What To Consider When Scaling Your Business Operation

What To Consider When Scaling Your Business Operation

As your business grows, comes the need to scale its operation in order to compete properly. Businesses scale their business operation in many different ways. Some of them start with the automation the manual processes to increase productivity with or without lessening the staffs. Some other businesses scale operation by staffing and training up instead. There are also other businesses that consider outsourcing. Regardless, it is important to be fully prepared when deciding to scale business operation to achieve the outcomes. 

Scaling your business operation smoothly

It is not easy to scale operation of your business that is growing and doing good. There is always urge to do it immediately as you don’t want to lose the momentum. However, being in a rush won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it is important to know what to consider when scaling business operation so you know what strategy to make or what goals to expect.

The idea of staffing up

Many businesses consider staffing up the moment their business operation get busier than usual. They think that with how workload is going to pile up, they need more people to handle those. With more works means more employees to hire. However, it is best to not so in a rush in adding more staffs in your organization. 

It is best that you pay attention to important aspect of staffing up. For example, with more staffs, the cost will  add up as well. Not to mention that staffing up will be a waste if it doesn’t change the visibility or increase the transparency of information. Staffing up also affect how your relationship with your customers. Your newly hired staffs might not be ready to fulfill their responsibilities in short-time. 

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The idea of outsourcing

Another way to scale operation many businesses tend to choose is outsourcing. This is when you hire well-trained employees from outsourcing company. It is considered practical solution for some business as it can save hiring process time. However, you still have to consider the possible drawbacks. For example, you no longer have full control over the quality of the work being done by the new staffs. There is also possible loss of transparency and visibility in this type of relationship. 

The idea of automation

The purpose of automation manual operation is to speed up the process, making work to be done more efficiently. It also means less human to do the work. Hence, many businesses consider this as a great idea to scale their business operation. However, it is also important to see the challenges it carries. For example, it might require retaining existing valuable work that is more impactful. It also need more monitoring and supervising because it involves more IT process. 

With so many ideas of scaling your business operation, it is a must that you take great considerations into every aspect and possibility. To keep up with rapid growth, you can make decision that is best for your business and everyone involves by a well-planned scale.

An Understanding of Digital Detox Trend: Guide for Beach Villa Owners!

An Understanding of Digital Detox Trend: Guide for Beach Villa Owners!
Image source: Instagram/@explorebali @yoshitech3

Growing mental health awareness, combined with the pressures of social media, is causing an increasing number of vacationers to disengage from their devices. To tap into on this new trend of travels, holiday accommodation that offer “digital detoxes” are gaining popularity. Hoteliers are boasting experiences that encourage guests to live in the moment, from declaring ‘phone free’ zones and offering awards to guests who disengage to off-the-grid hotels eschewing Wi-Fi entirely. For owners of beach villa in Bali, these are everything you need to know to make your property appealing for the mental-health-conscious travelers. 

The Rising Trend of Digital Detox and Slow Travel

In 2018, Internet research on ‘digital detox’ saw a 42 percent increase, with one out of every five customers participating. While on vacation, an increasing number of travelers appear to wish to disconnect, detach themselves from their electronic gadgets, and even more. It became necessary to disconnect. The term “digital detox” refers to a type of therapeutic rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, slow travel has also emerged as a new type of tourism. This trend began around the same time that people became aware of climate change. Physical and technical decelerations, as well as a digital detox and purposeful simplicity of movements and consuming habits, are all part of this tourism.

How Digital-Detox Travelers and Slow-Traveler Behaves

The benefits related to a disconnection are: to be brought back  basics, being physically, geographically and socially present with the surroundings. It also brings an open mind, trying new activities, allowing a better quality of sleep, or even speaking another language. It has been found that digital detox enthusiasts generally spend their holiday time in spiritual or regenerative retreats including activities focused on maintaining silence such as yoga and life reflexion through meditating. They love to spend a lot of time in the vacation house and take all time needed to focus just on their self. 

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With all of these information of digital detox and slow travel trend, how can you apply it in your beach villa Bali? 

How to Promote Your Beach Villa Bali as Digital Detox Destination

How to Promote Your Beach Villa Bali as Digital Detox Destination

Consider how you can make the most of what you already have in and around your property when thinking about wellness facilities to add to your listing. Are there any peaceful perspectives to be had, for example? Make the most of that bonus by investing in some outside furniture or refinishing the deck flooring so that yogis may practice while watching the sunset.

A Spare Room Dedicated for Home Gym

Consider designating an extra room as a location for fitness equipment and exercise for guests who want to get a workout in without having to leave your property. Even if a full home gym isn’t feasible, investing in some dumbbells, resistance bands, and yoga mats can provide the ideal setting for health-conscious travelers who want to keep up their fitness routine while on the road.

Decorate for Calm Ambience 

Decorate for Calm Ambience

Guests will already love the calmness and closeness to nature ambience when they are staying in a private beach villa in Bali. However, small things such as high-quality speakers for music, candles for atmosphere, and, of course, high-quality mattresses and bed sheets to ensure a good night’s sleep, may all add to the guests experience. Wellness travelers spend 130 percent more than the average visitor, indicating that they want a stay that is as much about an experience as it is about a place to sleep — and they’re ready to pay a premium for it.

Think About Nearby Natural Attractions

Make sure to check out all of the attractions near your listing. During the pandemic, nature reserves or local running and walking routes are wonderful, wellness-oriented activities that will appeal to this visitor type. Do your homework and capitalize on your discoveries by emphasizing them in your listings and on your direct booking website. Try to frame the local beach near your Bali villa as a place to get alone or to have a meditative sunrise yoga. Highlight nearby hot spring water or holy sites that guests can visit for restorative spirituality.

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Highlight Sustainability and Green Living Your Bali Villas 

As mentioned above, most of the slow-travel guests also take extra concern to climate change and sustainability. So, start to include more sustainable lifestyle inside your beach villa Bali. In the views of potential guests that care about the environment and would want to stay in a more environmentally friendly space, a recycle or compost bin, canvas shopping bags, and environmentally friendly lighting can go a long way. For guests who are environmentally aware, include recycled supplies such as recycled paper rolls and travel water bottles. In your listing descriptions, make sure to emphasize the eco-friendly efforts you’ve taken.

With the advent of wellness tourism luring tourists to book health-focused stays, investing in your listings to appeal to wellness warriors can help you remain ahead of the competition and guarantee your business flourishes as this trend gains traction!

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

People always say that customers are kings and whatever they need should be fulfilled. The thing is, customers are not always right. Sometimes, they make impossible request or complain about irrational matters. However, saying no to them can put yourself in uncomfortable decision not knowing how the customers will react to being denied. Not to mention that it potentially puts your relationship in dangerous edge. 

Being tactful when dealing with difficult customers

It is important to maintain positive working arrangement with your customers. To do so, you need to be more tactful in dealing with them when they are being difficult. It is necessary to set boundaries without potentially harming your relationship with your difficult customers. And here are some tips to deal with difficult customers more tactfully:

Part ways respectfully and nicely when necessary

It is impossible for customers to always right. Fulfilling each of their demands can be impossible as well especially when it doesn’t bring any good for both parties. Hence, make sure to know when to part ways. If it is better to let go of your clients, part ways respectfully and nicely. Make sure to take this decision after weighing down everything thoroughly. If they are good customers and valuable, fight for them. If they are not, let go of them. 

Ask necessary questions

When your customers keep asking or demanding things from you to the point where you think is impossible to fulfill, make sure to ask questions. Ask why they are asking what they are asking for. It allows your customers to think about the demand or requests more rationally. There is possibility of them changing their mind. If your customers don’t seem to understand what they ask for yet being stubborn about it, maybe you need to let them on their way. 

Offer alternative options

Before saying no or when it is difficult to say no to your customers, try offering alternative options to them. This can be a way for you to say no to your customer’s impossible demand without actually saying it. Try delivering more options they can choose that fits their needs without impacting your margins. 

Accommodate with conditions

When your customers demand things too far from what you can actually perform or deliver, you can agree to what they ask for but it comes with some conditions. These conditions can accommodate their needs even though they are not exactly what the customers want initially. The point is to make sure both parties are satisfied. 

Underpromise and overdeliver

It should be your principle to underpromise and overdeliver rather than the other way around. Make sure to not promise anything above what your brand can perform. Try to be as honest as possible with your promise so your customers won’t set their expectation too high and end up extremely upset when it is not delivered well. Honesty is a key to build healthy relationship with your customers. So when customer ask for something that you can’t deliver, you can say no and set boundaries. 

5 Steps Marketing Your Vacation Rental Bali for Wellness Trend

5 Steps Marketing Your Luxury villa rental Bali to Wellness Trend

Ever since the rise of mental health issues since 2020, people are beginning to recognize and accept the indications of stress, worry, and depression more than ever before, and are taking action to address them. One of the favourite is taking a wellness break; a moment to heal, isolate, and reconnect with the nature. It’s evident that this is a growing trend, which is fantastic news for owners and managers of luxury villa rental in Bali. Particularly in vacation rentals that feature easy access to nature, scenic hiking, biking routes, and other outdoor activities.

Why You Need to Promote Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali as Wellness Retreat

As a vacation rental owner or property manager in Bali, encouraging health in your marketing is a terrific way to increase bookings. Traditional hotel rooms tend to be smaller and less comfortable than alternative options. They’re also a more cost-effective option for groups of wellness travelers. The growing interest in wellness has permeated the travel industry as well. According to a Skift survey conducted in 2019, an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents claimed that physical and mental wellbeing activities play a significant role in their travel preferences. Following a period of stagnation during COVID-19, it is once again on the rise as more individuals place a premium on their personal well-being.

We’ll go through what property managers need to know about proactively appealing to and capturing guests interested in wellness travel in this blog post.

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Know What Does Wellness Retreat Means

So, what makes a vacation a wellness vacation? Every traveller has his or her own definition of wellness. Some people choose calm spa treatments and yoga sessions to destress, while others prefer daring bikes or walk along mountainous rail to see the beauty of nature. Take a moment to look at what options around your luxury villa rental Bali that you can use for your advantage. 

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

One thing we’ve learned about travel habits is that guests enjoy doing extensive research before making a final selection.

By targeting the keywords they are looking for on search engines, your website is the ideal spot to reach potential guests in the discovery phase. Make various contents that reflect wellness and peaceful stay, like yoga session or rejuvenating spa for your social media content. 

You can establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy voice on all things wellness in your location by developing content around these topics. You can also use an exclusive time-sensitive special offer, remarketing campaigns, or email updates to retarget your website guests for the highest chance of closing the booking.

Example of Wellness Retreats

Your rental (or destination) must appeal to tourists seeking a wellness experience in order to qualify as an appropriate location for a wellness vacation. While there are no common criteria for what constitutes a wellness vacation rental, wellness travelers look for a variety of activities, facilities, and features in a luxurious vacation rental home in Bali.

Here’s some idea to apply in your villas:

  • Eco Retreat
  • Zero Waste Stay
  • Natural Balinese Spa
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Flower Bath
  • Scuba Diving & Stay
  • Surfing

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Create Wellness Package in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

International wellness travelers spend an average of $1,528 each trip, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, which is almost 53% more than the average international guests. It’s also important to know that wellness travelers are more impulsed to spend more in their retreat, which opens up the up-selling. This means owners can profit from travelers’ willingness to pay more on this type of trip. 

Create wellness packages for guests that include your villa rental and a variety of activities at an unbeatable price. This can be as basic as an on-site massage or meditation session, but it will provide significant value to your guests.

You can also form a partnership with local business to create wellness package bundle. Also, try to cooperate Balinese culture in your villa rental. Bali is one of the most popular destination for wellness and healing trip among travelers, anyway!

Here are some wellness package ideas you can try:

  • Two night stay in your villa with one yoga session in nearby yoga studio. 
  • 2N3D package with Balinese herbal drink class + Balinese massage with flower bath.
  • 1 week stay with free kombucha drink from XXX vegan cafe + Melukat ceremony.

The Little Things That Matter For Your Customers

There are so many little things in life that can make big differences. Sometimes, your happiness is not about achieving something big but those little things that feel truly relatable to you. In business, it is also the same. Sometimes what your customers appreciate most is not something grande but more like the little actions you do for them. 

The Little Things That Matter For Your Customers

When one small action is done alone, it may not seem significant. But when you combine a series of small actions, they may transform your customers’ experience to another level. And that’s why you should start paying attention to detail when it comes to your customers. And here are the little things that matters for your customers to improve their buying experience with you.

Creating a memorable, impressive experience

You don’t have to go all beyond creating luxurious package of your products to make your customer happy with what they buy from you. You can instead pay attention to small detail especially to your interaction with your customers. Make a stronger impression in doing so. For example, personalize your email to customers so they know that you talk to them and offer things that they personally needed. You can also do it by sending a customized packaging that is used to deliver your products to your customers. 

Personalization is one of the most important point in improving customer’s experience. It is often forgotten by many companies who only chase spectacular sales. Personalization can do wonder to make customers feel appreciated, special, and happy in general. They feel like they are being noticed by the brand they like and that they are provided with what they truly need with compassion. 

To make personalization easier, you can track your customers using advanced analytic tools so you know your customer’s buying pattern and behavior. Many retailers have used this method in order to personalize their offer to their customers. For example, they send personalized coupons for the items an individual buys most often because they have gained the information from the tool they used. 

Minimizing errors

Mistakes happens in every part of our life including in business industry. However, making multiple errors is not something to be excused of. Instead, it is something that needs to be fixed. If you find so many errors in your business, especially with your customers or employees, you may need to fix some areas, but especially in communication area. Therefore, it is important to establish effective communication in your organization. It is also essential that you encourage attention to detail in maintaining effective communication. You can do it by ensuring appointing who is accountable for specific part of the project. Hence, everyone can work efficiently and smoothly. 

You need to encourage your employees to also pay attention to small details. To make it easier for them to understand how to do it, set an example of how you communicate with them, what tone you use both to employees and customers, etc. Effective communication can be established if it is done regularly so everyone understand their own responsibilities. 

Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

Bali Villas Owner Tips: Why You Should Market Your Villa for Working Vacation Market

At the beginning of Coronavirus pandemic, many companies start to allow their employees to work from home—and the trend has taken a whole new popularity in 2020 – 2021. As the epidemic persists, many employers recognize that this may be a long-term, if not permanent, shift in the way they do business. With the newly-found flexibility in hand, a lot of workers today starts looking for vacation rentals in nice destinations like Bali to work and refresh at the same time. This is a new opportunity that every owner of Bali villas should take. A new market has emerge, and this is how you can make your vacation houses in Bali attractive to the “workcationers”.

Provide Important Amenities for Work-Vacationers in Your Bali Villas

Providing to the “workcationers” market will be slightly different from your regular holiday-makers market. In many ways, the remote-workers guests need more practicality and efficiency in your Bali vacation rental than the usual luxury holiday items like home spa or bars. Here are some insight on what your working guests will need:

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

Provide A Dedicated Workspace in the Villa

While most remote employees are accustomed to working from home, improvised workstations may become tedious. To attract more reservations to your vacation rental, it is critical to have various working areas in the villa. At least, one of room should be private so visitors may participate in virtual meetings without interruptions.

Provide a workplace in your vacation rental by offering a desk or a solid table for visitors to work on. If space is at a premium, provide a lap desk or a wall-mounted workstation. 

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Provide Office Needs

Provide a nice office chair as well as materials like pencils and paper. Other office items like extension chords, table lamp, or USB ports will be a greatly valuable amenities. 

The location of your workplace space is also essential; position it near a window or somewhere well-lit and roomy. Provide an outside work space if feasible. A fantastic setup will have your workcationers coming back all year. Make sure to stock up on coffee and tea as well!

Offer Strong Wifi Connection

One of the most important facilities of a private villa in Bali for remote workers is a fast and dependable Wi-Fi connection. Remote working can become nearly impossible without it. A major portion of a remote working day relies around fast, consistent internet connections, from emailing customers and participating in Zoom meetings to exchanging papers and downloading huge files. After all, dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi connections is the last thing remote workers want to do.

So, if you can provide a free Wi-Fi connection with constant high speeds, your property will instantly become more appealing to remote workers; the value of strong Wi-Fi cannot be overstated.

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Make Special Price for Long-Term Rates

Unlike short-term renters who are only wanting to go away for the weekend, most remote employees are looking for holiday properties that provide longer stays. This is due to the fact that remote employees prefer to stay in one location for a longer length of time. It’s time to create a long-term stay package of your exclusive villas in Bali to attract the attentions of remote professionals. 

Create Inspiring Itineraries for the Work-Vacationers Around the Bali Holiday Villas

Creating experiences with the visitor in mind is an important aspect of presenting your resort as a worthy working vacation or flex-cation location. Because many activities and attractions have been halted or curtailed owing to government rules, your package or landing page should focus on those that are still open and available. Find out what is still open in your region, then provide experiences and one-of-a-kind chances to attract people to remain with you, such as a breakdown of local restaurants they could appreciate for takeaway orders if they are not available for in-house dining.

How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

Starting and running your own business is so aspiring for many people. However, it comes with its perks and hazards. For example, it makes you work all the time especially in the beginning where you just start your business and you have to fulfill so many different roles at once. It is often for entrepreneurs to become workaholic. Sometimes, it is out of necessity. However, it is also possible for  you to pursue your business goals without becoming a workaholic by adopting good system both for you and your business. 

How To Passionately Build Business Without Becoming A Workaholic

How to pursue you business goals passionately while putting the brakes on

The problem of running your own business is that most of the time you have no one rely on. You don’t have boss to help you and so many challenges you have to face almost on daily basis. It forces you to overwork all the time. In the end, you are experiencing major burnout, and so here are some tips to avoid it:

Check up on yourself

It is important to ask yourself important questions from time to time such as ‘am I suffering from fatigue?’, ‘ why are you feeling tired lately?’. when you experience pain or discomfort, it may be a sign for you to evaluate yourself to see if there is something you need to fix with your lifestyle. Finding balance is important when it comes to running your own business while maintaining your personal life. It may be impossible to reach perfect balance but at least you know when to put the brakes on. 

Focus on one direction

One of the most common things many entrepreneurs experience is that their focus spread to different branches, making them unable to see the clear vision. To know where you are headed, you have to know what your vision is. Set clear vision and goal of what you truly want to achieve in your business. Hence, you know what will distract you from reaching your goals and how to avoid or deal with them. 

Identify your core values

Business needs a core value to and so does your personal life. Core values will help you to stay focused and able to make the best choices. Honoring your core values is important because it will be very helpful for you to make decision at work. For example, your core value of personal life is your family. Hence, you know when to focus on them and get off from work-related matters if it is time for you to spend with your family. 

Create the right system

The system help you to set up a routine consisting of healthy habits you can follow on daily to keep you stay on track. For example, with the right system, you know when to sleep, drink water, breath, think, exercise, etc. By the right system, it is possible for you reduce the overall exhaustion. Standardize your system simply, such as keeping your bottle water next to you so you won’t forget to drink during work hours. 

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Bali Luxury Villas

Customer’s retention is one big part of vacation rental industry and, as owner of luxury villas in Bali, you surely want your guests to keep coming back to your vacation house. The relationship does not have to cease just because the guest stay is ended. Encourage repeat guests since it benefits both parties. As an owner, you get to host guests you already know and trust. Meanwhile, guests get to stay at a place where they know they’ll have a good time. 

Why Returning Guest is Important for Your Bali Villas

While all guests are important to the hotel industry, the benefits of recurring business cannot be overlooked. One of the most significant aspects of a hotel’s success is customer loyalty. Obviously, acquiring new clients is crucial for generating repeat business, but maintaining existing customers is where the real money is made. And it’s not just the hotel business that understands that client retention is the key to success.

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

Make Your Bali Luxury Villas Feels Homey

You want your guests to feel at ease, but you also want it to be even better than being in their own home. Fill your Bali luxury villas with tiny extras that major chain hotels can’t or won’t conceive of! Consider things like improved coffee makers and other small appliances. Provide daily equipment they’ll need to prepare their favorite show-stopper dish. Have it ready when they think of anything they wish they would’ve brought from home. Your guests will remember that you took the effort to make their stay as smooth and delightful as possible. This way, they will want to return next year since the experience was so good.

Always Make Yourself Available

To keep your customers happy, be ready for contact at all times. Ensure that a staff member is available to assist them whenever they want to make a reservation, change the details of their trip, question about your services, availability, costs, or just get a firsthand description, regardless of the hour or time zone.

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Keep Your Visitors Up to Date

Effective and well-understood communication is the fundamental to a good relationship between any two people. With this in mind, keep your guests up to date on all they need to know about their stay, the villa, the surrounding locations, the personnel, the activities available, and so on.

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Keep Your Luxury Villas Bali in Great Shape

Every owner, staff member, and agent is proud of the Bali luxury villas that they work from. Ensure that your live-in crew of housekeepers, landscapers, and handymen maintain the villa on a regular basis and inspect for signs of damage or concerns that need to be addressed. Do not wait for the harm to accumulate before addressing it.

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Make Guests Feel Important

Everyone wants to feel important. One way to do so is to pay attention to your vacation rental guests and their tales. Make them feel as if your property is completely for their benefit. Go the extra mile for your guests to personalize their encounter as much as possible. When guests arrive at your property, they should be greeted properly. Give them personalized welcome note that includes instructions on everything they need to know about their stay. Consider providing complimentary items like snacks or wine, robes and slippers, and free Wi-Fi. You could also include local artisan products like soaps and lotions in the welcome basket.

Give the Right Amount of Care

All of your guests require attention, but only the appropriate quantity should be given. Remember that these people are on vacation and require calm, pleasant time, as well as solitude. Allow them to enjoy themselves and offer aid only when requested.

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

Incorporating Mobile Technology Into Your Interactions With Customers

There are almost 4 billions smartphones are being used around the world. It means, many people have access to a powerful mobile device. Today, almost everything can be accessed through mobile. You can make transaction online without stepping out of your house. With this idea, it is a must for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growth of technology use. it is time for you to incorporate mobile technology into your interactions with your customers, providing more seamless experience. 

Using mobile technology to drive your business

Mobile devices are one of the most powerful platforms to drive business innovations because you can improve your marketing optimize your customer service experience. Keep in mind that the future is mobile and you can choose to incorporate it now or later when everyone is already ahead. And here are ways incorporating mobile technology can drive your business significantly:

Transform shopping experience

Due to the situation with the pandemic, many people are now having trust issues to go outside and shopping. In-person shopping has become less exciting experience for many customers because they concerns of their own safety. Many retails establishment close off due to the impact of the pandemic. With this situation, you can improve and reestablish your customer shopping experience by delivering personalized in-store experience via mobile devices. With this idea, you can provide help for customers in finding, researching, and comparing items. Optimize their experience by providing a mobile service that can help them try on products virtually. 

Offer more payment options

Offer more payment options

Cashless payment is not actually something new. It has been used even before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has made it reach higher percentage of people who use cashless payment now. Many people prefer cashless payment because it is easy, fast, safe, and efficient. Even if the pandemic is finally contained, it seems customers will still prefer this payment method. Hence, you can enhance their buying experience by offering improved cashless payment methods via mobile devices. By giving your customers this option, you ensure them that they will never pass your business by just because they forgot their wallet. 

Offer more convenience 

By incorporating mobile technology into your interaction with customers, you offer more convenience to them. For example, they can easily pay for the products they buy by scanning the QR codes, or they can simply select the menu via QR codes. Furthermore, it also helps your physical space clean with less physical interaction with your customers. It helps ensure everyone’s safety because the risk of disease transmission can be reduced this way. It is not impossible that the future will be even more touchless. 

Monitor customer interest provide seamless customer service

By incorporating mobile technology, you can get information about your customer interest and behavior. Hence, you can promote more personalized offering for them without jeopardizing their online security. Also, mobile technology can help improve customer service experience because then you can provide faster response via different channels, making it more efficient for both you and customers to reach each other out. 

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

How to Build Desirable Bali Villas for Rental Business

Vacation rentals are becoming more popular as an investment property in Bali. Not only among big property investors, but also individuals who seek for second stream of income. There are lots of villas in Bali available for sale; but turning into an actual vacation rental that sell well need some works. Here’s some insight to do it right and make your vacation rental business flourish.

Choose Location of Your Bali Villas Wisely

Location is one of the most important factors to consider before you buy villas in Bali. Whether it’s in the beachy strip of Canggu or nestled deep in the lush forest of Tabanan, location can either make or break your business. The greatest investment property is a home with direct access to a local attraction. People who come to Bali for the very first time usually would look for a villa that close to the city centre, beaches, or theme park.

Work on Interior Design

Work on Bali villas Interior Design

With so many Bali villas available in the market, one of the way to stay competitive is by presenting unique interior design. Before making a reservation, most customers check at the vacation home’s interior decor. Simple improvements such as a distinctive chandelier, a bookcase in the corner, traditional décor, and local art may dramatically increase the appeal of your rental home. Consider employing a professional interior designer if you don’t have an aesthetic eye.

Make the Overall Bali Villas Look Stunning

Decorate and decorate your home to make it a welcoming environment for your visitors. If the appearance of your property impresses your visitors, they may even share it on Instagram. And that’s free promotion for you right now!

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Spruce Up Your Outdoor

Don’t forget about the outside areas while freshening up the inside living spaces of your condominiums or single family houses. Make sure your decks, as well as the seats and tables on them, are in good working order. Fire pits, patios, hot tubs, outdoor grills, and swimming pools should all be taken into consideration. More bookings will result from investing in your outside living space.

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Manage Your Pool

Swimming pools are highly sought after in many vacation houses in Bali. This island’s humid and hot weather can only be completed with a refreshing dip in the pool! Pools is a great way to cool down and adds great fun to guests’ experience. As pool become one of the main highlights of your vacation rental, you need to regularly maintain the pool. Check your PH balance every week, skim leaves and floating debris in the surface, and treat your pool every month.

Clean All Your Family Photos and Personal Belongings

The vacation rentals where guests feel most at ease are those with the least amount of indication of previous occupants. I become a little uneasy when I see a lot of family photographs, heaps of personal documents, clothes, or toiletries about. If you rent out your home, keep as much of your personal belongings hidden as possible and keep what is visible neatly arranged. Allow your visitors some space to unpack their belongings–dresser drawers for clothing, bathroom shelves for amenities, kitchen counter space for groceries, and space away from your mess.