Preparing Your Private Villa Ubud As Holiday Rental: A First Timer Guide


The popularity of Ubud is growing ever since Julia Robert’s Eat Pray & Love movie booms, and the amount of curious travelers visiting this cultural town never dwindle ever since. All this travelers needed a home to stay. If you have a private villa in Ubud that’s ready for guests, here’s how you should prepare it right, make it stand out, and meet guests’ expectation.

Preparing Your Villa Ubud As Holiday Rental A First Timer Guide

Make Sure Your Private Villa Ubud is Easy to Find

We know many owners of private villa in Ubud that take pride in being secluded from the city lives. While this gives a blissful seclusion and upmost privacy, sometimes it’s also means that the villa is located far from the roads and needs more than Google map to be found. Before guests come, it’s good to send them the exact location and detailed guide thorough email. Keep in mind that your guest is in unfamiliar territory and may be experiencing jet lag. If you don’t have B&B signage, draw attention to the entrance with an eye-catching feature or bright colors.

Make it simple to locate the keys and gain access to the front door so that your visitors may get a head start on their stay. Make your house number stand out with a bright color or put something striking that helps your property to be recognized from afar.

Keep House’s Keys Visible but Safe

The most common reason that hosts are contacted is for keys. However, there is nothing more frustrating than being a willing host but being thousands of miles away from the property. Guests will be at ease if the property is secure – and if there is a routine for entering and exiting the property. Encourage guests to leave their keys in the lockbox whenever they leave the house so they don’t lose them.

A Dedicated Spot to Unwind at the Private Villa Ubud

A Dedicated Spot to Unwind at the Private Villa Ubud

Holiday visitors are usually in a laid-back mood, searching for areas to wander and rest. After all, the purpose of the holidays is to provide much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Provide a feature chair in a cozy nook in the bedroom or a peaceful corner of the living room with a stack of books nearby. Even the tiniest of visitors will return for more.

Stock the Kitchen with Basic Essentials

If you go grocery shopping frequently, you know how easy it is to forget to replace staples like oil, salt, and pepper that have run out. Your visitors will appreciate not having to worry about carrying or purchasing basic groceries while on vacation. Make a list of everything your guests will need to cook. Before each visit, a checklist will remind you to replenish the salt and dishwashing detergent.

Stock Up the Dining Essentials

Don’t forget the dining sets: the plates, mugs, wine glasses, knives, spoon, forks, and knife. Also, match the dining sets to the maximum number guests at your private villa Ubud. If you advertise that your property can sleep up to eight people, you’ll need eight of everything, including mugs, glasses, knives, and forks. This may seem apparent, but in the bustle and excitement of getting a house ready, we see that it’s one of the most ignored things by a villa owner.

Prioritise Comfort in the Bedroom

Prioritise Comfort in the Bedroom

Every guest wants a nice night’s sleep, but you must strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Overstuffed pillows and opulent bedlinen are costly and difficult to clean after each guest’s stay. A neutral duvet cover with a mid- to upper-quality duvet inner and, at a minimum, two high-loft pillows are the best choices. Stained duvet inners are not acceptable. Look for specials and buy a new, fresh-smelling duvet inner, as well as sheets and duvets that you exclusively use for visitors.

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Lots of Clothes Hangers

How many private villa owners overlooked clothes hangers? This small yet important feature will be very well-appreciated by your guests. Your guests will be able to hang their clothes, especially if you are in a metropolis and they require formal or professional attire. Hooks or hangers don’t have to be pricey if you don’t have access to a wardrobe or don’t have the funds or space to install one. Make a statement in a room with old-school hooks or an eclectic collection of different hanging pieces.