Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

At the beginning of Coronavirus pandemic, many companies start to allow their employees to work from home—and the trend has taken a whole new popularity in 2020 – 2021. As the epidemic persists, many employers recognize that this may be a long-term, if not permanent, shift in the way they do business. With the newly-found flexibility in hand, a lot of workers today starts looking for vacation rentals in nice destinations like Bali to work and refresh at the same time. This is a new opportunity that every owner of Bali villas should take. A new market has emerge, and this is how you can make your vacation houses in Bali attractive to the “workcationers”.

Provide Important Amenities for Work-Vacationers in Your Bali Villas

Providing to the “workcationers” market will be slightly different from your regular holiday-makers market. In many ways, the remote-workers guests need more practicality and efficiency in your Bali vacation rental than the usual luxury holiday items like home spa or bars. Here are some insight on what your working guests will need:

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

While most remote employees are accustomed to working from home, improvised workstations may become tedious. To attract more reservations to your vacation rental, it is critical to have various working areas in the villa. At least, one of room should be private so visitors may participate in virtual meetings without interruptions.

Provide a workplace in your vacation rental by offering a desk or a solid table for visitors to work on. If space is at a premium, provide a lap desk or a wall-mounted workstation. 

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Provide Office Needs

Provide a nice office chair as well as materials like pencils and paper. Other office items like extension chords, table lamp, or USB ports will be a greatly valuable amenities. 

The location of your workplace space is also essential; position it near a window or somewhere well-lit and roomy. Provide an outside work space if feasible. A fantastic setup will have your workcationers coming back all year. Make sure to stock up on coffee and tea as well!

Offer Strong Wifi Connection

One of the most important facilities of a private villa in Bali for remote workers is a fast and dependable Wi-Fi connection. Remote working can become nearly impossible without it. A major portion of a remote working day relies around fast, consistent internet connections, from emailing customers and participating in Zoom meetings to exchanging papers and downloading huge files. After all, dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi connections is the last thing remote workers want to do.

So, if you can provide a free Wi-Fi connection with constant high speeds, your property will instantly become more appealing to remote workers; the value of strong Wi-Fi cannot be overstated.

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Make Special Price for Long-Term Rates

Unlike short-term renters who are only wanting to go away for the weekend, most remote employees are looking for holiday properties that provide longer stays. This is due to the fact that remote employees prefer to stay in one location for a longer length of time. It’s time to create a long-term stay package of your exclusive villas in Bali to attract the attentions of remote professionals. 

Create Inspiring Itineraries for the Work-Vacationers Around the Bali Holiday Villas

Creating experiences with the visitor in mind is an important aspect of presenting your resort as a worthy working vacation or flex-cation location. Because many activities and attractions have been halted or curtailed owing to government rules, your package or landing page should focus on those that are still open and available. Find out what is still open in your region, then provide experiences and one-of-a-kind chances to attract people to remain with you, such as a breakdown of local restaurants they could appreciate for takeaway orders if they are not available for in-house dining.

How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

Starting and running your own business is so aspiring for many people. However, it comes with its perks and hazards. For example, it makes you work all the time especially in the beginning where you just start your business and you have to fulfill so many different roles at once. It is often for entrepreneurs to become workaholic. Sometimes, it is out of necessity. However, it is also possible for  you to pursue your business goals without becoming a workaholic by adopting good system both for you and your business. 

How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

How to pursue you business goals passionately while putting the brakes on

The problem of running your own business is that most of the time you have no one rely on. You don’t have boss to help you and so many challenges you have to face almost on daily basis. It forces you to overwork all the time. In the end, you are experiencing major burnout, and so here are some tips to avoid it:

Check up on yourself

It is important to ask yourself important questions from time to time such as ‘am I suffering from fatigue?’, ‘ why are you feeling tired lately?’. when you experience pain or discomfort, it may be a sign for you to evaluate yourself to see if there is something you need to fix with your lifestyle. Finding balance is important when it comes to running your own business while maintaining your personal life. It may be impossible to reach perfect balance but at least you know when to put the brakes on. 

Focus on one direction

One of the most common things many entrepreneurs experience is that their focus spread to different branches, making them unable to see the clear vision. To know where you are headed, you have to know what your vision is. Set clear vision and goal of what you truly want to achieve in your business. Hence, you know what will distract you from reaching your goals and how to avoid or deal with them. 

Identify your core values

Business needs a core value to and so does your personal life. Core values will help you to stay focused and able to make the best choices. Honoring your core values is important because it will be very helpful for you to make decision at work. For example, your core value of personal life is your family. Hence, you know when to focus on them and get off from work-related matters if it is time for you to spend with your family. 

Create the right system

The system help you to set up a routine consisting of healthy habits you can follow on daily to keep you stay on track. For example, with the right system, you know when to sleep, drink water, breath, think, exercise, etc. By the right system, it is possible for you reduce the overall exhaustion. Standardize your system simply, such as keeping your bottle water next to you so you won’t forget to drink during work hours. 

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

Customer’s retention is one big part of vacation rental industry and, as owner of luxury villas in Bali, you surely want your guests to keep coming back to your vacation house. The relationship does not have to cease just because the guest stay is ended. Encourage repeat guests since it benefits both parties. As an owner, you get to host guests you already know and trust. Meanwhile, guests get to stay at a place where they know they’ll have a good time. 

Why Returning Guest is Important for Your Bali Villas

While all guests are important to the hotel industry, the benefits of recurring business cannot be overlooked. One of the most significant aspects of a hotel’s success is customer loyalty. Obviously, acquiring new clients is crucial for generating repeat business, but maintaining existing customers is where the real money is made. And it’s not just the hotel business that understands that client retention is the key to success.

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

You want your guests to feel at ease, but you also want it to be even better than being in their own home. Fill your Bali luxury villas with tiny extras that major chain hotels can’t or won’t conceive of! Consider things like improved coffee makers and other small appliances. Provide daily equipment they’ll need to prepare their favorite show-stopper dish. Have it ready when they think of anything they wish they would’ve brought from home. Your guests will remember that you took the effort to make their stay as smooth and delightful as possible. This way, they will want to return next year since the experience was so good.

Always Make Yourself Available

To keep your customers happy, be ready for contact at all times. Ensure that a staff member is available to assist them whenever they want to make a reservation, change the details of their trip, question about your services, availability, costs, or just get a firsthand description, regardless of the hour or time zone.

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Keep Your Visitors Up to Date

Effective and well-understood communication is the fundamental to a good relationship between any two people. With this in mind, keep your guests up to date on all they need to know about their stay, the villa, the surrounding locations, the personnel, the activities available, and so on.

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Every owner, staff member, and agent is proud of the Bali luxury villas that they work from. Ensure that your live-in crew of housekeepers, landscapers, and handymen maintain the villa on a regular basis and inspect for signs of damage or concerns that need to be addressed. Do not wait for the harm to accumulate before addressing it.

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Make Guests Feel Important

Everyone wants to feel important. One way to do so is to pay attention to your vacation rental guests and their tales. Make them feel as if your property is completely for their benefit. Go the extra mile for your guests to personalize their encounter as much as possible. When guests arrive at your property, they should be greeted properly. Give them personalized welcome note that includes instructions on everything they need to know about their stay. Consider providing complimentary items like snacks or wine, robes and slippers, and free Wi-Fi. You could also include local artisan products like soaps and lotions in the welcome basket.

Give the Right Amount of Care

All of your guests require attention, but only the appropriate quantity should be given. Remember that these people are on vacation and require calm, pleasant time, as well as solitude. Allow them to enjoy themselves and offer aid only when requested.

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

There are almost 4 billions smartphones are being used around the world. It means, many people have access to a powerful mobile device. Today, almost everything can be accessed through mobile. You can make transaction online without stepping out of your house. With this idea, it is a must for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growth of technology use. it is time for you to incorporate mobile technology into your interactions with your customers, providing more seamless experience. 

Using mobile technology to drive your business

Mobile devices are one of the most powerful platforms to drive business innovations because you can improve your marketing optimize your customer service experience. Keep in mind that the future is mobile and you can choose to incorporate it now or later when everyone is already ahead. And here are ways incorporating mobile technology can drive your business significantly:

Transform shopping experience

Due to the situation with the pandemic, many people are now having trust issues to go outside and shopping. In-person shopping has become less exciting experience for many customers because they concerns of their own safety. Many retails establishment close off due to the impact of the pandemic. With this situation, you can improve and reestablish your customer shopping experience by delivering personalized in-store experience via mobile devices. With this idea, you can provide help for customers in finding, researching, and comparing items. Optimize their experience by providing a mobile service that can help them try on products virtually. 

Offer more payment options

Offer more payment options

Cashless payment is not actually something new. It has been used even before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has made it reach higher percentage of people who use cashless payment now. Many people prefer cashless payment because it is easy, fast, safe, and efficient. Even if the pandemic is finally contained, it seems customers will still prefer this payment method. Hence, you can enhance their buying experience by offering improved cashless payment methods via mobile devices. By giving your customers this option, you ensure them that they will never pass your business by just because they forgot their wallet. 

Offer more convenience 

By incorporating mobile technology into your interaction with customers, you offer more convenience to them. For example, they can easily pay for the products they buy by scanning the QR codes, or they can simply select the menu via QR codes. Furthermore, it also helps your physical space clean with less physical interaction with your customers. It helps ensure everyone’s safety because the risk of disease transmission can be reduced this way. It is not impossible that the future will be even more touchless. 

Monitor customer interest provide seamless customer service

By incorporating mobile technology, you can get information about your customer interest and behavior. Hence, you can promote more personalized offering for them without jeopardizing their online security. Also, mobile technology can help improve customer service experience because then you can provide faster response via different channels, making it more efficient for both you and customers to reach each other out. 

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

Vacation rentals are becoming more popular as an investment property in Bali. Not only among big property investors, but also individuals who seek for second stream of income. There are lots of villas in Bali available for sale; but turning into an actual vacation rental that sell well need some works. Here’s some insight to do it right and make your vacation rental business flourish.

Choose Location of Your Bali Villas Wisely

Location is one of the most important factors to consider before you buy villas in Bali. Whether it’s in the beachy strip of Canggu or nestled deep in the lush forest of Tabanan, location can either make or break your business. The greatest investment property is a home with direct access to a local attraction. People who come to Bali for the very first time usually would look for a villa that close to the city centre, beaches, or theme park.

Work on Interior Design

Work on Bali villas Interior Design

With so many Bali villas available in the market, one of the way to stay competitive is by presenting unique interior design. Before making a reservation, most customers check at the vacation home’s interior decor. Simple improvements such as a distinctive chandelier, a bookcase in the corner, traditional décor, and local art may dramatically increase the appeal of your rental home. Consider employing a professional interior designer if you don’t have an aesthetic eye.

Make the Overall Bali Villas Look Stunning

Decorate and decorate your home to make it a welcoming environment for your visitors. If the appearance of your property impresses your visitors, they may even share it on Instagram. And that’s free promotion for you right now!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Don’t forget about the outside areas while freshening up the inside living spaces of your condominiums or single family houses. Make sure your decks, as well as the seats and tables on them, are in good working order. Fire pits, patios, hot tubs, outdoor grills, and swimming pools should all be taken into consideration. More bookings will result from investing in your outside living space.

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Manage Your Pool

Swimming pools are highly sought after in many vacation houses in Bali. This island’s humid and hot weather can only be completed with a refreshing dip in the pool! Pools is a great way to cool down and adds great fun to guests’ experience. As pool become one of the main highlights of your vacation rental, you need to regularly maintain the pool. Check your PH balance every week, skim leaves and floating debris in the surface, and treat your pool every month.

Clean All Your Family Photos and Personal Belongings

The vacation rentals where guests feel most at ease are those with the least amount of indication of previous occupants. I become a little uneasy when I see a lot of family photographs, heaps of personal documents, clothes, or toiletries about. If you rent out your home, keep as much of your personal belongings hidden as possible and keep what is visible neatly arranged. Allow your visitors some space to unpack their belongings–dresser drawers for clothing, bathroom shelves for amenities, kitchen counter space for groceries, and space away from your mess.

Important Elements To Deliver Excellent Customer Service Post-Pandemic

Important Elements To Deliver Excellent Customer Service Post-Pandemic

Even though the pandemic has not ended yet, this year is full of hope due to the vaccination that has been started. Hence, many are expecting a robust economic recovery started this year. However, it is also important to remember that things won’t simply back to normal like it used to before the pandemic because some changes may remain. There are many aspects that have shifted significantly in business especially consumers behaviors and preferences. 

Delivering excellent customer service after pandemic

Consumers have changed for this past year so you should adapt to the situation swiftly. You need to shift your techniques to meet your consumer’s changing needs and preferences. It is not easy but if you can do it then it will be so much rewarding for the future of your business. Here are important elements you should have to deliver excellent customer service post-pandemic:

Digital acceleration to provide self-service

Digital adoption during the pandemic has been implemented to another level. The new digital architecture of consumer today has become a major factor in business. It won’t disappear even after the pandemic ends. Digital transformation of consumer life is important to build interaction via digital channels. However, it is more than that because digital transformation can be a way for consumers to not interact directly with you. Why?

Digital acceleration to provide self-service

Not all consumers want to always interact with you when they have certain problems related to their purchase of your product or service. Some of them don’t even really like calling a customer service line to ask for solution. Some of your consumers may prefer self-service because they can find their own solution without having to interact with you directly. 

It makes them in control of how to find their way and make decision without any persuasion from anywhere. Also, this kind of self-service is found to be more satisfying for consumers. Therefore, it is important to consider digital acceleration to provide self-service experience to your consumers. It is a great way to maintain your relationships with your consumers in the long run. 

Find more opportunities to create magic moments

Creating digital acceleration to provide self-service experience is a great idea. However, there are some situations in which self-service won’t be an optimal way to help consumers solving their problems. Hence, you need to find another way to deliver excellent customer service. During a call with consumers, it is strongly suggest that you don’t just dismiss their problems especially if it relates to their difficulty to pay their debt for example. 

Instead of dismissing your consumers, you need to listen and learn. Find out what factors impacting your consumers’ lives and what you can do to help them. If they have problem with the payment, maybe you can help them with their debt by offering more flexible personalized payment as well as with their well-being. The magic moment happens during this time around because you learn how to understand your consumers better, making them feel heard, valued, and supported. 

Practices You Need To Future-Proof Your Business

Practices You Need To Future-Proof Your Business

When the pandemic hit last year, many businesses tried really hard to survive. It has affected the global economy. As for now, businesses are starting to put their hope on brighter future with how vaccination is on going. Achieving and maintaining stability is what most businesses are trying to do now. However, it is also a time for you to make a big plans to face the years to come. It also means that you have to prepare yourself and your business to face any challenges that will come in the future even if the pandemic stops. And that is why future-proofing your business is essential. 

How to future-proof your business

When it comes to future-proofing your business, you need to make big plans which include the big picture of all. You need to make sure that your plans will turn your company vision into reality while maintaining stability and resiliency. And here are some practices you need to do to make it happen:

Focus on growth by learning

The global pandemic hitting the global economy has taught us many valuable lessons. For business leader like you, taking lessons from every hardship you face is a must because it is what makes you grow. You have built strong foundation throughout the pandemic so you use it to future-proof your business better. Through this, you can find ways to optimize and improve your business. You can start your effort by creating stability and showing your teams that they can depend on their job. Also, establish open communication and be transparent with your growth plans with everyone involved in your business especially your team. 

Try out new growth strategies and tactics

You can do it by testing out new marketing strategy for example. You can take advantage of social media platforms such as TikTok which has been proved to be effective for business because that is where Gen-Z and future generations are. There is so much potential with the social media platform you can use to your benefit. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, start familiarizing yourself with it right now. 

Take digital shift

Since last year, digital shift has been used as a way to survive. Many businesses were forced to go digital last year. However, you can use it to your benefit to future-proof your business instead. You have seen how virtual operation has actually created more engagement. Hence, digital transformation can be used to thrive as well. It is worth the investment because it can increase efficiency in your company which in result help your business to grow revenue. 

Consider hybrid working environment

It has been over a year for working from home policy and now many businesses reconsidering it to be applied as permanent thing. Many employees missed a return to an office where they work like normal. However, they also crave a permanent option where they can work from home. Hence, you can consider offering hybrid working environment where your employees are given flexibility to work from home at least occasionally with clear policies and expectations. 

Preparing Your Private Villa Ubud As Holiday Rental: A First Timer Guide

The popularity of Ubud is growing ever since Julia Robert’s Eat Pray & Love movie booms, and the amount of curious travelers visiting this cultural town never dwindle ever since. All this travelers needed a home to stay. If you have a private villa in Ubud that’s ready for guests, here’s how you should prepare it right, make it stand out, and meet guests’ expectation.

Preparing Your Villa Ubud As Holiday Rental A First Timer Guide

Make Sure Your Private Villa Ubud is Easy to Find

We know many owners of private villa in Ubud that take pride in being secluded from the city lives. While this gives a blissful seclusion and upmost privacy, sometimes it’s also means that the villa is located far from the roads and needs more than Google map to be found. Before guests come, it’s good to send them the exact location and detailed guide thorough email. Keep in mind that your guest is in unfamiliar territory and may be experiencing jet lag. If you don’t have B&B signage, draw attention to the entrance with an eye-catching feature or bright colors.

Make it simple to locate the keys and gain access to the front door so that your visitors may get a head start on their stay. Make your house number stand out with a bright color or put something striking that helps your property to be recognized from afar.

Keep House’s Keys Visible but Safe

The most common reason that hosts are contacted is for keys. However, there is nothing more frustrating than being a willing host but being thousands of miles away from the property. Guests will be at ease if the property is secure – and if there is a routine for entering and exiting the property. Encourage guests to leave their keys in the lockbox whenever they leave the house so they don’t lose them.

A Dedicated Spot to Unwind at the Private Villa Ubud

A Dedicated Spot to Unwind at the Private Villa Ubud

Holiday visitors are usually in a laid-back mood, searching for areas to wander and rest. After all, the purpose of the holidays is to provide much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Provide a feature chair in a cozy nook in the bedroom or a peaceful corner of the living room with a stack of books nearby. Even the tiniest of visitors will return for more.

Stock the Kitchen with Basic Essentials

If you go grocery shopping frequently, you know how easy it is to forget to replace staples like oil, salt, and pepper that have run out. Your visitors will appreciate not having to worry about carrying or purchasing basic groceries while on vacation. Make a list of everything your guests will need to cook. Before each visit, a checklist will remind you to replenish the salt and dishwashing detergent.

Stock Up the Dining Essentials

Don’t forget the dining sets: the plates, mugs, wine glasses, knives, spoon, forks, and knife. Also, match the dining sets to the maximum number guests at your private villa Ubud. If you advertise that your property can sleep up to eight people, you’ll need eight of everything, including mugs, glasses, knives, and forks. This may seem apparent, but in the bustle and excitement of getting a house ready, we see that it’s one of the most ignored things by a villa owner.

Prioritise Comfort in the Bedroom

Prioritise Comfort in the Bedroom

Every guest wants a nice night’s sleep, but you must strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Overstuffed pillows and opulent bedlinen are costly and difficult to clean after each guest’s stay. A neutral duvet cover with a mid- to upper-quality duvet inner and, at a minimum, two high-loft pillows are the best choices. Stained duvet inners are not acceptable. Look for specials and buy a new, fresh-smelling duvet inner, as well as sheets and duvets that you exclusively use for visitors.

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Lots of Clothes Hangers

How many private villa owners overlooked clothes hangers? This small yet important feature will be very well-appreciated by your guests. Your guests will be able to hang their clothes, especially if you are in a metropolis and they require formal or professional attire. Hooks or hangers don’t have to be pricey if you don’t have access to a wardrobe or don’t have the funds or space to install one. Make a statement in a room with old-school hooks or an eclectic collection of different hanging pieces.

The Importance Of Security For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

The Importance Of Security For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

It is crucial for many entrepreneurs and small business owners to know the importance of security and how to prioritize it when running their business. Cybersecurity and other protections are essentials to ensure the safety of business operation and everything confidential. You can build variety of shields to minimize (and if possible fully terminate) the risks of breaches. Also, it is important to know how minimize the damage if the breaches occur. 

Developing stronger cybersecurity for your company

In today’s way of running business, we cannot dismiss the importance of technology. It brings many benefits to make business operation runs smoothly and efficiently. However, there are still risks you need to calculate and minimize. Hence, it is essential to build stronger cybersecurity for your business, such as:

Do not think your business is too small to be target of cybercrime

You will never be too small to be targeted because you can still attract the attention of attackers no matter what. There is always entry point in which attackers can charge their attacks so you should take it seriously. In fact, small businesses are often the easier targets for attackers because they fail perform security audits, carry the right insurance coverage, or put int he resources to protect themselves. 

Do not think of ‘if’ but ‘when’ data breaches happen

It is not an if question but more like when question you need to concern about. The rate of data breaches along with phishing schemes and other cyberattacks has grown significantly over the years. It is best to assume that your business will be attacked so you know what to plan as a response to which the situation occurs. This way, you will know how to handle it better because you have outlined every possible scenario.

Security is business problem

When you have this kind of thinking, you will not hesitate to make beneficial investment for your business’s security. Also, you will put more effort to ensure your business’s security without complaining or asking twice. Security is important matter that cannot be approached halfway. You need to be all out before the attacks cause disastrous impacts to your business. In fact, it can cause monetary loss downtime, and many more disasters to your company’s bottom line. 

Beware of the weakest links in your cyber defense strategy

People can be your biggest asset and biggest risk when it comes to cybersecurity. Hackers will mostly like to look for entry points in employee IoT devices as well as unsecured home networks. That’s what makes them the weakest link. However, they can also become the biggest asset if you can identify them and provide extra security measure while educating your employees. It is also strongly recommended to have backups of all your business’s data nightly. Also, find trusted security partners to help keep your business safe from cyberattacks. Find true professionals who know what they do and are reliable to be a long-term partner. 

Maximise Your Bali Villas for Rent Income, This is How

Maximise Your Bali Villas for Rent Income, This is How

Purchasing villas in Bali is easy. But making profit as you put your Bali villas for rent? That’s another story. You might think that you need a business and marketing degree to yield success from your vacation rental, but it’s actually a lot simpler than that. You just need some clever marketing strategy, determination, and a witty brain to catch on opportunities. We’ve put up a list of quick fixes to help you increase your earnings and help you along the way.

Manage A Direct Book with Your Own Website

Don’t put all of your trust in your rental management business. If you don’t employ a management business, consider developing your own website. For anyone who wants to direct book more with their own platform, there are a plethora of options available. In under a day, you may construct a website with a vacation rental theme thanks to WordPress. Register your domain name with Godaddy, set up your hosting, create a WordPress website with the appropriate theme, and begin constructing yourself. No prior coding knowledge is required.

You may market your vacation rental yourself in a number of cost-effective methods (you’ll see that booking through agencies can easily cost you 15% commission for bookings alone). When you have visitors who have previously booked with you, you can easily get them to rebook on your own platform.

Planning Detailed Pricing for Your Bali Villas for Rent

Long-term rentals aren’t your competition as a vacation rental operator; instead, hotels and other comparable vacation units are. Get a feel of how much hotels and other vacation rentals in your area cost. On a nightly basis, look for a savings of roughly 20% compared to nearby hotels. Keep in mind that as you and your item gain traction, your pricing can and should grow. With few or no reviews at first, you’ll most likely need to tempt your first guests with low prices. You can boost your pricing to meet or slightly exceed neighboring competition once you’ve established validity through reviews.

Keep in mind that pricing of your Bali villas for rent does not end with your nightly fee. Your cleaning fee, additional guest fees, pet fees, and any other costs you levy are all included. Charge a cleaning fee if you want to, but don’t use it as a ruse to raise your charges. Keep your nightly rates transparent and price it based on your actual cleaning fees.

Behold the Power of Impressive Villa Decoration

Behold the Power of Impressive Villa Decoration

You don’t have to decorate your villa to the nines to win guests’ heart. It’s as simple as equipping the Bali villas for rent with high-quality interior designs and decorations to give good impression for your guests.

Amenities Upgrade

To reap good profit, you need to seriously invest, too. That is only a logical continuation of the prior point. Purchase a good-looking TV, a good-sounding stereo, a gaming console for the kids, and super-fast internet.

Also, once you’ve purchased these, be sure to include them in the description of your holiday villa. When you explain that you have a Samsung 100-inch TV with BOSE surround sound and a PS3 gaming console, you can bet that at least half of your family has already decided to rent your apartment!

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Lure Guests with Longer Stays at Your Bali Villas for Rent

Turnovers, like long-term rentals, account for the majority of labor and expenditures in managing short-term rentals. Renting to ten guests in a month takes significantly more time and money than renting to a single guest for the full month, from cleaning to scheduling access with guests and addressing their inquiries.

Furthermore, brief bookings can cost you longer, more valuable engagements. When someone leases your apartment for one night, it precludes a potential two-week guest from booking it for that time period.

As a result, set your price accordingly. Charge a higher nightly cost for stays of less than a week, then give a discount to guests who remain for more than seven days.

Create A “Free Marketing” Spot or the Selfie Spot

Create a social media presence for your property and make sure you have a few fantastic areas for selfies. People enjoy tagging themselves in images taken in popular vacation places on social media. Your prospective future visitors include all of their friends or followers.