Achieve Sustainable Architecture in Bali

Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways you can make your own villa. And with the many kinds of technology that’s available now, a sustainable and eco-friendly house can be easily built. If you want to have some inspiration for your next sustainable building development in Bali, here are some ideas that may inspire your next architecture project in Bali.

Wooden houses with traditional architecture

wooden houses is sustainable because it can be recycled and have high insulation
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The main advantages of creating a wooden house are the quick construction period and the excellent insulation provided by the raw materials. Furthermore, due to their flexibility, wooden structures are earthquake resistant and environmentally benign, as they are almost entirely recyclable. Wooden houses are non-permanent structures that are an excellent choice for leasehold title land plots. It is feasible to disassemble the house and move it to a new place after your land lease expires. What’s great is that wood is a great insulation for your home. So you don’t need to add more insulation to your house and can save power for air conditioning that’s used for the house. Wooden house with many style of architecture is common in Bali so definitely theres a lot of inspiration to choose

Using solar panel as source of electricity

Solar power systems use the sun as a source of energy to convert it to electricity. Installing solar panels on your buildings may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because we’re not taking electricity from the power plan. Currently, electricity is traditionally made by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are used to generate power, toxic gasses are released, which are the leading source of air pollution and global climate change. Fossil fuels is limited so it can be used forever, beside that the process of extracting it is bad not environmentally. Because of that price may raise and in a short time. You can also make your electric bill cheaper or even not paying for electricity. In Bali your roof is exposed to sunshine almost all year long, so you can maximise the architecture for your house to accomodate the solar panel with ease.

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Recycling the water in your house

There are some water that you can recycle in your house, like the greywater. Which is used water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines that has been gently filtered. It’s not water that’s been in contact with feces, whether from the toilet or from diaper cleaning. Dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning chemicals may be found in greywater. While greywater maybe considered filthy or dirty by people, it is a harmless and even helpful source of irrigation water for a lawn. Greywater can also be reused for flushing toilets, and in washing machines.

Another simple ways of reducing the usage of water is to store rainwater which provide cleaner water than greywater but doesn’t have consistent supply for it. But still can be a great way to reduce clean water consumption in your buildings. Make sure to also consult your architect in Bali because installing it require proper planning.

Waterless Skincare is On the Rise and Here’s Why You Need to Know It

Waterless Skincare is On the Rise and Here’s Why You Need to Know It

If you look at the ingredient list of any skincare or personal care product in your bathroom cabinet, ‘aqua’ is almost always listed first. Water has been used in the formulation of beauty and grooming products for decades. It aids in application, hydration, texture, and the dissolution of water-soluble actives (such as vitamin C) so they can work more effectively on your skin. It’s also a low-cost ingredient. The majority of water-based goods include up to 70% H2O. So, why does waterless skincare suddenly become the new center of attention in beauty industry?

Waterless Skincare Answers to Sustainability Issue

With one-quarter of the world’s population now experiencing severe water scarcity and consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, more and more beauty firms are developing novel ways to make more sustainable goods. Waterless, water-free, or anhydrous beauty is a term coined in South Korea to describe skincare and cosmetic products that are made without the use of water. In the place of water, these skincare products use a variety of butters, oils, or waxes, as well as oil-soluble actives. 

Reduce the Amount of Synthetic Preservatives

Water breeds bacteria—it’s the basic science. So, most water-based skincare needs to be loaded with high amounts of synthetic preservatives like parabens to make them last longer. They want their skincare to last in the factory, the shipping, and during its time in the store until it reach your hand. That is why you’ll see many forms of parabens like methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparabe, or other preservatives like triclosan, phenoxyethanol, or formaldehyde listed on your skincare. In most circumstances, a waterless product can be kept with more natural or environmentally friendly preservatives.

Reducing the Packaging and Carbon Footprint

Reducing the Packaging and Carbon Footprint
Reusable bottle and skincare tablet from MONO

More beauty companies are starting to roll out “waterless” or “water-free” products as a possible solution to this problem. As a result, powder-based cleansers that transform into foam when activated in the shower are replacing liquid face washes and shampoos. 

Not only do these items minimise total water usage, but they also reduce packing, lowering the amount of fuel required to transport things to their final destinations. The fact that they’re also enjoyable to use and pack in a carryon is an added plus. 

Because there is no water in the formulations, the package is smaller and consists of much less materials. According to the sustainable beauty expert, lighter, smaller packaging minimises transportation weight and space, lowering overall carbon footprint.

With these, a number of sustainable and eco-conscious skincare industry are formulating a breakthrough waterless organic skincare like skincare tablets that you can dissolve with readily available water at home, shower-activated shampoo powder, solid face cleanser bar, vitamin C powder, and other brilliant breakthroughs.

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No Water, More in Packaging

With waterless products, you can get more in one shipping. MONO’s skincare tablet can send you three to ten water-soluble tablets in one shipping along with their reusable glass bottle. As one tablet can last for a month, imagine having ten months worth of skincare just in one shipping. This alone can greatly reduce your packaging waste and carbon footprint! The Susteau’s water-activated powder shampoo is equivalent to four bottles of liquid shampoo. Another example, the Ethique’s in the Buff’s vegan conditioner bar is equivalent to five bottles of liquid conditioner. So, just imagine how many unnecessary packaging you can reduce just by switching to waterless beauty products! 

Exercises and Approaches To Help You Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

There’s still a lot of people who thought that entrepreneur doesn’t have to be creative because creativity is a skill required in team creative. Entrepreneurs just need to have leadership quality and financial knowledge. However, that’s not true at all. In fact, creativity and entrepreneurship should come hand-in-hand. Creativity is one of the most powerful tools for entrepreneur to gain success. It powers innovation, creates new perspectives, as well as finds solutions to every problems. It also allows you to transcend any boundaries so you will be able to face any challenge. 

Sharpening your entrepreneurial creativity 

Creativity is not a finite resource. It is something you should enhance because the more you use it, the more you have. It is not born either. It is almost similar to how muscle works. If you work your muscles regularly and properly, they will become stronger and productive. Thus, you need to do something to enhance your creativity to prevent it from becoming dull. Here are several exercises and approaches you can try to sharpen your creativity:


Try intense hand-eye coordination exercise

It is said to help your neurological networks stretch as well as re-energize. Use your hands to work in something. Don’t feel discouraged just because you think you are not good at at. You can try drawing, painting, or sculpting. Let your hand exercise in a way it can help help you create neural connection. Your creative leaps will be triggered gradually. It will lead you to regain power to innovate better.

Try meditation

This is a good way for you to empty your mind and free from all the fogs blocking your way of thinking. Meditation allows you to brainstorm, think, as well as dream. Those where you will find something. Remember that creativity often comes out of relaxing environment. Thus, meditation is worth to try. However, keep in mind that there are many types of meditation. Choose the one that fits you the most. 

Go analog and unplug yourself from modern devices once in a while

Modern devices make everything easier which in result require you to deliver minimum function. However, it only makes you think simply and limits your creativity. Thus, you can try doing mundane household chores such as washing clothes by hands, ironing, doing dishes, etc. Those are simple exercises but impactful. Even if it’s for an hour a day, it will help free your mind to wander. As the result, it will help increase creative thoughts. 

Enjoy and appreciate the other’s creativity

You can go see a movie, visit a museum, read a novel, attend music concert, etc. During the process of enjoying and appreciating the other’s works, your mind will be able to analyze things deeply. You will also see things in different perspectives. It is also good to make a point of the other’s creativity in decision-making. You can also take notes on everything comes in mind. Journal will help you settle your mind so you can sort through ideas and options for your business. 

See the Signs of the Best Tattoo in Bali

There’s many thing to consider when it come to tattoo. Cause we all want to have the best tattoo, whether you get it in Bali or in any other part of the world. So does a good tattoo actually means? How could differ a good tattoo from the bad ones? It’s not only about preferences and styles. This is about fine qualities that makes even a simple tattoo stand out to the ordinary eyes. 

Knowledge of good quality tattoo would actually benefits you as a customer. Because asking for portfolios of a tattoo artist would mean nothing if you can’t analyse the quality of their tattoo. Here, we would get into details about what makes a good tattoo. 

First Sign of the Best Tattoo in Bali: Line Quality

You should be easily tell the best tattoo the bad ones from the line quality alone. `because tattoo lining would make the back bone for the tattoo itself, it needs to be drawn in best quality possible. If the line work is poor, the entire quality of the tattoo will turn into crap. 

You could tell that a tattoo line is good if it’s sharp, bold, and have consistent thickness. From the start to the end, the lines should be looking smooth and crisp. A tattoo is bad if the inking of the line bleeds. Consequently, you will see rough lines with bluish edge, indicating that the ink of the lines spread under the skin. 

See the Signs of the Best Tattoo in Bali

Smooth Shading

You could say that you are seeing one of the best tattoo in Bali if it has smooth shading across the entire piece. Transition between lighter and darker color should go seamlessly. Good shading also brings out real dimension of depth to the skin. 

Good Coloring Decision and Consistent Saturation

It’s not the job of the tattoo artists to determine the color of the tattoo. You will have full freedom to design and pick up the colours. But it’s the artist’s job to let you know which color would last and which would fade faster. The best tattoo shop in Bali should also tell you which colour that will look best when blend together. 

Also, s good coloring work should show that the colours travel all the way to the edge of the line. There should be no missing spot where a patch of the skin is showing out on the coloured areas. Colours should be vibrant and do not fell out. Whether it’s a black and grey or colourful tattoo, you should see bold colour that gives the life to the tattoo. A perfect colouring would also bring perfect saturation. That means the colour stays consistent though out the area with no choppy spots. No area is bolder than the other unless intended. 

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Proper Scaling and Spacing

You can have perfect lining, shading, and colouring, but still not having the best tattoo in Bali if your tattoo is poor in proportion. Your tattoo artist should understand that our skin is constantly changing, growing, and getting recycled. That means parts of the drawing could go closer to each other overtime. A good tattoo should leave enough rooms from one details to another. Each details should be scaled properly, so it’ll look good in the eyes. 

Hammock is Nothing Short of Revolutionary, What Do You Say?

Hammock has its very own cult following. A dedicated fan-base, these community of people exclaiming their love for their hammocks and hammock camping were even more apparent these days in the last decade or so.

A lot of manufacturers started appearing to fulfill the needs of these hammock enthusiasts.

While it may not overthrow the existence of a conventional tent altogether, it stands true that some people simply would not camp without a hammock. An occult following and its growing users are the reasons why hammocks are here to stay.

No sleeping bag can be as comfortable as a hammock

Sleeping comfort on a hammock

Very few, if any, ground setup can beat the comfort of sleeping on a hammock.

The ground setting  does not provide a very good base when it comes to comfort in the first place. This is especially a problem when the grounds are especially challenging.

Rocks, for example, could make camping in a tent completely torturous. And sleeping bags would only lessen that by the slightest bit.

Regardless of the ground surface, your comfort is not compromised

There are virtually countless of grounds that are not campers’ friendly. In places that are rocky, it can be virtually impossible to set up a tent or any kind of ground setup.

Hammocks are not limited by this. Find two trees that are decently spaced and safe to hang your hammock on, then you’re all set.

The feeling of hanging in a hammock for resting is so much more comfortable compared to sleeping on the ground with compromising ground state.

Hammock camping setups are extremely lightweight

Even though you’re bringing your full hammock camping gear, your setup is still going to be much lighter compared to the minimum setup of a tent camp.

This is one of the most attractive qualities of a hammock compared to the more traditional camping by using tent.

Sleeping in a hammock is a learned behavior

Adjusting is always the most challenging part of hammock camping. Most of us are not used to sleeping while bent over, and to some people, this may create a discomfort.

It takes some intuitive fiddling around on the hammock.

Keep on adjusting and readjusting your positions until you get the best out of your hammock and feel the most comfortable. But once you have passed this, you’re going to enjoy hammock camping like you’ve never been.

Comfort depends on how you’re lying down

There are types of hammocks that allow you to lie down in a flatter position. However, it stands true that you will not be able to lie completely flat like you are in your own bed even when you’re in the flattest hammock type.

As mentioned previously, sleeping in a hammock is something that needs to be learned.

There’s going to be trial and error for certain.

However, once you have mastered your art of sleeping comfortably in a hammock, you’re going to be able to enjoy hammocking to the fullest. You won’t be able to go back sleeping on the ground with a sleeping bag.