Keeping Your Bali Villas Prime: A Thorough Maintenance Tips

Keeping Your Bali Villas Prime- A Thorough Maintenance Tips

Many people’s dreams of owning a vacation house or condo in Bali can soon become a challenge if they don’t know how to properly maintain the property while living far away. You want your Bali villas neat and clean even when you are not in the island. No guests want to stay at a dirty villa with flimsy sheets and cockroach-invested corners. Adopting a few preventative measure can keep your vacation home in great form and guarantee that it will always be tidy and welcoming, giving you years of delight.

The maintenance requirements of your villa are influenced by its age, location, use type, frequency, and building materials. Naturally, a property that is rented out full-time will require different maintenance than one that is only used sometimes for your own holidays or for weekly or weekend rentals. So here we will go through some of the most useful practical tips to keep.

General Bali Villas Inspections

Make sure to thoroughly inspect the home, taking note of any pertinent problems, following each visit. Verify all of the locks and bolts on the windows, doors, gates, and other potential entry points. Hinges on doors and windows need to be oiled frequently.

The Plumbing System

Check to see that the plumbing system in your Bali villa is in good working order and is free of leaks. It is preferable to take care of it before your visitors become uncomfortable. Regularly inspect the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets to ensure that they have not been left running by prior guests.


Make sure all electronics are unplugged from the socket and switched off to prevent any unintended accidents.

The Living Room

The Living Room

The living room includes a lot of furniture that needs to be carefully inspected. The sofas should be vacuumed, and any potentially stain-causing objects should be checked behind the cushions. It is best to cover them when your house is empty to prevent them from becoming stale and dusty.

The Kitchen

The kitchen requires more upkeep because it is the area that visitors utilize the most. Many kitchen appliances could be broken as a result of inappropriate usage. I have to double check every piece of equipment and fix it if any damage is discovered. Eliminate all types of stains and markings from the floor and walls. Additionally, look over your cutlery and crockery, replace any that are missing, and take out any that are broken because they won’t leave a good impression on your new guests.

The Bedroom

The Bedroom

Keep your bedroom feel like a luxurious Bali villa for the upcoming booking. Clean your sheets after making the bed. Upgrade worn-out pillows and linens. If there are stains, turn your mattresses over and replace them. After a predetermined amount of time, replace the linen and towels. Keep the pillows and bedsheets clean and dry-cleaned on a regular basis to keep a high standard of cleanliness. To let fresh air in, open the closet and dresser doors.

The Exterior

On the inside and outside of the house, search for any indications of deterioration, such as cracks or faded paint. If you find any, you must have them fixed right once to prevent more significant and expensive damage. Once the cracks are fixed, get the wall painted straight away because visitors are often turned off by a wall that looks low-maintenance but actually requires frequent repairs.

If you have a garden or a lawn, keep it groomed, clear away any dried leaves, and prune the trees and bushes. Maintaining a clean roof is important because accumulated dried leaves can clog drain pipes and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your property during the rainy season.

Don’t Forget Your Pool

The availability of private pool in your Bali villas is meant to make your house more appealing, but a filthy pool could be unsightly and unsanitary. Cover your pool with an enclosure while not in use, and remove it and thoroughly clean it before inviting new guests.