourself. Feel like a queen watching the beautiful sight passing by, drinking your champagne, and admiring the magical sunset in the middle of the ocean. The sailing experience is designed to please you, so you are treated as the most important person in the world during the whole trip.

komodo boat trip

You’ll be greeted by the friendly crew

As soon as you step on the boat a smiling team is waiting for you. The crew will make you feel home and comfortable from the first day. On a boat, you not only meet the captain but as well as a chef, engineer, waitresses, and scuba diving instructors. On a boat trip, the crew and chef is waiting for your signal when to eat and how to be served.  They will help you to make a friendly atmosphere and make you feel special.

You see plenty of exotic places and unpack just once

When you are on land traveling you would have to pack and unpack many times. On a boat holiday, you have the chance to visit so many beautiful destinations and unpack just ones.  Therefore, you can move to another destination with no stress or losing energy. So, there is no better way than a boat holiday.

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Komodo boat trip is a top place for rejuvenation and recharging your batteries

When you book a resort room, you always ask for a beach view and are even ready to pay extra. However, on a boat trip, you will have it every day as much as you love it and the whole day. No matter what your plan is. Listening to the sound of the waves while watching the magical sunset, will recharge your batteries. So, you will return from the trip relaxed, brand new, and rejuvenated.

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

It is time for your brand to step up its game. During this global pandemic, many brands give messages of how they are there for their customers. However, words are not enough anymore. It becomes so repetitive that even consumers don’t take it seriously anymore. It is time for your brand to fully grant certainty during this uncertainties. It is time for your brand to provide pathways for real action. And it is time for your brand to foster connection while adjusting to a ‘new world’.

Fostering connection while adjusting to the changes

Every brand may have good intention. However, it is not enough to fully support consumers. Intention should be followed by real actions that can be impactful for others who receive. So here are how you can navigate your brand and let it foster connection during this uncertainty:

How Brand Foster Connection While Adjusting To A Physically Distanced World

Do not hesitate to innovate and collaborate. During this tough time, you need to think of the impact. The world keeps changing and if you are too afraid to pivot, your brand won’t stand a chance. You will be left behind while others keep running. Hence, innovation and collaboration can be your ultimate recipe to foster more connection with your consumers while adjusting to the physically distanced world. Some adjustments here and there might be needed to keep your brand providing what your consumer needs. 

Find a way to make your brand lead and support the right cause. This time, there are many conflicts and problems happening regardless of the situation. It is understandable to feel hesitant or even afraid of being involved in those matters. However, you need to show up and let people see where your brand stand at. Avoid being ignorance just because you are afraid of losing loyal customers. In fact, you can lead your brand to empower for a good purpose. 

Gaining profit is important but it is better if you can do it the right way without harming other animals or environment. Creating amazing products that can help your customers’ skin youthful and glow is good. However, what’s the point if the process of producing the products cause a death of animals or destroy the environment. Hence, make sure that your brand emphasize your company values. Fighting for your brand’s value is not a one-time-done thing. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to constantly fighting for it. 

You need to have clear mission to let your brand shine even more. The mission should be set from the beginning. For example, you create products or deliver service that embrace the minorities. Your brand is there to help improve the life of the minorities. Show how your brand has responsibility to the society. Your brand is not only selling products or services but also buying power for a greater good. Selling with purpose can help create foundation, long-life bond, and loyalty. Your brand should be establish power driven by purpose in this challenging time. 

5 Reasons to Consider a Raja Ampat Cruise for Your Next Trip

5 Reasons to Consider a Raja Ampat Cruise for Your Next Trip

A sailing trip to Raja Ampat contains everything you could want on a holiday in one convenient package. There’s so much you can do and see on this stunning island. Explore this magical island, sail on Raja Ampat Cruise, relax on the beach. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Today, sailing holidays are becoming increasingly popular among tourists of all kinds. Here are the top reasons to consider cruise for your next holiday!

There’s something magical about renting Raja Ampat Cruise

West Papua is surely beautiful but exploring Raja Ampat while sailing will give you the most stunning view and the most spectacular of West Papua that you can imagine. A sailing trip offers complete freedom to explore, without the hassle of checking in and out resorts. There’s no better feeling than waking up to a gorgeous new view each morning. Then looking forward to another amazing destination of sailing under hot sun and blue skies. Trip by Raja Ampat Cruise gives you the chance to visit areas rarely accessible otherwise. This means you can explore some beautiful hidden gems and unspoilt areas.

5 Reasons to Consider a Raja Ampat Cruise for Your Next Trip

Sailing trip gives you the ultimate freedom

From your Raja Ampat boat, every destination you visit will take on its most stunning and most impressive form. Unwind, relax, set sail, and admire the wonderful scenery of your next destination! Having your own cruise gives you ultimate freedom and an experience, unlike any villa holiday. From the upper deck, you are able to see some of nature’s most incredible sights. Imagine waking up to a stunning view from your cabin and enjoying breakfast on a sunshine deck without sharing it with strangers.

Raja Ampat Cruise offers unique experiences

No matter how many times you visit Raja Ampat, you will never have the exact same exciting experience. Every Raja Ampat trip provides the opportunity to see new and never-seen destinations. Moreover, if you want to revisit Raja Ampat, the island is ever-changing with many different activities to try and destinations to see. Make sure to snap some pictures!

It’s more affordable than you think

If you think a cruise holiday is a costly affair out of your reach, think again. Renting a cruise is more affordable than ever. On most cruises, some meal options, attractions, cabins, and the use of the facilities are included in the up-front cost, which means you’ll hardly need to spend a penny on the boat.

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The best feature of a cruise holiday is the time to relax. A sailing holiday can be relaxing, whether you’re soaking the sun on the deck, lying in your lounge room, or enjoying the stunning sunset evening you will charge your battery for sure. You’ll get both physical and mental workouts on the blue water! Finally, a sailing holiday will bring more happiness into your life without a doubt!

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

In this digital era, it will be harder for business to thrive if it can adapt to it. Internet has been playing a big role in business industry especially since the pandemic hit. Business and digital platforms have become associated to one another. There are many benefits business can gain from going digital. And now, digital marketing and online shopping have become business norms. That’s why building a website that can work for your business is necessary now. It is not complementary element anymore.

Building a website to work for your business

It is true that we cannot depend entirely on a device or tools to keep business running. However, we can take advantage of them. If it is possible for your website to do the heavy lifting for your business then why not? As long as you provide what customers needs and don’t neglect anything, it is good idea to have your website work for your business. 

How To Build A Working Website For Your Business

Using utilizing your website to the next level is important because the majority of shoppers start their product search online. Also, the surveys showed that since the pandemic until now, the number of online shoppers keep increasing. In fact, it is predicted that 2021 is the year where the number will keep raising. Through your website, you can also show who you really are because you can show transparency to your audience. 

Putting a little more time and energy to build working website is worth it. It is like another long-term investment to push your business forward. You can maximize your effort in growing your business by building a successful website. In building a working website, you need to consider the essential elements such as building brand awareness, marketing, credibility, and authenticity.

Marketing strategies don’t always work right away. Online shopper might not add your products to their cart right away. Thus, it is important to build your brand awareness. It is like easing your audience to get to used to the presence of your brand. Through your website, show visitors who you are and why you are trusted. Also, show them what your brand can do to help them. Make sure to develop positive relationship with every visit your visitor makes to your website. 

Website is important marketing tool you can utilize. The way to do it is through quality content. Your website should not only full of the images of your products. You should also provide contents that your online visitor consider insightful, informative, entertaining, or interesting. You can also post positive testimonials from your previous customers on your website. Then, optimize your website with SEO approach. 

Building a website means you can establish your brand’s credibility and authenticity. Make sure that in the process, you value transparency and consistency. In the About section, you can tell more about your brand and who you are. Give brief rundown about your company’s history. Also, make sure you are consistent in even small details such as writing style, visual style, etc. 

5 Reasons to Honeymoon on Samara II Liveaboard Liveaboard

Samara II Liveaboard

What better way to spend your romantic getaway than on a beautiful liveaboard around some romantic coastal locations? Whether you are on your romantic retreat or honeymoon, Samara II Liveaboard offers privacy and the perfect choice for the ultimate escape. Samara is a traditional boat and furnished with natural wood tones and richly colored textiles. The boat has a comfortable and spacious indoor dining area. This spacious boat has only four cabins. There is no better place to enjoy the view of the stunning island in Indonesia than from boat’s deck for a romantic retreat. Here are five reasons that you should come on a sailing trip with Samara II.

Carefree sailing with Samara II Liveaboard

Taking a romantic getaway on a Samara II liveaboard with their crew gives you the chance to be carefree.  With the boat’s crew, to look after your every whim. It gives you newly-weds the space to enjoy new married life. The crew will ensure that you enjoy every moment of your hideaway beyond limits.

Freedom and privacy

Many of the benefits of a boat charter are perfectly suited to a romantic getaway. Where you can indulge in the luxuries of a private chef, stunning views, and idyllic surroundings without having to share accommodation with other. Within a crowded resort, you will rarely find a place where you and your partner will get to be alone and enjoy your privacy besides your hotel room. On a liveaboard holiday, couples get to enjoy privacy and relaxation in some of the most beautiful destinations.

Samara II liveaboard are both active and relaxing holidays

The sailing holiday itself is a fun and best way of spending honeymoon holidays. If you prefer a more relaxing romantic trip, you can simply sun lounge on the deck with a good playlist. For the adventure seeker, there are endless activities you can have together to make your trip really special and bring you even closer together. For instance, scuba diving, swimming, or snorkeling. No need to worry, all your water activities equipment is loaded on the boat. It is ready to use anytime.

 You can visit as many destinations as you like during one holiday

Every day is a new adventure for you on a liveaboard holiday. There are so many breathtaking places to voyage to, the world truly is your oyster when it comes to a sailing trip!

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Unique honeymoon idea

Whatever you decide to do for your honeymoon, you can be certain that chartering a liveaboard for your romantic trip will guarantee that no one else will ever experience one quite the same. This is not just another world-class hotel. But this trip will give lasting memories you can dine out on for years to come.