How to Implement Hotel’s 5 Star Experience in Your Bali Villas

How to Implement Hotel’s 5 Star Experience in Your Bali Villas

Hotels aren’t the only popular option for lodging and accommodations when planning a vacation to Bali or even a staycation. Short-term holiday rentals are frequently chosen by travelers for their stays. Guests who are planning to stay for some weeks or months in Bali especially would be more likely to consider staying in villas rather than hotel, since villas gives them more freedom to cook and save more budget. 

In addition to that, vacation rentals can often provide desired facilities that a hotel just cannot. To name a few features, there is a full kitchen, various bedrooms, and plenty of space and solitude. When done right, vacation rentals combine all of the comforts of home with the excitement of a new location where some of the best memories can be built. There’s a lot to learn from great hotels as vacation rental owners. You, too, can provide a five-star vacation rental experience by applying some of their tactics.

Here are eight things luxurious hotels do that vacation rental owners can try and copy. 

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Some of the world’s most exclusive hotels have built a reputation for making guests feel special.

One significant customization approach used by premium hotels is addressing guests by their name from the minute they check in or even when they make their reservation. The simplest approach to make someone feel important is to address them by their name, demonstrating that they are more than just a room number.

Interacting with visitors in your vacation rental Bali can be considerably more intimate and personal than at a huge hotel. Using the guests’ names to start or end a talk can make them feel like they’re speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. Overall, it makes everything more personable and welcoming. 

Simplify Your Check-In

Aiming for quick, friendly, and stress-free check-in and check-out processes is another method hotels provide five-star service.

If you greet the guest upon check-in as part of the check-in process, you’ll have even more chances to deliver excellent service before they even walk through the door. Greeting them with a smile, addressing their inquiries, maintaining eye contact, and giving them a tour of the house makes them feel wanted and welcomed. A genuine and friendly face is always appreciated after a long day of travel.

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Personalise Guests’ Vacation in Your Bali Villas

Engaging the guest in conversation and obtaining some personal information throughout the reservation process can also assist you in providing five-star service. Asking why they’re coming, who they’ll be with, and whether they’ll be celebrating anything special provides you the chance to personalize their vacation before they arrive.

In the Honeymoon Suite, hotels frequently place strawberries, champagne, and roses, or balloons and a modest gift for a youngster celebrating their birthday. It’s simple for vacation rental owners to follow suit.

A modest gesture may go a long way, and guests will always appreciate a kind host — and it will show in their review! 

Greet the Guests with Sweet Welcoming Gifts

Greet the Guests with Sweet Welcoming Gifts
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All guests love free stuffs! And making good first impression can go a long way! Some hotels go above beyond provide guests with complementary travel-size bottles of sunscreen or bug spray, while others provide complimentary coffee or even a small box of chocolate!

Give your guests a welcome gift in your vacation rental that includes items such as travel-sized toiletries, tea, pizza delivery coupons, or pool toys if your Bali villa has swimming pool. 

You can also include some thoughtful products like cell phone chargers and eye masks to earn additional brownie points. As a result, the guest may feel as if they’ve hit the lottery by renting your house. 

Give A Simple Welcoming Letter to the Guests

Get some flowers and greens from the nearby grocery store before your visitors come. The blossoms add liveliness to the environment and are always appreciated as an extra touch. The live florals demonstrate our attention to detail and concern for the property as well as their stay. Finally, provide a simple personalized welcome message expressing how delighted we are to host them and encouraging them to contact us if they require any assistance.

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Give Guests A Local Guide to Explore the Area

Place a book on the front entry table so it is the first thing our visitors notice when they come in.

It contains information on the house, phone numbers for any emergency, special codes and passwords, information about the neighborhood, and a list of our favorite places to dine and activities to do in the vicinity. 

If your villa is located in Canggu, you can give them a guide on surfing beaches around Batu Bolong and Berawa as well as trendiest cafe around. If it’s a Ubud villa resort, you can give them insight on best yoga studio or must-try vegan restaurant around Ubud. 

Finding “non-touristy” things to do, as well as how and where they will spend their time, is one of the most difficult challenges for tourists. Have a big list of suggestions, including restaurants, unique stores in the area, outdoor excursions, day trips, activities, local events, and more. To make it a true vacation, try to cover all the details so that our guests don’t have to worry about anything.

Get in Touch with Your Guests during Their Stay

Get in Touch with Your Guests during Their Stay

Some families prefer to come at holiday rentals in Bali, check in, and then disappear. Others, on the other hand, want to sit down with you and pick your brain about all of your local expertise, favorite dinner spots, and so on. Interaction with visitors is contingent on both parties’ levels of comfort. It’s crucial, however, to check in with your visitors at least once or twice while they’re staying with you.

Checking in with your guests, even via a note in the mailbox or a casual text or phone call will ensure they know you care about their stay. If they do have a question or concern, they’ll feel able to drop you a line and for you.

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Send Thank You Email & Encourage Them to Review

This feedback is critical to the hotel’s growth and success, since it allows management to understand what they’re doing well and where they can improve.

Why not apply the same principles to your holiday rental?

Unlike hotels, which receive hundreds of these every day, you have the advantage of being able to answer to each one individually.

Get personable with your correspondence, incorporating everything you learned about the guest, addressing any concerns they may have had, and remembering to ask them back. Luxury hotels are experts at email marketing, and you should be too. You can stay relevant in your guests’ eyes and maybe motivate them by providing unique bargains and information to past guests via email.