Balancing Act In Leadership To Lead Successful Organization


When you decide to run your own business, you become the leader of an organization regardless of how small your business is. You need to develop leadership quality to successfully build your success. Of course, it is not something you can do overnight because as you build your leadership qualities, you make mistakes and learn from them. Balancing act in leadership is important so you can gain source of great learning and strength. This way, you will be able to pick up yourself even when you make mistake. 

How to balance the source of great learning and strength in leadership

There are many challenges when it comes to running your own business regardless of what area you are focused on. Building your own success while leading an organization can be overwhelming especially in the beginning. Sometimes, you may get feeling lost. However, it is also important to remember that you are human and you always have space to learn. 

One of the most obvious role of you as a leader is to be responsible. You are practically responsible of everything when it comes to your own business and organization. However, keep in mind that just because you are responsible for everything doesn’t mean you have to be good at everything. Many leaders try so hard to be an all-rounder due to the feeling of responsibility. They feel like they have to be expert in everything to have control over everything in their business. 

The fact is, a leader or CEO of a business for example, is a little bit above average at everything. However, it is more important that you have to be really good at something. To balance between responsibility and your ability, you can identify your own expertise at particular area. Also, don’t try to be an expert at everything but learn more about everything so you can be above average so you won’t lose your credibility. Aim to get better instead of for expertise. To make it short, you have to be excellent in your domain and just above average in other areas. 

In leadership, making decision is like daily challenge. You have to decide for almost everything. Sometimes, you are facing between giving the right answer and the best answer. Having the right answer means doing well in most areas. However, it is different in leadership. Sometimes, there are no answer and sometimes there are too many answers when problems arise. Instead of looking for the great answer, you may have to find the better option. Leader has to decide the best answer and manage the outcome. Being decisive is important quality of a leader. 

Your responsibility doesn’t end in that day. There is still tomorrow’s responsibility you also have to take. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish between important matters and urgent matters. Your role as a leader is to delegate the not important and take the lead of the important. This requires lots of learning in the process but you will get there.