Architect Bali, How To Build Your Dream Villa


Architecture is designed to be lived in and used. Things like orientation, shade, air flow, circulation, off-grid solutions are essential to guarantee comfort and quality of life within the home. Homes that are not properly designed for the location end up being concrete air-conditioned boxes. Bali is not only a beautiful, natural paradise but is also home to a large and diverse cultural and art heritage. Professional architect Bali is able to know how to use materials and can build sustainable buildings that are influenced by traditional architecture.

Architect Bali, How To Build Your Dream Villa

Architect Bali: Implement Bali style to your villa

A villa is one of the best examples of an early tropical seaside villa in south-east Asia. A good architect Bali is able to show through the design, how simple traditional elements with links to the culture and religion created a unique and luxurious retreat. 

Bali life is complex. Bali architecture techniques are based upon religious principles along with a village hierarchy. It can be said that the construction of a Balinese villa is a persuasive manifesto because it is faithful to the beautiful Balinese residential style and the way traditional houses are built. As well as how new buildings can honor this ancient tradition in a sustainable manner.

How Big is the villa market in Bali?

Over the last five years, more than 1,000 luxury villa development in Bali. Many investors, whether for retirement or profit, have bet on the rise of the Asia vacation rental market. But how big of a market is there, and where should you start?

Canggu is the most popular villa location in Bali, accounting for 45 percent of the demand. Ubud, Canggu, Legian, Sanur, and Lombok are also popular tourist destinations.

Four-bedroom villas are the second most popular. A three-bedroom villa costs on average US$325, while a four-bedroom vacation home costs on average US$580. Customers prefer villas with a modern, minimalistic design.

Canggu land has become increasingly expensive. Choosing the location of the land will affect the price of your investment in the future. Bali is a favorite destination, that’s clear. Wherever the land you choose, the most important thing is the concept of villa Bali architecture.

Media marketing is very important to promote your villa. Even though the villa land is not near the beach access, you can use the rice fields as a view in your villa. There are many Balinese architecture concepts that you can apply to compete.

Bali construction company

A foreign national investing in property in Bali should do so through a foreign-owned company (PT PMA). In Indonesia, a PT PMA is a foreign limited liability company. You will be able to obtain the Right to Build and Right to Use certificates with a PT PMA. 

Finding a professional Bali construction company is crucial. A professional Bali construction company is able to assist the villa development process from the beginning to the document process. They can even provide Balinese design services. 

Why should you look for a one-stop Bali construction company? Running a villa development from 1 door is the best. This will really help you build a villa without fear of spending your budget in vain. You can look for a professional contractor office south Bali up to the north.