Make Humbleness A Norm In Building Your Business

Sometimes, it is unimaginable to know that some of the biggest and greatest businesses come from humble beginnings, such as Apple or Amazon. I is because you see the big scale and greatness today, making it hard to imagine how humble they were in their beginning. However, humbleness one of the keys to success. In fact, it should be a norm in business rather than exception. There is a reason why humble starts can contribute significantly to major success in business. 

The importance of humbleness in business

You can see that many of the most successful brands today had humble beginnings which play huge role in their success in building their big empire. Humbleness is not a weakness in business. It is something that can help you reach the success you expect, here is how:

Humbleness keeps cost manageable

Many successful founders understand that maintaining positive cash flow helps them learn valuable principles not only for the present but also for the future when they scale their business later. Hence, they put more effort to keep their cost manageable by reducing expenses during those early stages when every penny truly matters. Many successful founders even started their business in their own garage or any other unassuming places instead of flashy buildings. They tried hard to not let their eyes bigger than their stomach because it would help them avoid spending far more than what their new business could actually afford. 

Focus more on what matters most for long-term’s success 

By reducing unnecessary expenses, successful founders are able to focus more on what truly matters for long term’s success. Cutting out unnecessary expenses is a great way to eliminate distractions that often come especially in the beginning of business. You won’t think of buying unnecessary flashy sofa for your workspace or throw an office party. You will focus your attention on fine-tuning your strategies so you make the best decision for your business by being as productive as possible. 

With limited resources, you are also getting better at sorting out the best strategies knowledge of the industry. You are forced to take a deep dive into learning skills and strategies that will have the greatest impact on your business’s growth. It also means that humbleness as foundation of growing business can help develop discipline. 

Humbleness helps reset expectation

When you grow your business with humble beginning, it requires you to reset your expectations. Or at least adapt the way you work so you can deal with unusual circumstances due to lack of resources. It teaches you flexibility as well as other valuable leadership lessons along the way. Your mindset will become more flexible to use what you have to create the most positive outcomes. 

You will be trained to act with agility to adapt with any situation. It also means that you will be better equipped with the ability to pivot anytime the situation requires. With humble beginning, stronger work environment is created where everyone feels valued while trying their best to reach the goals.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites

You have two alternatives for scuba diving Komodo island: you can join a group and choose from one of the several dive companies on the island, or you can stay on a liveaboard and snorkel from there. Komodo island is one of the world’s most recognized dive destinations. Known mostly for its manta ray population, it earns its name not just for the majestic rays, but also for the abundance of marine life and massive coral communities. The best way to see all of the Komodo dive sites is to embark on a liveaboard for at least 3 days (but preferably 7) to go to the more remote dive sites that aren’t accessible from the main island of Labuan Bajo.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites

Best scuba diving Komodo sites

Batu Bolong

Now, don’t take our word for it, but this could be the nicest dive location ever. With corals stretching as far as the eye can see, we doubt you’ve ever seen so much color – or so many turtles – on a dive. Another advantage of Batu Bolong is that the current is moderate and the depth is shallow, making it an underwater photographers’ paradise when the light is good. Sharks, turtles, rays, and pretty much anything else can be found at any moment. GO RIGHT NOW!

Manta Alley

Have you seen enough manta rays? Or, even worse, haven’t been able to find them yet? Then let’s go to Manta Alley! Enjoy this shallow dive with a high likelihood of seeing mantas, turtles, and possibly even a shark. Perhaps even a free dive on this one? When a manta comes to say hello, it’s an experience like no other! Please keep in mind that the water here can be cold and turbulent, making access to this place not always viable.

Taka Makassar

If you’re looking for the elusive manta rays, here is the place to go! Expect manta rays swooping by, turtles pursuing them, and corals swinging quietly underneath you at this dive spot. Then there’s the possibility of encountering sharks, eagle rays, morays, and clownfish. Basically, you’ll want to place Taka Makassar at the top of your bucket list!

Gili Lawa

This is a dry savanna island. Uninhabited, and a herd of deers can be seen playing on the beach in the afternoon. Climb to the top of the hill for a spectacular panoramic view of the sunset or sunrise. Climbing takes roughly an hour. Before sunset, if you’re lucky, you might see a herd of dolphins playing on the beach.

A night diving Komodo island is a must-do! Visit Gili Lawa to see the bioluminescence in all its grandeur, even with the tiniest of touches. Squids, octopuses, sharks, and rays are all possible sightings. Get your dive torch ready, because you’re in for a show!

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How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

Starting and running your own business is so aspiring for many people. However, it comes with its perks and hazards. For example, it makes you work all the time especially in the beginning where you just start your business and you have to fulfill so many different roles at once. It is often for entrepreneurs to become workaholic. Sometimes, it is out of necessity. However, it is also possible for  you to pursue your business goals without becoming a workaholic by adopting good system both for you and your business. 

How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

How to pursue you business goals passionately while putting the brakes on

The problem of running your own business is that most of the time you have no one rely on. You don’t have boss to help you and so many challenges you have to face almost on daily basis. It forces you to overwork all the time. In the end, you are experiencing major burnout, and so here are some tips to avoid it:

Check up on yourself

It is important to ask yourself important questions from time to time such as ‘am I suffering from fatigue?’, ‘ why are you feeling tired lately?’. when you experience pain or discomfort, it may be a sign for you to evaluate yourself to see if there is something you need to fix with your lifestyle. Finding balance is important when it comes to running your own business while maintaining your personal life. It may be impossible to reach perfect balance but at least you know when to put the brakes on. 

Focus on one direction

One of the most common things many entrepreneurs experience is that their focus spread to different branches, making them unable to see the clear vision. To know where you are headed, you have to know what your vision is. Set clear vision and goal of what you truly want to achieve in your business. Hence, you know what will distract you from reaching your goals and how to avoid or deal with them. 

Identify your core values

Business needs a core value to and so does your personal life. Core values will help you to stay focused and able to make the best choices. Honoring your core values is important because it will be very helpful for you to make decision at work. For example, your core value of personal life is your family. Hence, you know when to focus on them and get off from work-related matters if it is time for you to spend with your family. 

Create the right system

The system help you to set up a routine consisting of healthy habits you can follow on daily to keep you stay on track. For example, with the right system, you know when to sleep, drink water, breath, think, exercise, etc. By the right system, it is possible for you reduce the overall exhaustion. Standardize your system simply, such as keeping your bottle water next to you so you won’t forget to drink during work hours. 

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

Customer’s retention is one big part of vacation rental industry and, as owner of luxury villas in Bali, you surely want your guests to keep coming back to your vacation house. The relationship does not have to cease just because the guest stay is ended. Encourage repeat guests since it benefits both parties. As an owner, you get to host guests you already know and trust. Meanwhile, guests get to stay at a place where they know they’ll have a good time. 

Why Returning Guest is Important for Your Bali Villas

While all guests are important to the hotel industry, the benefits of recurring business cannot be overlooked. One of the most significant aspects of a hotel’s success is customer loyalty. Obviously, acquiring new clients is crucial for generating repeat business, but maintaining existing customers is where the real money is made. And it’s not just the hotel business that understands that client retention is the key to success.

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

You want your guests to feel at ease, but you also want it to be even better than being in their own home. Fill your Bali luxury villas with tiny extras that major chain hotels can’t or won’t conceive of! Consider things like improved coffee makers and other small appliances. Provide daily equipment they’ll need to prepare their favorite show-stopper dish. Have it ready when they think of anything they wish they would’ve brought from home. Your guests will remember that you took the effort to make their stay as smooth and delightful as possible. This way, they will want to return next year since the experience was so good.

Always Make Yourself Available

To keep your customers happy, be ready for contact at all times. Ensure that a staff member is available to assist them whenever they want to make a reservation, change the details of their trip, question about your services, availability, costs, or just get a firsthand description, regardless of the hour or time zone.

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Keep Your Visitors Up to Date

Effective and well-understood communication is the fundamental to a good relationship between any two people. With this in mind, keep your guests up to date on all they need to know about their stay, the villa, the surrounding locations, the personnel, the activities available, and so on.

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Every owner, staff member, and agent is proud of the Bali luxury villas that they work from. Ensure that your live-in crew of housekeepers, landscapers, and handymen maintain the villa on a regular basis and inspect for signs of damage or concerns that need to be addressed. Do not wait for the harm to accumulate before addressing it.

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Make Guests Feel Important

Everyone wants to feel important. One way to do so is to pay attention to your vacation rental guests and their tales. Make them feel as if your property is completely for their benefit. Go the extra mile for your guests to personalize their encounter as much as possible. When guests arrive at your property, they should be greeted properly. Give them personalized welcome note that includes instructions on everything they need to know about their stay. Consider providing complimentary items like snacks or wine, robes and slippers, and free Wi-Fi. You could also include local artisan products like soaps and lotions in the welcome basket.

Give the Right Amount of Care

All of your guests require attention, but only the appropriate quantity should be given. Remember that these people are on vacation and require calm, pleasant time, as well as solitude. Allow them to enjoy themselves and offer aid only when requested.

The Importance Of Your Company’s Online Visibility To Success

To run your business successfully, you need to pick the right strategy to make your brand standout from the competition. It is not only a brand that shows who you are at one point in time but also who you aspire to be. Your brand is what can connect you with your customers. However, keep in mind that branding is not only about choosing the best logo, making pretty website, or make flashy campaign. Those factors are important to help you build your brand but the most important thing is about telling the truth about your company and remaining true to that. 

the roles of your company’s online visibility to success

When it comes to branding, the most important factors to implement is honesty. It is the thing that your customers will love about your brand the most. With honesty comes trust that will be the reason they are loyal to you. It is important that your brand is not the representation of problem solver but also of authenticity and transparency. In this case, your company’s online visibility plays huge roles in deciding your success. 

Being online is essential because it is where customers spend most of their times on daily. Hence, it is the best place for you to build your brand’s online presence. Hence, be strategic about it so that your customers will be attracted to get to know your brand better. You can do it by considering these three important things:


Before any social media, website was the only online platform many brands use to build their visibility. It is where many companies put their best at their marketing strategy. Today, there are many social media platforms where you can reach out to larger audience. However, keep in mind that website is still your main workhouse. Customers who want more information will visit your company’s website. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you improve your website through its contents and functionality. Make sure it is easy to access and have various aspects your customers might need. 


Reviews from customers are valuable data you need to improve your business. In the past, business relied on word-to-mouth marketing strategy. Today, reviews are the same thing because customers usually read the reviews before deciding on their purchase. Hence, encourage your customers to review your brand. It is normal to find few poor reviews. However, do not ignore those but reach out to those customers so you can gather more information about what you can improve and how to help them solve the problem. 

Public relation

In business industry, PR is considered the best advertising money can’t buy. To keep up with today’s trend on digitalization, it is strongly recommended that you consider digital public relation to increase your brand’s online visibility. Digital PR can help in distinguishing your brand and provoking a sense of authenticity that can build customers’ trust. Implement your digital PR strategy with a goal of gaining their trust by increasing more positive online visibility across industry, mainstream, and nice platforms.

Komodo Tour, Unique Experience with Ancient Animals

Most people are lazy to join the Komodo tour because they have to follow all the schedules from the operator. Limited time and no freedom to do private activities. In fact, the Komodo Rinca tour offer tourists the freedom to explore throughout the Komodo National Park area. Tourists are free to determine the itinerary according to their holiday time. 

Komodo rinca tour

Komodo Tour for solo traveling

Have you ever tried solo travel? Apparently, solo traveling has many benefits such as forcing you to get out of your safe zone, making you confident, independent, more appreciative of small things, and many other benefits. A Komodo tour can be the best option for your solo traveling choice.

You can start the Komodo island tours from Bali. You can take advantage of the time before heading to Komodo National Park by traveling solo in Bali. It will definitely be very fun. After traveling from Bali, you can go to Labuan Bajo with 2 options, by plane or ferry from Benoa port. If you have a lot of time off, the option of using the ferry can be a fun experience. 

If your free time is limited, you should use a plane to go to Labuan Bajo. In Labuan Bajo, there will be many Komodo island tour operators who are ready to help you cruise to Komodo National Park. Usually, they offer sharing costs for trips to Komodo Island and its surroundings at an affordable price.

But you should look for a Komodo tour when you are in Bali. At least, you can find out the schedule and facilities that you will get during the cruise. You can also find out the destination of the destination spot that you will visit. Solo traveling to Komodo Island will certainly be a unique and fun experience. 

Private Komodo island tours 

private komodo tour

Private tour option of course if you go with friends or family. You can control the ship completely and freely enjoy the available facilities. Private Komodo island tour price will be more expensive if you compare it with sharing the cost. Private tours also allow tourists to choose the best destination spots to visit. The private boat facilities will be very luxurious and comfortable starting from the cabin, private bathroom, sundeck, open dining room, and more. It is also possible for you to get a Jacuzzi facility on board. The operator usually also prepares diving, snorkeling, and fishing equipment to meet your hobby needs. 

Komodo Island is a must on your Komodo island tour list. Meet and see firsthand the rare and only animals that only exist on the island of Komodo. Top Komodo Tours is always ready to serve tourists from planning an itinerary starting from destination spots to the availability of food during your cruise.

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

There are almost 4 billions smartphones are being used around the world. It means, many people have access to a powerful mobile device. Today, almost everything can be accessed through mobile. You can make transaction online without stepping out of your house. With this idea, it is a must for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growth of technology use. it is time for you to incorporate mobile technology into your interactions with your customers, providing more seamless experience. 

Using mobile technology to drive your business

Mobile devices are one of the most powerful platforms to drive business innovations because you can improve your marketing optimize your customer service experience. Keep in mind that the future is mobile and you can choose to incorporate it now or later when everyone is already ahead. And here are ways incorporating mobile technology can drive your business significantly:

Transform shopping experience

Due to the situation with the pandemic, many people are now having trust issues to go outside and shopping. In-person shopping has become less exciting experience for many customers because they concerns of their own safety. Many retails establishment close off due to the impact of the pandemic. With this situation, you can improve and reestablish your customer shopping experience by delivering personalized in-store experience via mobile devices. With this idea, you can provide help for customers in finding, researching, and comparing items. Optimize their experience by providing a mobile service that can help them try on products virtually. 

Offer more payment options

Offer more payment options

Cashless payment is not actually something new. It has been used even before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has made it reach higher percentage of people who use cashless payment now. Many people prefer cashless payment because it is easy, fast, safe, and efficient. Even if the pandemic is finally contained, it seems customers will still prefer this payment method. Hence, you can enhance their buying experience by offering improved cashless payment methods via mobile devices. By giving your customers this option, you ensure them that they will never pass your business by just because they forgot their wallet. 

Offer more convenience 

By incorporating mobile technology into your interaction with customers, you offer more convenience to them. For example, they can easily pay for the products they buy by scanning the QR codes, or they can simply select the menu via QR codes. Furthermore, it also helps your physical space clean with less physical interaction with your customers. It helps ensure everyone’s safety because the risk of disease transmission can be reduced this way. It is not impossible that the future will be even more touchless. 

Monitor customer interest provide seamless customer service

By incorporating mobile technology, you can get information about your customer interest and behavior. Hence, you can promote more personalized offering for them without jeopardizing their online security. Also, mobile technology can help improve customer service experience because then you can provide faster response via different channels, making it more efficient for both you and customers to reach each other out. 

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

Vacation rentals are becoming more popular as an investment property in Bali. Not only among big property investors, but also individuals who seek for second stream of income. There are lots of villas in Bali available for sale; but turning into an actual vacation rental that sell well need some works. Here’s some insight to do it right and make your vacation rental business flourish.

Choose Location of Your Bali Villas Wisely

Location is one of the most important factors to consider before you buy villas in Bali. Whether it’s in the beachy strip of Canggu or nestled deep in the lush forest of Tabanan, location can either make or break your business. The greatest investment property is a home with direct access to a local attraction. People who come to Bali for the very first time usually would look for a villa that close to the city centre, beaches, or theme park.

Work on Interior Design

Work on Bali villas Interior Design

With so many Bali villas available in the market, one of the way to stay competitive is by presenting unique interior design. Before making a reservation, most customers check at the vacation home’s interior decor. Simple improvements such as a distinctive chandelier, a bookcase in the corner, traditional décor, and local art may dramatically increase the appeal of your rental home. Consider employing a professional interior designer if you don’t have an aesthetic eye.

Make the Overall Bali Villas Look Stunning

Decorate and decorate your home to make it a welcoming environment for your visitors. If the appearance of your property impresses your visitors, they may even share it on Instagram. And that’s free promotion for you right now!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Don’t forget about the outside areas while freshening up the inside living spaces of your condominiums or single family houses. Make sure your decks, as well as the seats and tables on them, are in good working order. Fire pits, patios, hot tubs, outdoor grills, and swimming pools should all be taken into consideration. More bookings will result from investing in your outside living space.

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Manage Your Pool

Swimming pools are highly sought after in many vacation houses in Bali. This island’s humid and hot weather can only be completed with a refreshing dip in the pool! Pools is a great way to cool down and adds great fun to guests’ experience. As pool become one of the main highlights of your vacation rental, you need to regularly maintain the pool. Check your PH balance every week, skim leaves and floating debris in the surface, and treat your pool every month.

Clean All Your Family Photos and Personal Belongings

The vacation rentals where guests feel most at ease are those with the least amount of indication of previous occupants. I become a little uneasy when I see a lot of family photographs, heaps of personal documents, clothes, or toiletries about. If you rent out your home, keep as much of your personal belongings hidden as possible and keep what is visible neatly arranged. Allow your visitors some space to unpack their belongings–dresser drawers for clothing, bathroom shelves for amenities, kitchen counter space for groceries, and space away from your mess.

Good Habits To Foster Productivity In Your Team

As a leader, you want your business to grow significantly by fostering productivity of your team. However, you also want to create balance so they can have their freedom to with their workloads. And it is not something so easy to come up with. You need to find the right method to create the perfect balance that can be beneficial for everyone. 

Encourage your team to have these good habits

What you can do as a leader is to encourage your team to adopt good habits that can help them find that balance. Of course, it is also necessary for you to lead by example so your employees put you as a good role model. And here are several good habits you can encourage your team to foster their productivity, focus, and freedom in balance manner:


Encourage your team to self-learn so they can become more independent. Also, self-learning can help promote good and healthy relationship between the team. Encourage your team to go to the other team members first before coming to you when they face a problem. This way, they can reflect back on what they could do to get their work done. Let your employees figure out their problem on their own for self-learning. This helps them become more productive and focused. You may give them guidance from time to time when necessary.


Encourage your team to adopt mindfulness in their daily work. It helps inspire better decision making while fostering productivity. Sometimes, making the fastest response or quick solution is not always the best option because it may result in poor outcomes due to lack of mindfulness and calculation. Hence, encourage your team to take their time and not react too emotionally whenever stressful situations come. When they stay mindful, they have clear mind and less pressure, making them able to find the best solution accordingly. 


Encourage your team to learn how to prioritize because it can also help them finding the perfect balance with their work. It is also beneficial to make them more productive because they don’t waste time doing something that won’t make significant result at the end of the day. Let them learn how to recognize and adjust their priorities. It helps them focus on things that truly matters. They will learn how to identify the structure and work more efficiently. 

Disconnect any disruption

Encourage your team to disconnect any disruption that potentially disrupt their focus at work such as turning off the phone at work. Replying a message can waste the time significantly, making them unable to to focus on their work because the messages may flood in instead. The urge to keep replying will be stronger each time they glance at their blinking phone. The less disruption, the more work they can do because they focus on things that matter at the time. You should lead by example in this matter by practicing the same habit at work. Together, you and your team will be able to work faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors.

Behind the Beauty of the Komodo National Park Diving Spot

Komodo National Park never runs out of topics to discuss. For diving lovers, this area is an endless spot to explore. Komodo national park diving offers amazing and spectacular underwater charm. Thousands of colorful fish and coral reefs attract domestic and foreign diving lovers.

Komodo national park diving and its underwater currents

If you hear Komodo National Park, you will hear the underwater beauty and natural scenery. Unfortunately, diving lovers who usually dive in this spot do not provide information, about the currents in Komodo national park

The total area of this area is 1,817 square km which has a lot of dive spots for you to explore. Unfortunately, the world only hears good things about coral reefs and diverse marine life. Beginners who just have a diving certificate in Lombok and Bali, do not understand well how to save themselves from strong underwater currents information. Sometimes it will be very strong and have a twisting undercurrent.

Unpredictable currents are very high risk for novice divers. Beginners who just have a diving certificate in Lombok and Bali, do not understand well how to save themselves from strong underwater currents. The terrible thing is, underwater currents can suck divers deep into the ocean. 

Things you need to know

  • Don’t be too far from the guide
  • Memorizing hand signals
  • do not panic
  • Obey instructions

Immersed in enjoying the dives of the Komodo National Park and unknowingly being far within the range of the guide will be very dangerous. Changes in ocean currents are unpredictable. Strong currents can carry you without you knowing it

Dive spots in Komodo National Park Diving for Beginners

If you are a beginner diver, don’t be discouraged. There are many dive spots that are safe for beginners.

Crystal Bay

Crystal bay is a good alternative for beginner divers. This one spot area offers good visibility. You will find a row of unique marine life, damselfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, moray eels, and many more.

Sebayur Kecil

Sebayur Kecil is the best dive spot for beginners and for snorkeling lovers. This spot is protected from high tides where you can see fish species, boomies, crocodile fish, angelfish, trumpetfish, and many more.

 Sebalong Kecil

This spot is perfect for beginner divers. Divers can find all the marine life on this island. You can find whitetip reef sharks, frogfish, snapper, tuna and other species.