Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

At the beginning of Coronavirus pandemic, many companies start to allow their employees to work from home—and the trend has taken a whole new popularity in 2020 – 2021. As the epidemic persists, many employers recognize that this may be a long-term, if not permanent, shift in the way they do business. With the newly-found flexibility in hand, a lot of workers today starts looking for vacation rentals in nice destinations like Bali to work and refresh at the same time. This is a new opportunity that every owner of Bali villas should take. A new market has emerge, and this is how you can make your vacation houses in Bali attractive to the “workcationers”.

Provide Important Amenities for Work-Vacationers in Your Bali Villas

Providing to the “workcationers” market will be slightly different from your regular holiday-makers market. In many ways, the remote-workers guests need more practicality and efficiency in your Bali vacation rental than the usual luxury holiday items like home spa or bars. Here are some insight on what your working guests will need:

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

While most remote employees are accustomed to working from home, improvised workstations may become tedious. To attract more reservations to your vacation rental, it is critical to have various working areas in the villa. At least, one of room should be private so visitors may participate in virtual meetings without interruptions.

Provide a workplace in your vacation rental by offering a desk or a solid table for visitors to work on. If space is at a premium, provide a lap desk or a wall-mounted workstation. 

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Provide Office Needs

Provide a nice office chair as well as materials like pencils and paper. Other office items like extension chords, table lamp, or USB ports will be a greatly valuable amenities. 

The location of your workplace space is also essential; position it near a window or somewhere well-lit and roomy. Provide an outside work space if feasible. A fantastic setup will have your workcationers coming back all year. Make sure to stock up on coffee and tea as well!

Offer Strong Wifi Connection

One of the most important facilities of a private villa in Bali for remote workers is a fast and dependable Wi-Fi connection. Remote working can become nearly impossible without it. A major portion of a remote working day relies around fast, consistent internet connections, from emailing customers and participating in Zoom meetings to exchanging papers and downloading huge files. After all, dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi connections is the last thing remote workers want to do.

So, if you can provide a free Wi-Fi connection with constant high speeds, your property will instantly become more appealing to remote workers; the value of strong Wi-Fi cannot be overstated.

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Make Special Price for Long-Term Rates

Unlike short-term renters who are only wanting to go away for the weekend, most remote employees are looking for holiday properties that provide longer stays. This is due to the fact that remote employees prefer to stay in one location for a longer length of time. It’s time to create a long-term stay package of your exclusive villas in Bali to attract the attentions of remote professionals. 

Create Inspiring Itineraries for the Work-Vacationers Around the Bali Holiday Villas

Creating experiences with the visitor in mind is an important aspect of presenting your resort as a worthy working vacation or flex-cation location. Because many activities and attractions have been halted or curtailed owing to government rules, your package or landing page should focus on those that are still open and available. Find out what is still open in your region, then provide experiences and one-of-a-kind chances to attract people to remain with you, such as a breakdown of local restaurants they could appreciate for takeaway orders if they are not available for in-house dining.