Tips For Creating A Strong Company Culture

Tips For Creating A Strong Company Culture
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Company culture is one of the most important thing you need to establish when running a business. Company culture is how an organization and its employees behave. It is defined by several core elements such as shared values, perceptions, visions, and behaviors among the organization. Company culture is also about how team members and leaders treat each other within an organization. Identifying strong company culture is relatively easy but can be challenging to build. 

How to create strong company culture successfully

Your company culture is based on the actions of everyone within your organization. However, there must be someone or some people who are in charge of maintaining it. It is important to implement techniques and approaches that will engage and retain the best employees, and here are several tips for that:

Identify your core values

To establish core values, you need to think of what type of values you might be known for the most. Choose those that resonate with you before communicating it with the rest of your team. The core values you choose should align with vision statement and mission of your company. Your core values should be baked into the processes of every team and department to make them readily apparent. 

Promote personal development and success

Create a positive company culture that promotes personal development and success. It is when your company culture focuses more on individual talent and goals in order to keep your employees happy and inspired. Keep your employees engaged so they are more motivated to perform effectively and efficiently. Be more supportive of your employees on personal level to encourage their personal growth. 

Make your employees a priority

To create a strong company culture, you need to make your employees a priority. Invest in their well-being and treat teach employee equally. Take care of your employees and respect them. Your employees are human beings who also have their own personal lives outside their work. Do not pressure them to stay late or work overtime. Also, avoid contacting the outside work hours so they can work more efficiently during their work hours. Encourage them to establish work-life balance. 

Practice effective communication

Strong relationships will last if open communication is the foundation. In business and within an organization, it is important to establish open communication to avoid potential issues. Involve and inform your employees when making major company decision. By practicing, effective, open communication your employees will be feeling confident to speak up. Hence, be clear about your expectations and information your employees should know. 

Promote core values

After establishing the core values, promote them in various ways within your company. Keep the core values in mind through every task that you and your employees complete. As the leader, give examples of how to practice those core values such as encouraging teamwork, personal accountability, support, respect, honesty, hard work, education, and courage. Also, gauge feedback from your employees through various ways such as direct confrontation, surveys, or an anonymous tip box so you know what issues to address. 

What Sets A Luxury Villa Rental Apart from the Others 

What Sets A Luxury Villa Rental Apart from the Others

There is a rising demand for luxury vacation rentals, particularly from high-end digital nomads and celebrities who are looking for more exclusive, distinctive, and opulently furnished rooms to spend time with their loved ones. Not to mention having all of their needs met for the duration of their visit. The demand of luxury villa rental in Bali for a luxurious vacation will never end. More people wants to experience a luxurious getaway

High-end tourists will not spend hours perusing online travel agent; instead, they will leave it to agents, businesses, or particular luxury booking sites to hand-pick the ideal property and arrange a personalized vacation experience. The typical strategy of a short-term rental will not enough to meet the demands of today’s high-end travelers, therefore appealing to high-end passengers or high-value bookings involves optimizing marketing and distribution techniques.

So, What Really Makes A Luxury Villa Rental in Bali Different? 

In general, a vacation rental’s appearance acts as its beating heart, and we’re not talking about the knockoff furniture or false artwork that may be detected by today’s affluent guests. What distinguishes and defines a holiday rental as “luxury” in reality? Is it the huge infinity pool? The four-poster beds? 

In truth, not all things that seems opulent actually make a luxury villa rental in Bali. Consider this! Not everything about a vacation property is how it looks. While it does aid in luring high-value reservations, the three fundamental characteristics outlined below are what distinguish it from other vacation rentals.

The Sense of Being Exclusive

So, What Really Makes A Luxury Villa Rental in Bali Different?

Unique experience like no other is the key of evoking a luxury feel to your Bali villa resort. Your vacation rental needs to make a strong case for exclusivity if you want to draw in high-end visitors or high-value reservations. This means that if you are putting your luxury Bali villa for rent, you should focus on the top 1% of OTA sites rather than marketing to all of them. Consider the branded fashion industries, such as Gucci and Loui Vuitton. As opposed to generic, mass-produced products, they hand-picked their collections.

Vacation homes are no different, despite this. In order to have a really unique vacation rental experience, high-end travelers choose luxury vacation rentals over generic hotels.

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Tailored Experience

Sometimes luxury is not in the materials; it is in the experience. One way to evoke the luxury experience is by making sure guests are accommodated according to their needs. When they expect a luxury vacation, guests want to be treated like the VIP.  The the next step after considering and choosing the niche for your luxury villa Bali is to tailor and personalize the guests’ stay by learning about their wants.



If we stop to think about it, luxury travel includes both the actual property and the guest’s first-hand experience. It goes far beyond financial abundance. It is the sensation of being there, living it, and creating that moment while creating your own special trip memory.

Giving guests the means to enjoy and create memories at your luxury Bali villas, however, is what elevates you from average to spectacular. Look around your vacation home to discover what existing stories it already tells and what new ones it might be able to tell. Consider features that could serve as the basis for a story. Or what more supplementary services can you provide for your visitors to guarantee a premium experience?

How To Plan A Great Social Media Campaign

In today’s marketing strategy, social media platform has been considered one of the most effective tools to connect, communicate, and engage more with target audience. It is true that social media is useful in so many ways. However, not many people know how to use it effectively. In growing your business, social media can be such a booster to draw more customers in. Hence, engagement with target audience on social media should be nurtured properly. And here are ways you can do to improve the engagement:

Choose the right social media outlets

Before making any campaign, make sure to choose the right social media outlet. There are many different social media outlets out there but not all of them is right for your business. You need to focus on outlets that can be beneficial for your business. Social networks vary including TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Identify your target audience

After choosing the most fitted social media platforms, you need to identify your target audience. Find relevant leads based on the metrics you set such as geographic location and keywords. Finding the best leads may take time but it ensure you get engaged with high-profile people who are more likely to become customers of your brand. 

Craft your content

Content is just as powerful as any other marketing tools if you make the one that is meaningful, full of information, and relevant. It is vital that you make content that is engaging and interesting. If you don’t have time to write or make content, hore professionals who know what they are doing. Make each content as unique as possible for each social media platform you use. 

Don’t forget the hashtag

Hashtag is also important for social media campaign. It is one of the keys to reach and build your audience. By finding popular hashtag within your niche, you will be able to elevate your visibility that fit your industry and target audience. With the right hashtag, you will be easier to find by your audience. 

Use relevant, interesting elements

If you aim for more views, make sure to deliver interesting, relevant visuals on your posts. It can be interesting images that are relevant with the content. Make sure to also update your profile and cover photos from time to time. You may implement videos to get even more engagement. Make sure that the video is in good quality. 

Be responsive

To get the best outcomes from social media campaign, you need to be responsive when it comes to your audience since they expect you to listen and respond to them as fast as possible. If not, they will easily move to another brand that respond better and quicker. 

Be inviting

Make your social media handle a welcoming place for your audience to engage more. Give a reason for people to follow your social media handle. Also, customize information to match your audience. Don’t send out repetitive monotonous automated messages to everyone since it is not the most effective ways to engage with them. 

How To Build Amazing Concrete Villa in Bali?

Concrete villas can be built to withstand extreme weather, rising heating and cooling costs, and increased noise pollution. Concrete has numerous options for villa design. Since it is the structure material not the style, concrete buildings are not limited in how they appear. Furthermore, owners of a concrete villa typically save money on their insurance policy due to fire resistance alone.

Amazing Concrete Villa in Bali with swimming pool

Concrete Villa Construction Advantages

  • Outside noise has been significantly reduced.
  • Fire resistance
  • Capable of preventing damage from both subterranean and dry wood termites.
  • Stronger than wood framing and resistant to wind-blown debris

HVAC loads are reduced because their continuous wall assemblies reduce air infiltration and have higher levels of insulation built-in.

Concrete can incorporate recycled content into the mix, gaining additional support from those who want to build green.

Concrete Building System Types

Concrete building systems are classified into five categories: concrete blocks, ICFs (insulating concrete forms), removable forms, panel systems, and autoclaved aerated concrete.

Blocks of Concrete

The well-known rectangular blocks are traditional building material and the most widely used concrete building system, where they provide an affordable hurricane defense. For cost-effective results, today’s concrete blocks work with improved insulation and building techniques.

Pros and cons of concrete building

Pros: Sturdy in high-wind areas; familiar product for local crews and local code officials; and a modular product that allows homes to be designed in standard dimensions reducing construction waste.

Cons: Regional preferences may make this product not as readily accepted in some parts; the standard dimensional aspects of blocks may mean that some of the more exotic home designs will take more time and may impact the productivity of construction crews.

Removable Forms

Insulation and reinforcing steel are installed inside removable wall forms made of aluminum, wood, or steel in this system. Concrete is then poured into the forms. The forms are removed after the concrete has been cured.

Best for: Villas in high wind areas, especially with designs that employ concrete floors, ceilings and walls.

Cons & Pros

Pros: Exterior and interior walls can be poured at the same time; concrete interior walls can be textured or furred out for drywall; wind-resistant; exterior walls can be made to look like brick or textured paint.

Cons: Due to regional preferences and familiarity with this system, it may not be as widely available in some areas.

Panel Structures

Precast concrete and tilt-up concrete are the two types of panel systems. The exterior walls of a home with rough openings are produced at a concrete plant using precast. Foam insulation is applied, steel reinforcing is embedded, and electric wiring is installed. The panels are delivered to the job site, lifted by cranes, and secured to the foundation and to one another.

This method necessitated a relatively open site that could accommodate tilting the walls into place. The walls are connected to the rest of the structure once they are properly positioned.

Best for Contemporary villas in flat-site open settings.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Manufacturing in a factory ensures a high level of quality that is unaffected by job site conditions and weather; wind-resistant; quick set-up possible if site is properly prepared for either system; both systems can accommodate curved panels; on-site system eliminates the cost of transporting panels.

Cons: Precast plant accessibility may limit availability; tilt-up option works best with large, flat, open sites; the site must be large enough to accommodate large cranes.

Concrete Construction Costs

Concrete systems are initially more expensive. On average, typical concrete systems add three to five percent to the cost of a home.

When comparing relative costs, it is critical to compare apples to apples. Costs are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Concrete costs in your area
  • The cost of a concrete system in your area
  • Local labor costs
  • Local marketplace competitiveness
  • The crew’s experience
  • Residence design
  • Building regulations in your area

Boost Your Conversion Rates By Improving Customer Service

Boost Your Conversion Rates By Improving Customer Service

High conversion rate is what every business aims. However, you need to remember that it comes from various efforts. And one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is by improving your customer service. There is a strong connection between those two. The better you treat your customers, the more willing they are to purchase from you. 

Improve customer service to boost conversion rate

There have been many studies and reports that showed how companies that invested heavily in customer service achieved average conversion rate higher than their competition that less care about customer service. And here are ways you can improve your customer service and boost your conversion rates in return:

Invest in your customer service team

Make sure that you give proper training for your representatives in customer service department. Hence, they know how to provide excellent customer service all the time. A proper training at communication and social skills help them to handle customers with care and attention. Keep them at the top of their game by compensating them well. Maintain reasonable workloads and provide them functional service tools. Also provide more opportunities to grow and enhance their skills.

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Keep customers’ efforts to minimum

Customers will be easily leaving a brand that put them in so much works just to purchase a product. Hence, make sure that to minimize their efforts and make their buying experience as frictionless as possible. Provide the tools that will help them get excellent buying experience. Create an effective page that offers support across your business platform. No matter what type of platform your customers use to interact with you, make it as convenient as possible. Build a system that make a seamless experience for every customer. 

Demonstrate a true understanding of your customers

Many customers feel like they are only cared for for their potential buying. Hence, they don’t have that connection with the brand that treat them so. Thus, it is important for you to build strong connection by taking it to another level. Demonstrate a true understanding of your customers and make them feel like you get them, that you are on their side. Advocate for them and let them know that your concern for them is genuine. Do it via your branding as well as your actions. You can provide unique resources that suit your customer’s issue. Or, you can simply help them feel more understood and appreciated. 

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Ask feedback

Feedback is very essential for you to improve your customer service. And you can proactively asking for it from your customers after every purchase. You can also send out simple and easy surveys to know how they are feeling of your products, services, or brand in general. Once they give their feedback, make sure to listen to them. Respond to them proactively and let them know that you are working for an improvement. Also, give positive respond to any customer’s experience and let them know they are appreciated. The more invested you are in providing better customer service, the more loyal they become.

Should You Allow 1 Night Stay at Your Seminyak Villa Bali? 

1 Night Stay at Your Seminyak Villa Bali 1

Seminyak is known for its beautiful cafes, boutique shops, fashionable bars, and high-end shopping choices. When you add in a fantastic stretch of sandy beach and some opulent hotels, villas, and spas, Seminyak is always busy with Bali cultures mixed with vibrant coastal lifestyle, and this area a must-see for everyone visiting Bali. This is why Seminyak is very lucrative for villa and vacation rental business. In regard to this busy area, should villa owners allow one night stay at their Seminyak property or should they apply strict minimum stay requirements? Here we will discuss all the benefits and loss of the minimum staying policy. 

Why Minimum Stay is Generally Recommended for Villas in Bali

The short-term rental sector relies heavily on minimum stay regulations for vacation rentals. They can even be useful in some situations. Some vacation rental owners and managers utilize them to give their cleaning and maintenance personnel a break in between stays.

However, relying on minimum stay rules to make more money and maintain high occupancy may cause more harm than good—in ways you may not realize. Vacation rental minimum stay requirements are a significant aspect of your total revenue and occupancy plan when utilized in conjunction with dynamic rates.

Some hosts are partial to the three-day policy. Others favor week-long (or even month-long) stays. And still more tout the benefits of a one-night minimum. Depending on your market and hosting style, it may truly make sense to simply “set it and forget it.” Find something that works, and run with it.

However, we’ve discovered that a little tweaking goes a long way. Hosts of seminyak villas for rent that are proactive in adjusting their minimum night stay policy in response to market demand, seasonality, and forthcoming events can realize significant monthly revenue gains.

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What Does Allowing 1 Night Stay Brings Into the Table for You?

Helps You With Gap Nights

Though generating a lot of revenue, long stays also result in “gap nights”, which are nights between bookings that are unable to be booked because they are less than the minimum. For example, if you have two 7-night stays with a 5-night gap between them and a 7-night minimum, the 5th night will be unavailable. It won’t show up on Airbnb (or other vacation rental listings you are on), let alone your own website. You can enhance the occupancy of your Seminyak vacation rental by permitting a shorter minimum during the gap. Otherwise, it’s revenue that can’t be booked.

Help Increase Occupancy in Your Villa Seminyak

One method of increasing occupancy and revenue that is sometimes ignored. Lower prices that comes with 1 night stay booking have the potential to increase sales to your villa Seminyak Bali. Here’s how you may use minimum stays to boost occupancy and income while also delivering a pleasant surprise!

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Helps You With the Cleaning

You can stay on top of cleaning with overnighters. While this may seem like a hassle, it ensures that your Seminyak private villas are always clean. One-night stays may work for you if you live on site or are able to clean yourself and are willing to replace the beds, clean the entire facility, and so on on a regular basis.

Making Successful Sales via Phone Calls

There are many ways you can reach out to your customers, and one of the most common strategies is via phone call. Even with the advance of the technology, phone calls are still vital for business to make sales. This kind of telemarketing can lead to successful sales if you know what you are doing. When you are on the phone with potential customers, you have to make the most of it without being annoying or too pushy for them. 

Successful telemarketing tips for successful sales

sales call

During a phone call with your customer, you carry the weight of your brand. It is not easy to do and that is probably why many companies decide to outsource their outbound marketing service instead. It is pretty challenging to do but it is possible that you do it successfully by yourself. And here are several useful tips for successful telemarketing for you to consider:

Consider outbound or inbound telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is not something uncommon in business. It is the practice of cold calling potential customers to educate then on specific service or product. The purpose is to convince them to make a purchase of it. To do this outbound telemarketing, a caller usually has script already in hand to help them respond to the clients accordingly. 

Aside from outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing is also a vital part of telemarketing campaign. In inbound telemarketing, the sales team receive calls that come in. Meanwhile, outbound telemarketing focuses more on cold calling. 

Be confident 

Your confidence is key to successful phone calls with potential clients or customers. When you are being confident, you show your authenticity of your brand. You should do it with great sense of authority by being bold, and avoid any hints of hesitations or fears. 

Establish natural tone

be natural when making a call

Most telemarketers are trained to follow the script religiously but it makes them almost like they are not human but an AI. It is a must to speak in natural tone to create more comfortable conversation where customers feel appreciated and listened. Maintain a human tone even if you follow a script. 

Avoid making assumption

Be willing to listen to your customers attentively and comprehensively. Make sure you understand what they are trying to convey and do not assume. Do not put your opinions before your customers. Listen to customers until they finish before you give proper respond. This way, you will know what to offer to your customers that fit their concerns or issues. 

Make interesting conversation

To keep them pay attention to what you are saying, make the conversation as interesting as possible. Avoid verbal tics such as ah or oh. Always use meaningful words that provide solid support to your logic and easy for customers to understand. 

Watch your speech rate

It is pretty common for telemarketers to speak too fast. Avoid this by speaking slowly to let customers catch your words properly. Don’t make a habit of speaking too fast and try to cut down your speech rate by 20 to 30 percent.

Achieve Sustainable Architecture in Bali

Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways you can make your own villa. And with the many kinds of technology that’s available now, a sustainable and eco-friendly house can be easily built. If you want to have some inspiration for your next sustainable building development in Bali, here are some ideas that may inspire your next architecture project in Bali.

Wooden houses with traditional architecture

wooden houses is sustainable because it can be recycled and have high insulation
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The main advantages of creating a wooden house are the quick construction period and the excellent insulation provided by the raw materials. Furthermore, due to their flexibility, wooden structures are earthquake resistant and environmentally benign, as they are almost entirely recyclable. Wooden houses are non-permanent structures that are an excellent choice for leasehold title land plots. It is feasible to disassemble the house and move it to a new place after your land lease expires. What’s great is that wood is a great insulation for your home. So you don’t need to add more insulation to your house and can save power for air conditioning that’s used for the house. Wooden house with many style of architecture is common in Bali so definitely theres a lot of inspiration to choose

Using solar panel as source of electricity

Solar power systems use the sun as a source of energy to convert it to electricity. Installing solar panels on your buildings may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because we’re not taking electricity from the power plan. Currently, electricity is traditionally made by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are used to generate power, toxic gasses are released, which are the leading source of air pollution and global climate change. Fossil fuels is limited so it can be used forever, beside that the process of extracting it is bad not environmentally. Because of that price may raise and in a short time. You can also make your electric bill cheaper or even not paying for electricity. In Bali your roof is exposed to sunshine almost all year long, so you can maximise the architecture for your house to accomodate the solar panel with ease.

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Recycling the water in your house

There are some water that you can recycle in your house, like the greywater. Which is used water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines that has been gently filtered. It’s not water that’s been in contact with feces, whether from the toilet or from diaper cleaning. Dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning chemicals may be found in greywater. While greywater maybe considered filthy or dirty by people, it is a harmless and even helpful source of irrigation water for a lawn. Greywater can also be reused for flushing toilets, and in washing machines.

Another simple ways of reducing the usage of water is to store rainwater which provide cleaner water than greywater but doesn’t have consistent supply for it. But still can be a great way to reduce clean water consumption in your buildings. Make sure to also consult your architect in Bali because installing it require proper planning.

Hiring The Right Sales Team For Your Business To Thrive

Hiring The Right Sales Team For Your Business To Thrive

Growing small business means you need to be more thorough in choosing your team. Your finance is limited and you cannot afford making mistakes of hiring wrong people to join your sales team. More importantly, sales teams are like the face of your brand. They define your culture and brand at the same time. They are your business’s most valuable assets so hiring the right ones is a must. 

How to choose the right people to join your sales team

Recruiting and retaining people capable of optimizing your sales and reputation is indeed challenging. You need to find the right candidates with personalities that fit their skills. With the right people in your sales team, it is highly likely that your business will thrive. And here are some tips you may consider if you are in your way hiring the right people for your sales team:

Vet your candidates carefully

Be deliberate when choosing the right candidates to fill your sales team. Make sure they are someone trustworthy, passionate, flexible, and a good fit for the rest of the team. Many business owner focus more on skills than personalities. However, you need to find a good balance between skills and personalities. The impact of the bad eggs to the team is huge especially in small company. 

Choose candidates with the right values

Choose candidates with the right values

You and your business have clear vision and mission. Hence, use it to choose the right people that embody the vision, mission, as well as cultures of your company. Figure out whether or not they are strong candidates that will fit in with the sales staff you have. Choose members that will inspire better team building. As mentioned, you need to choose based on personality and skills since both are just as important. Know how your team works with the dynamics and flow they have built. Then, choose the right candidate that will be likely a good fit. 

Examine personality traits

It is pretty hard to examine someone’s personality traits just from a single interview or short conversation. Hence, you may consider team-building activities to find out the candidates’ real personality traits. Then, observe your candidates and how they interact with the team. See how they operate and you will get to see characteristics show up automatically. This is also a great way to asses compatibility within the team when they function as a unit under the guise of fun activity. 

Keep your sales team motivated and engaged

Once you build a complete team for sales department, you need to help them grow into solid team who work amazingly. The most important point is to keep them motivated and engaged. There are many ways you can do it effectively but one of the most recommended approach is by creating a friendly competition within the team. This way, you will be able to recognize each person’s strength. For example, you can divide your sales team into two group and have them compete weekly. Make sure to award the winning team. 

How to Implement Hotel’s 5 Star Experience in Your Bali Villas

How to Implement Hotel’s 5 Star Experience in Your Bali Villas

Hotels aren’t the only popular option for lodging and accommodations when planning a vacation to Bali or even a staycation. Short-term holiday rentals are frequently chosen by travelers for their stays. Guests who are planning to stay for some weeks or months in Bali especially would be more likely to consider staying in villas rather than hotel, since villas gives them more freedom to cook and save more budget. 

In addition to that, vacation rentals can often provide desired facilities that a hotel just cannot. To name a few features, there is a full kitchen, various bedrooms, and plenty of space and solitude. When done right, vacation rentals combine all of the comforts of home with the excitement of a new location where some of the best memories can be built. There’s a lot to learn from great hotels as vacation rental owners. You, too, can provide a five-star vacation rental experience by applying some of their tactics.

Here are eight things luxurious hotels do that vacation rental owners can try and copy. 

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Some of the world’s most exclusive hotels have built a reputation for making guests feel special.

One significant customization approach used by premium hotels is addressing guests by their name from the minute they check in or even when they make their reservation. The simplest approach to make someone feel important is to address them by their name, demonstrating that they are more than just a room number.

Interacting with visitors in your vacation rental Bali can be considerably more intimate and personal than at a huge hotel. Using the guests’ names to start or end a talk can make them feel like they’re speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. Overall, it makes everything more personable and welcoming. 

Simplify Your Check-In

Aiming for quick, friendly, and stress-free check-in and check-out processes is another method hotels provide five-star service.

If you greet the guest upon check-in as part of the check-in process, you’ll have even more chances to deliver excellent service before they even walk through the door. Greeting them with a smile, addressing their inquiries, maintaining eye contact, and giving them a tour of the house makes them feel wanted and welcomed. A genuine and friendly face is always appreciated after a long day of travel.

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Personalise Guests’ Vacation in Your Bali Villas

Engaging the guest in conversation and obtaining some personal information throughout the reservation process can also assist you in providing five-star service. Asking why they’re coming, who they’ll be with, and whether they’ll be celebrating anything special provides you the chance to personalize their vacation before they arrive.

In the Honeymoon Suite, hotels frequently place strawberries, champagne, and roses, or balloons and a modest gift for a youngster celebrating their birthday. It’s simple for vacation rental owners to follow suit.

A modest gesture may go a long way, and guests will always appreciate a kind host — and it will show in their review! 

Greet the Guests with Sweet Welcoming Gifts

Greet the Guests with Sweet Welcoming Gifts
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All guests love free stuffs! And making good first impression can go a long way! Some hotels go above beyond provide guests with complementary travel-size bottles of sunscreen or bug spray, while others provide complimentary coffee or even a small box of chocolate!

Give your guests a welcome gift in your vacation rental that includes items such as travel-sized toiletries, tea, pizza delivery coupons, or pool toys if your Bali villa has swimming pool. 

You can also include some thoughtful products like cell phone chargers and eye masks to earn additional brownie points. As a result, the guest may feel as if they’ve hit the lottery by renting your house. 

Give A Simple Welcoming Letter to the Guests

Get some flowers and greens from the nearby grocery store before your visitors come. The blossoms add liveliness to the environment and are always appreciated as an extra touch. The live florals demonstrate our attention to detail and concern for the property as well as their stay. Finally, provide a simple personalized welcome message expressing how delighted we are to host them and encouraging them to contact us if they require any assistance.

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Give Guests A Local Guide to Explore the Area

Place a book on the front entry table so it is the first thing our visitors notice when they come in.

It contains information on the house, phone numbers for any emergency, special codes and passwords, information about the neighborhood, and a list of our favorite places to dine and activities to do in the vicinity. 

If your villa is located in Canggu, you can give them a guide on surfing beaches around Batu Bolong and Berawa as well as trendiest cafe around. If it’s a Ubud villa resort, you can give them insight on best yoga studio or must-try vegan restaurant around Ubud. 

Finding “non-touristy” things to do, as well as how and where they will spend their time, is one of the most difficult challenges for tourists. Have a big list of suggestions, including restaurants, unique stores in the area, outdoor excursions, day trips, activities, local events, and more. To make it a true vacation, try to cover all the details so that our guests don’t have to worry about anything.

Get in Touch with Your Guests during Their Stay

Get in Touch with Your Guests during Their Stay

Some families prefer to come at holiday rentals in Bali, check in, and then disappear. Others, on the other hand, want to sit down with you and pick your brain about all of your local expertise, favorite dinner spots, and so on. Interaction with visitors is contingent on both parties’ levels of comfort. It’s crucial, however, to check in with your visitors at least once or twice while they’re staying with you.

Checking in with your guests, even via a note in the mailbox or a casual text or phone call will ensure they know you care about their stay. If they do have a question or concern, they’ll feel able to drop you a line and for you.

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Send Thank You Email & Encourage Them to Review

This feedback is critical to the hotel’s growth and success, since it allows management to understand what they’re doing well and where they can improve.

Why not apply the same principles to your holiday rental?

Unlike hotels, which receive hundreds of these every day, you have the advantage of being able to answer to each one individually.

Get personable with your correspondence, incorporating everything you learned about the guest, addressing any concerns they may have had, and remembering to ask them back. Luxury hotels are experts at email marketing, and you should be too. You can stay relevant in your guests’ eyes and maybe motivate them by providing unique bargains and information to past guests via email.