How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

How To Be Tactful When Dealing With Difficult Customers

People always say that customers are kings and whatever they need should be fulfilled. The thing is, customers are not always right. Sometimes, they make impossible request or complain about irrational matters. However, saying no to them can put yourself in uncomfortable decision not knowing how the customers will react to being denied. Not to mention that it potentially puts your relationship in dangerous edge. 

Being tactful when dealing with difficult customers

It is important to maintain positive working arrangement with your customers. To do so, you need to be more tactful in dealing with them when they are being difficult. It is necessary to set boundaries without potentially harming your relationship with your difficult customers. And here are some tips to deal with difficult customers more tactfully:

Part ways respectfully and nicely when necessary

It is impossible for customers to always right. Fulfilling each of their demands can be impossible as well especially when it doesn’t bring any good for both parties. Hence, make sure to know when to part ways. If it is better to let go of your clients, part ways respectfully and nicely. Make sure to take this decision after weighing down everything thoroughly. If they are good customers and valuable, fight for them. If they are not, let go of them. 

Ask necessary questions

When your customers keep asking or demanding things from you to the point where you think is impossible to fulfill, make sure to ask questions. Ask why they are asking what they are asking for. It allows your customers to think about the demand or requests more rationally. There is possibility of them changing their mind. If your customers don’t seem to understand what they ask for yet being stubborn about it, maybe you need to let them on their way. 

Offer alternative options

Before saying no or when it is difficult to say no to your customers, try offering alternative options to them. This can be a way for you to say no to your customer’s impossible demand without actually saying it. Try delivering more options they can choose that fits their needs without impacting your margins. 

Accommodate with conditions

When your customers demand things too far from what you can actually perform or deliver, you can agree to what they ask for but it comes with some conditions. These conditions can accommodate their needs even though they are not exactly what the customers want initially. The point is to make sure both parties are satisfied. 

Underpromise and overdeliver

It should be your principle to underpromise and overdeliver rather than the other way around. Make sure to not promise anything above what your brand can perform. Try to be as honest as possible with your promise so your customers won’t set their expectation too high and end up extremely upset when it is not delivered well. Honesty is a key to build healthy relationship with your customers. So when customer ask for something that you can’t deliver, you can say no and set boundaries.