Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites


You have two alternatives for scuba diving Komodo island: you can join a group and choose from one of the several dive companies on the island, or you can stay on a liveaboard and snorkel from there. Komodo island is one of the world’s most recognized dive destinations. Known mostly for its manta ray population, it earns its name not just for the majestic rays, but also for the abundance of marine life and massive coral communities. The best way to see all of the Komodo dive sites is to embark on a liveaboard for at least 3 days (but preferably 7) to go to the more remote dive sites that aren’t accessible from the main island of Labuan Bajo.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island and Discovering Amazing Dive Sites

Best scuba diving Komodo sites

Batu Bolong

Now, don’t take our word for it, but this could be the nicest dive location ever. With corals stretching as far as the eye can see, we doubt you’ve ever seen so much color – or so many turtles – on a dive. Another advantage of Batu Bolong is that the current is moderate and the depth is shallow, making it an underwater photographers’ paradise when the light is good. Sharks, turtles, rays, and pretty much anything else can be found at any moment. GO RIGHT NOW!

Manta Alley

Have you seen enough manta rays? Or, even worse, haven’t been able to find them yet? Then let’s go to Manta Alley! Enjoy this shallow dive with a high likelihood of seeing mantas, turtles, and possibly even a shark. Perhaps even a free dive on this one? When a manta comes to say hello, it’s an experience like no other! Please keep in mind that the water here can be cold and turbulent, making access to this place not always viable.

Taka Makassar

If you’re looking for the elusive manta rays, here is the place to go! Expect manta rays swooping by, turtles pursuing them, and corals swinging quietly underneath you at this dive spot. Then there’s the possibility of encountering sharks, eagle rays, morays, and clownfish. Basically, you’ll want to place Taka Makassar at the top of your bucket list!

Gili Lawa

This is a dry savanna island. Uninhabited, and a herd of deers can be seen playing on the beach in the afternoon. Climb to the top of the hill for a spectacular panoramic view of the sunset or sunrise. Climbing takes roughly an hour. Before sunset, if you’re lucky, you might see a herd of dolphins playing on the beach.

A night diving Komodo island is a must-do! Visit Gili Lawa to see the bioluminescence in all its grandeur, even with the tiniest of touches. Squids, octopuses, sharks, and rays are all possible sightings. Get your dive torch ready, because you’re in for a show!

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