What Customers Expect As The Impact Of Global Pandemic

What Customers Expect As The Impact Of Global Pandemic

There have been many small and major shifts caused the global pandemic in all areas of our life including business. In today’s marketplace, customer experience has become one of the most crucial factors. Today, it is important to take a customer’s first approach to sustain and build a successful brand. The rapid rise of technology in this digital era along with the impact of the global pandemic has made it a mandatory to focus on customer experience.

Meet customer expectation after impacted by global pandemic

Keep in mind that today’s customers are spoiled for choice. Hence, brands are working harder to catch the attention of customers. The global pandemic has complicated this challenge even more. The shift in customer behavior is the proof. Even with how vaccines are distributed, the uncertainty remains. The way customers interact with business has shifted as well. So what customer expect and how your business can stay ahead?

Dealing with increased expectations

Overall, customer expectations have increased during global pandemic. Customers expect more human and relatable interactions. It is important to make your front-line team know how to support customers. Ensure that the front-liners understand customers pain points before coming up with the solutions. Encourage your front-line support to speak with customers more naturally without scripts. Encourage your team to give solutions they deem fit so with that freedom they can support customers easier. 

Meet customer expectation after impacted by global pandemic

Make it fast and simple

Simpler and faster service is what customers expect today. As mentioned customer experience is crucial factor today so it is essential to give the best not mediocre service. Your customers need quick and straightforward answers. When you can deliver faster support, your customers will stay happy. However, it sometimes there are situations in which queries can be resolved quickly. If it is the case, communicate with your customers and tell them clearly when they will hear back from you.

Success from raving reviews

Today’s customers expect to share more. The majority of customers today believe more to the reviews of their friends or families than marketing ads. Their decision to purchase often rely on review. However, showing the review of your brands can be a double-edged sword because the negative ones can ruin your reputation. 

Ask feedback from your customers

Hence, it is best to ask feedback from your customers so you know which are to adjust or improve. Then, it will bring more positive reviews because you keep improving your service. Also, encourage and facilitate your customers to share their experience with your brands such as to social media platforms. When there are negative reviews, alert your team immediately and fix accordingly and as fast as possible. 

Customer supports

Keep in mind that global pandemic is not the only thing that can change your customers needs and expectations. The best thing to do is to keep up with your customer support. Take efforts to win over trust and loyalty of your customers because great products and mind-blowing discounts are not enough to make them stay. Make your interaction with customers more humane and help fix their issues as quick as possible. 

Transforming Your Property Into the Perfect Luxury Villa Rental Bali

Transforming Your Property Into the Perfect Luxury Villa Rental Bali

You cannot just purchase a holiday home in Bali and put it up in accommodation rental sites hoping for guests. Furnishing the space and fixing the exterior play huge parts in attracting guests to your holiday home. The goal is making your villa stand out in the crowd of online rental property listings. Gone were the days of aimless property designing. Take inspiration from our guidance on how to transform your property into the perfect luxury villa rental in Bali that will attract holidaymakers in no time. 

Building from Scratch: Plan the Layout

Building from Scratch- Plan the Layout

Consider how many people could sleep in your home and use that as a starting point. Do you have two double rooms available? You can have a double or twin room by replacing one of the doubles with a zip link bed. This will increase the number of different types of visitors you may attract. 

Consider what large families and friendship groups will desire if you have a larger home. Think of a basement arrangement that allows guests to interact with one another. Huge holiday homes commonly attract wedding parties and family birthday celebrations, so practical amenities like a multi-room sound system or a large dining table should be considered.

Make Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali A Home-away from Home

You want your guests to feel the similar homey feeling, but better, when they stay at your villa. We’ve stumbled around lots of Bali villas listed for rent that are just plain boring and cold. Your vacation rental doesn’t have to be rigid. Don’t be shy to add some personal touch to make your villa rental feels warm and inviting. Simple things like extra pillows and throws in the couch, flower vases, large rugs area for lying around, or photography in the walls could make the space really comfy. 

Attract Larger Crowds with Subtle Styling

Attract Larger Crowds with Subtle Styling

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply tweaking your existing decor, color is essential. It not only sets the tone for your house, but it may also instantly turn visitors off. While polka dots and bright yellow may appeal to you, they are unlikely to appeal to everyone else.

Choose calming and neutral colors instead, such as cream, beige, and stone. Accessories and soft furnishings such as carpets, vases, cushions, and curtains can add a burst of color. Choose a theme and stick to it; this way, you’ll have a consistent color scheme and style throughout your home.

Remember that it’s not only about what you like, but also about what your guests will enjoy – and what will entice them to return!

Ample Lighting is Part of the Essential Design

Lighting is a well-known strategy for transforming a space, especially if you want to emphasis the luxury in your villa rental Bali. so consider how you can bring in the most natural light to your villa rental Bali. To make the room appear larger and brighter, replace heavy curtains with lightweight shades or shutters.

Add floor-length glass windows or doors if your property is surrounded by beautiful surroundings; remember, views sell. A log fire, for example, may give a room a warm light while also making it seem cozier. If you’re trying to attract couples, it might also set a romantic tone.

A Luxury Addition to Your Villa Rental Bali

A Luxury Addition to Your Villa Rental Bali

If you want to create a luxurious getaway, including amenities like a hot tub may help you gain more bookings from guests searching for that extra something. Do you know that properties with a hot tub can earn up to 40% more than those without?

Most tourists anticipate a TV and Wi-Fi as a bare minimum, so be sure you’ve covered all the bases before upgrading.

Another reason visitors prefer to stay in self-catering houses is the personal touches provided by the property owners. This might be a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or just milk and bread to spare them a trip to the store on their first evening together.

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The Most Popular Designs of Private Villa in Bali You Should Steal

Give Unique Unexpected Touch to Your Property

If you have an older property, for example, try displaying classic features like beams and masonry, or incorporating flagstone floors and stable stalls into your design. Having old villas for rent in Bali Indonesia means you have the opportunity to display rare Balinese royal portraits or classic Bali of colonial era in your property. Give your villa rental a unique Bali insights that guests won’t easily find in any other places. Exposed plumbing, old-style lighting, and ancient cast iron radiators can also be left (or purchased) in place. You can even get upcycling ideas by going to your local antique store!

How To Structure More Productive Workday

Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

Entrepreneurs’ workday are often not standardized. Many of them work for more than 14 hours at a time. Of course, it is not healthy even from any perspective. However, most entrepreneurs think that 24 hours are not enough to do their work. You might be one of them who work long hours on daily basis. The problem with this is, there is no guarantee that your days are truly as productive as you thought. 

Structuring your day to be more productive

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner often leave you with no choice but do everything on your own. You have so much on your plate just to make sure everything runs well. However, it is also important to know if your days are productive or not with how much you work. Because you can make your workdays more productive without straining your well-being.

Rely more on your calendar to spend your workday. Do the tasks that are stated on your calendar. Hence, it is important to set up your calendar to manage your schedule. By relying on your calendar, you know how much time you have in a day. It also helps in eliminating distractions. It helps you to keep up with your schedule better. 

Make your meeting short and simple. Meetings are often time-consuming. You can make it short but with great outcomes using three elements. You need an agenda, a two-minute rule, and a person to lead. With those elements, the meetings will be much more efficient. Agenda will make everyone stay in the topic. The two-minute rule allow every participant to talk only for two minutes not more. The leader helps monitor time and keeps the agenda flowing. 

Sort out your tasks and separate the small and big ones. Finish your bigger, arduous tasks when you are in productive mode  and motivated mindset. Then, group small tasks together and finish them when you don’t have to spend a lot of mental energy. Smaller, mindless tasks can be finished quicker together. It is also recommended to tackle touch tasks first so you have more energy to do the other tasks because you know that you are capable with how you succeeded in completing the tough tasks. 

Plan in breaks in your workday. Working constantly for 12 hours without a break will not make your workday more productive. When you are tired, you will be distracted. You will be unable to stay focused and end up completing your task longer. Set 10 minutes breaks to go escape from your work by going on a walk, looking at the landscape, and just clearing your head. Two or three short breaks a day will make you more productive. 

Eliminate things that can distract you. So many distractions that can hold you back from working productively. They can be your phones, foods, noise, etc. Silent your phone during work and make sure your stomach is full already. Block noise by using a canceling-noise headphone. Set a reminder/alarm so you know when to take a necessary break. 

Flores Tour goes to Mount of 9 Sun, Mount Sangiang

Flores Tour goes to Mount of 9 Sun, Mount Sangiang

In West Nusa Tenggara there is an island called Sangiang, and it has two volcanic cones. The two cones are named Doro Mantoi which is 5,889 feet, and Doro Api is 6,394 feet high. Mount Sangiang is still in an active status, its experience has erupted several times, causing residents to have to be evacuated. But Mount of 9 Sun has become an anti-mainstream destination in the Flores Tour. 

The territory of Mount Sangiang is also used by residents to grow peanuts, sesame, barley, chili, and raise livestock. However, most of the people of Sangiang depend on their fate as sailors. So do not be surprised if on the coast of the island there are many boats including the Komodo Boat Trip. 

Hiking on Flores Tour

The tourist attraction of mountains in Indonesia is indeed very eccentric. Tropical forests and rainforests that cover each mountain have a very attractive charm. Dense forests need to be traversed by tourists, and the adventure of Flores Tour through the forest is the essence of satisfaction. So that’s why you should look after this: 

  • Body Health

You need to pay attention to the condition of your body before climbing because you have to syad prime to be ready for adventure. Don’t bother other people if you don’t have to. 

  • Condition of Climbing Equipment

This is a routine thing that is often done by professional climbers before climbing. Checking the condition of climbing equipment is very important. What more if the weather is not good. 

  • Mountain Information

Find out in advance the information contained in the destination mountain, as well as the weather in the area according to the climbing schedule. Because natural conditions are often very different from what we know. 

  • Humble

In terrain you’ve never explored you don’t have to feel strongest and know best. It can harm yourself and others.

  • Change Clothes

You don’t need to bring too many clothes but bring more clothes. So that if it rains you can replace it with something else. Including a raincoat. 

  • Important Item Cover

You need to bring a waterproof cover to protect your important items from rain or other circumstances. Like a cellphone, for example, so you can still take selfies on Flores Tour. 

  • Don’t Stop Too Long

To keep your body temperature stable, you need to keep moving. What’s more, in a wet body condition, you will be more prone to wet lung attacks, hypothermia or others. 

  • Avoid Night Climbing, If it’s Raining

The view is more disturbed if it rains at night when you climb. What’s more, if it rains at the beginning of the climb, you should wait for it to subside. You’re better off doing it in the morning or afternoon to keep the track visible.

  • Turn Off the Phone

When the weather is suddenly bad you need to do this, or other electronic items. This must be done to avoid being struck by lighting in Flores Tour. 

Route to Mount Of 9 Sun

Mount 9 Sun is included in the conservation area, its height is 1,986 meters above sea level. Why 9 sun, because the heat there makes climbers feel more tropical. This is one of the reasons why you need extra physical and mental preparation for Mount Sangiang. 

The route starts from Bima, from there you will use land transportation to Wera for 2-3 hours. Then you continue to Sangiang land by renting a motorcycle taxi. Arriving there you will go to Mount of 9 Sun by boat from Sangiang to Sangiang Island. There are so many boats that you can choose, from cheap to expensive for an hour’s journey. 

Towards the top of Mount of 9 Sun there are 4 posts that you will pass, namely:

  • Tangengeng Post
  • Padang Ilalang Post
  • Post Basecamp Post
  • Summit Attack

The ascent from post one to post three takes approximately five hours. The terrain that you will go through is very challenging. Before reaching the last post, you are advised to make a camp at the third post. Because after that you will pass the Sirotomustakim path. A path that is surrounded by cliffs on the right and left flanking each other. Sand and gravel from the eruption also become your climbing base. So make sure you bring your heavy boots on this challenging adventure on Flores Tour. 

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Building Trust With Your Customers In Digital Environment

Building Trust With Your Customers In Digital Environment

Today, digital service is more than just a convenience but more like a lifeline. Online transaction has become a normalcy today. However, behind smooth and safe digital transaction, there is a need of mutual trust and connection. Regardless of how digital the world has become, it is not easy for business to convince customers to do business with them. And the cause of it is trust and connection. 

How to build trust and connection with your customers in digital world

Social cues are usually used to determine trust between humans. However, things change when with how everything becomes online now. Social cues have become subtle. So it is more challenging for business to establish trust and connection with customers. Meanwhile those aspects are important to evoke loyalty. Technology can help a lot in establishing trust with customers if you know how to use it. However, there are also other efforts you need to do.

Finding the balance

The every first thing you need is finding balance between implementing security protocols and customer convenience. Customers always want efficient online transaction and feel secure at the same time. So you need to be transparent of the security protocols. If it requires you to apply additional steps then do it if it helps them to feel safe from the threat.

Clear intention 

Clear intention

Be clear with your intention. Make sure that your customers understand why you have to apply certain policy for example. Do not just instruct them things without explaining or educating them first. Provide information on why and what. If you need to gain their information or data, inform them how it will be used to ensure their privacy. 

Online security

Online security does matter and it is essential part of online transaction. Everything feels efficient when customer have online transaction but it causes another concern and anxiety because online field puts them in more risk of cyberattacks. Hence, always prioritize cybersecurity to ensure your custoemrs that they are safe. You can also work with experts whose expertise is at cybersecurity. 

Technology with user-friendly system

If you need to add technological system, make sure that your customers can follow. Technology invention might sound cool and all but if your customers doubt it then they won’t accept it right away. Instead of jumping into new technology, you can adopt it slowly. It may require time and communication but it can help assuring your customers of their safety and convenience. 

System that prioritise safety and comfort

Build a system that can help your customers have excellent buying experience safely and comfortably. Educate yourself about how to use technology not only to bring benefit to your business but also to protect yourself and customers online. Make sure that you choose comprehensive and integrated approach to online security. 

Trust goes both ways

Also, keep in mind that trust is road that goes both ways. It has to be mutual online and off. It is predicted that the shift to digital field will remain even after pandemic fully ends. Online commerce will stay especially because it conveniences customers in many ways. However, technology still needs to be incorporated with with best security protocols. 

Creating a Villa Jimbaran Bali That Stand Out from the Rest!

Creating a Villa Jimbaran Bali That Stand Out from the Rest!

You want guests to enjoy some wonderful things to do in your luxurious Jimbaran Bali villa, some of which are experiences you can create, aside from looking great with beautiful settings and fabulous views. These unique encounters elevate and improve guests’ vacation, leaving them with vivid memories of a wonderful getaway. We will happily assist you in making your guests’ stay extra enjoyable with these clever ideas when they book your villa. 

Offer Jimbaran Bali Delicacies at the Villa

Offer Jimbaran Bali Delicacies at the Villa

Want to improve guests’ experience at your villa Jimbaran Bali? Consider staffing a private chef in the villa. This means guests can eat as many meals as they like in the villa. Many chefs would have worked in high-end resorts and fine dining establishments. Needless to say, having such a master working exclusively for the guests is an incredible treat! And since your guests are staying at Jimbaran, have the personal chef prepare a customized, delicious Jimbaran-style seafood feast for a truly authentic—and truly delicious—Balinese experience. From shrimp and clams to crab and calamari, this is guaranteed to be the freshest seafood you’ve ever had, cooked a la Balinese on stone barbeque over fresh charcoal.

Host A Cooking Master Class at the Villa

Getting a private chef is one of the most notable benefits of living in a luxury villa. Though many guests are content to simply enjoy the culinary delights, those who want to learn a thing or two are also welcome to visit the kitchen. Learn new methods, try new ingredients, and add a new recipe to your repertoire. Many villa chefs also have cooking classes that provide official certificates.

Cocktail Party at Villa Jimbaran Bali 

Why not carry the bar straight to your villa if guests’ don’t want to go out to a crowded bar? Invite a personal bartender over for an afternoon of delectable cocktail concoctions. Some of the villa workers are also professional mixologists. Set up a poolside pavilion, rooftop deck, or entertainment area for your in-house band, and add some mood music from the villa’s built-in sound system. Some villas even have their own wine cellar where visitors can enjoy a wine tasting session and pass the time with memorable conversations for a more intimate experience, and you can adopt this idea too. 

Offer Yoga Session at the Villa

Offer Yoga Session at the Villa

Luxury villas are ideal for yoga because they provide quiet seclusion with absolutely stunning views. Many of these establishments have free yoga mats and blocks. Some also have a separate yoga site. A private yoga teacher may also be hired to come to the villa in Jimbaran Bali. Play relaxing meditation music on the villa’s sound system, or simply listen to the ocean waves and let the mind wander.

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Have A Relaxing Spa Treatment Ready

An in-villa spa treatment is the perfect finishing touch to any villa holiday. What better way to completely enjoy a chilled-out holiday by the sea in a tropical location than with a relaxing massage or other soothing treatment as the sun sets? Let your mind, body, and beyond feel comfortable and rejuvenated with a spa treat. Private massages are a popular choice among visitors, and they can be easily organized for groups. Spa rooms with saunas and hot tubs are available in some villas. They can also be completed in the privacy of your own home.

Branding Tips For Solopreneurs Who Aim Big

Branding Tips For Solopreneurs Who Aim Big

Being solo entrepreneur or solopreneur is not a small feat. It is where you start your success. Both for big corporation and solopreneurs, branding is essential to reach success. Many entrepreneurs think branding is only about logo but the reality is beyond that. It is not only about making memorable logo that will catch attention of customers. To create your personal brand as solopreneur you need to go deeper. It is not easy and many make mistakes but that’s to be expected. 

Personal branding that is beyond just logo

Even if you don’t have the skill in graphic design to make such excellent logo, you can buy it or ask someone who is good at it to make one for your brand. However, branding in reality is much more complex. Quantifying your brand is not so easy either. Therefore, finding the best strategy is challenging when it comes to personal branding. While you have to stick with your brand value, you also have to stay on top of mind with your audience. 

To create meaningful brand strategy takes time. Those who are not willing to take time are bound to eventually fail. You need to define your brand means by getting to know who you are and what your business is all about. To do this right, look at the industry landscape so you can see bigger and clearer. This way, you know the competition and how to position yourself strategically. 

Personal branding that is beyond just logo

The initial definition of your brand is very crucial because it tells what you will do to grow your business. When your brand is well-defined, it helps you a lot in making right decisions. It also helps you to make great strategies that work best for your business’s growth. What you do with branding tie back with other elements such as social media, public relations, and content marketing. Do not rely solely on aesthetic appeal when branding because it is bound to fail.

Consider and include the importance of your audience when branding because what appeal in your eyes might not be the case in your audience’s. to make sure you do the right thing, you need to go deeper in knowing who your audiences are. You can just start with the basic such as age, general interests, occupation, financial standing, etc. Also, it is essential to find out your audience’s pressing needs and what you can offer. This way, your brand will be more connected with your audience. 

Branding is also about consistency. It is important element to build stronger relationships with your audience. Do not just promise things with your branding but follow through on them as well. Proof that you are reliable in responding to your audience’s concerns and questions. Consistency applies to the aesthetic elements such as color and font of your logo.  And it also applies to your messaging and content you deliver to your posts. Consistency is also important ingredient in building trust with your customers. 

Calculating and Saving the Cost for Scuba Diving in Bali!

Calculating and Saving the Cost You Need for Scuba Diving in Bali

If you enjoy adventure and being in the sea, scuba diving is a perfect sport to consider. It’s one of the most enjoyable and thrilling practices that becomes more and more popular as one of travel option in Bali. It’s almost impossible to put into words how diving makes you feel. Though the ocean in Bali is free, however, the chance to explore it is apparently not. As with any equipment-related operation, there are costs for scuba diving in Bali and it can cost you quite a fortune. Especially when you are a beginner who need to complete certificates and rent some scuba diving equipments first. Scuba diving is, without a doubt, an expensive sport and tourism. 

So How Much Scuba Diving in Bali Actually Cost?

Referring to Dune Atlantis for the general cost of scuba diving in Bali, you should expect to pay about $449 for your diving license, and $55 to $169 per dive trip which mostly consist of two dives per single trip. If you haven’t been diving for the longest time, you might need a pool refresh and that will be $20 per session. 

You might want to rent equipments, and that is another around $27 and $200 on the bill. A set of full set equipment in Atlantis Bali is $19 without dive computer, which is rented at $8. You will also need $5 for a 15L tank for the dive. Want to capture those wonderful marine life during your dive in Bali? Prepare to spend another &29 for Canon G15 camera with housing 40m or the same price for video camera Go Pro Hero 7 + red filter. So yes, scuba diving could be quite costly—and we haven’t even calculate the travel expenses itself, which covers lodging and accommodation. However, that doesn’t mean that scuba diving is for the deep-pocketed only. With some careful planning, you can save the cost for scuba diving holiday in Bali! Continue reading to learn more on how to save money as you embark on this new adventure.

Finding Cheapest Flights

Naturally, some of the best diving locations are likely to be many flight hours away from your house. And traveling is seldom the most cost-effective mode of transportation. However, it is possible to find low-cost flights and save a considerable amount of money on airfare.

Stay in Budget Accommodation to Compress Cost of Scuba Diving in Bali

Stay in Budget Accommodation to Compress Cost of Scuba Diving in Bali

Saving money on lodging is a lot simpler than finding inexpensive airfare. Many divers seem to believe that if they want to go diving, they must first check into a dive resort. Dive resorts typically have comfortable accommodation, all-inclusive meal and beverage options, a recreation area, restaurants, and a discount while diving with the in-house dive center staff. While dive center make dive holiday easier, it’s not the wisest if you want to keep your scuba diving cost in Bali pretty low.

Also, during the dive holiday, you will be doing 2-3 dives a day for a few days in a row and you’ll be out diving all day. You won’t be around to take advantage of any of the hotel’s wonderful facilities. You’ll just have time to enjoy the fantastic all-you-can-eat buffets in the morning and evening, which means you’ll miss out on one already-paid buffet meal each day. Also, you won’t get to fully appreciate your comfortable space because all you want to do at night is sleep to recharge energy. Surprisingly, there are more reasonably priced lodging options than you would expect. Local guesthouses, homestays or Couchsurfing, hostels, and Airbnb are all affordable options.

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Eat Cheap & Delicious Local Food in Bali!

Food is unquestionably one of the most expensive aspects of traveling. That’s fine because we all have to eat many times during the day. You should eat solid food at least twice a day, particularly if you’re on a diving trip. Try to eat the local food in Balinese local warung, they do taste delicious. If you don’t mind cooking while on holiday, you can save a lot of money. Find the nearest store, buy local groceries instead of your favorite home foods, and cook your own meals. Not only can you save money, but you will also be able to see how your food is cooked. Instead of buying pricey snacks in touristy areas, do stock up on water, vegetables, and cereal bars from a nearby grocery store.

Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Trust is needed when it comes to building healthy relationships with your investors. It is not only your project that can be at risk when you neglect that factors but you also may lose your credibility with the other investors. Finding the right investors is already challenging and you don’t want to ruin your credibility by taking the wrong steps. 

Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

Building trust with investors

Looking for investment partners is not something new in business. When you work on a serious project that add value to customer with such an innovative ideas then looking for the right investors is necessary. However, you need to be careful in doing so because wrong steps might put your credibility in vain with investors. And here are things you can put into consideration:

Be realistic

When it comes to investors and investments, be realistic. It means you need to make sure that you are taking only the right number of investors and the right amount of money from them. Too many investors and too many investments will overwhelm you. You need to be realistic with your valuation and calculate the timeline when your investors can expect a return. 

Money doesn’t guarantee anything

Remember that more money doesn’t guarantee your project to be successful. When you get high cash, it means you need to give quick return. It brings more pressure on your side so remember to also always have exit strategy and manage expectations that you can handle. 

Pursue the right investors

Pursue the right investors

It is also important to pursue the right investors. Money is essentials but not the only factor to consider when finding the right investors. Hence, it is essential that you know what kind of investors you need. Do you want investors who pour their money generously but impose requirements that you are not able to fulfill? Or do you want short-term investors who aim for quick return? 

The answer is in yourself

You need to know what kind of capital that suits your business’s project. This way, you can avoid ruining your own credibility. Remember that your business needs to grow in the long run. It is best if you make business model and stabilize it beforehand so then you know what you are looking for.

Be wise in how you use your capital

Another thing that can ruin your credibility with investors and investment is the way you use your capital. Money is like a weapon in business and if you don’t know how to use it or where to funnel it to the right area of your project then it will be a waste. It won’t do nothing to your business but ruin its credibility. Therefore, you should make business plan to communicate with your investors. Your business plan should lay out your step-to-steps milestones. This way, investors know your sustainable growth. 

Prepare business proposal

It will also help your credibility if you are prepared with business plan as well as a set of achievable long-term and short-term goals. Then, always deliver regular reports to your investors to keep them engaged and know the progress of their investment to the worthy project. 

The Most Popular Designs of Private Villa in Bali You Should Steal

Whether you are planning to buy a private villa Bali for your personal vacation retreat or renting it to guests, you will need to build a holiday home that reflect island living at the finest. it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of the most popular designs of seaside villas in this tropical island for some inspiration before decorating your own. 

Private Villa in Bali Loves Open Space

Private Villa in Bali Loves Open Space

Open and airy space is the essence of any private villa in Bali. The open space designs allows abundant lights to come in, creating a relaxed atmosphere that vacationers seek on their holiday. Coastal homes in Bali favour design aesthetic that prioritise natural lights so that everything feels just flow with the air. An open kitchen and dining room that merges with private pool is prevalent in many holiday homes in Bali. Vacationers also loves the opportunity to take bath in a secluded, semi-open showers which they don’t usually have back in the home. You will also want to feel as though there’s no boundary between the indoor and outdoor, so swap walls with large windows, large doors, and skylights for the ceiling. 

Crisp Whites and Earth Tones 

Crisp Whites and Earth Tones

When you are trying to build a private villa Bali that defines a relaxed coastal living, white palette is the key. White crips interior complements the open-air designs as it reflect the lights and define the airy feeling. It also brings breezy coastal summer vibe to the room when complemented with earth and neutral colours like brown, washed-beige, or khaki. It’s also perfect to be paired up with soft vibrant colour like bright coral or deep green for an exotic coastal ambience. 

Tons of Tropical Plants for Your Private Villa Bali 

Tons of Tropical Plants in Private Villa Bali

What is holiday home in Bali without tropical plants? Plants are one of he main element of beach homes. Not only that it brings the refreshing tropical breeze to the room; plants also serves as privacy landscaping to the villa. High trees with thick leaves like clumping bamboo, thuja green giants, and traveler’s palm tree are great to create an instant hideout and illusion of seclusion as it separates the villa from the outer world. Having green landscape on your wall is also great for the visual appeal and muffle the sound of busy roads. 

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Nature-Inspired Furnitures in Light-Washed Colour

Nature-Inspired Furnitures in Light-Washed Colour

Wood materials is very popular in most of luxury villa rental Bali to reflect the seaside living at its best. Furnitures are often made from teak, rattan, acacia, birch, or even repurposed driftwood. Many wood craftsman in Seminyak make trendy furnitures that were entirely made from recycled boats. Not only that it gives unique weathered look, but this material is also stronger and more durable than freshly-cut woods. 

A Touch of Balinese Classic Ornaments 

A Touch of Balinese Classic Ornaments

What makes private villa in Bali different than the ones in Thailand is the subtle touch of Balinese tradition on the everyday life. A mix of classic ornaments like statue of Balinese Hindu god or goddesses often graced one corner on the villa. Guest beds features tradition-inspired flowing curtain which also serves as mosquito nets at night. Balinese’s woven bamboo materials can be added for shades or roofs of lounge room, mixing tradition with urban design.