5 Steps Marketing Your Vacation Rental Bali for Wellness Trend

5 Steps Marketing Your Luxury villa rental Bali to Wellness Trend

Ever since the rise of mental health issues since 2020, people are beginning to recognize and accept the indications of stress, worry, and depression more than ever before, and are taking action to address them. One of the favourite is taking a wellness break; a moment to heal, isolate, and reconnect with the nature. It’s evident that this is a growing trend, which is fantastic news for owners and managers of luxury villa rental in Bali. Particularly in vacation rentals that feature easy access to nature, scenic hiking, biking routes, and other outdoor activities.

Why You Need to Promote Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali as Wellness Retreat

As a vacation rental owner or property manager in Bali, encouraging health in your marketing is a terrific way to increase bookings. Traditional hotel rooms tend to be smaller and less comfortable than alternative options. They’re also a more cost-effective option for groups of wellness travelers. The growing interest in wellness has permeated the travel industry as well. According to a Skift survey conducted in 2019, an overwhelming 71 percent of respondents claimed that physical and mental wellbeing activities play a significant role in their travel preferences. Following a period of stagnation during COVID-19, it is once again on the rise as more individuals place a premium on their personal well-being.

We’ll go through what property managers need to know about proactively appealing to and capturing guests interested in wellness travel in this blog post.

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Know What Does Wellness Retreat Means

So, what makes a vacation a wellness vacation? Every traveller has his or her own definition of wellness. Some people choose calm spa treatments and yoga sessions to destress, while others prefer daring bikes or walk along mountainous rail to see the beauty of nature. Take a moment to look at what options around your luxury villa rental Bali that you can use for your advantage. 

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

Promote the Wellness Retreat in Your Website or Social Media Page

One thing we’ve learned about travel habits is that guests enjoy doing extensive research before making a final selection.

By targeting the keywords they are looking for on search engines, your website is the ideal spot to reach potential guests in the discovery phase. Make various contents that reflect wellness and peaceful stay, like yoga session or rejuvenating spa for your social media content. 

You can establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy voice on all things wellness in your location by developing content around these topics. You can also use an exclusive time-sensitive special offer, remarketing campaigns, or email updates to retarget your website guests for the highest chance of closing the booking.

Example of Wellness Retreats

Your rental (or destination) must appeal to tourists seeking a wellness experience in order to qualify as an appropriate location for a wellness vacation. While there are no common criteria for what constitutes a wellness vacation rental, wellness travelers look for a variety of activities, facilities, and features in a luxurious vacation rental home in Bali.

Here’s some idea to apply in your villas:

  • Eco Retreat
  • Zero Waste Stay
  • Natural Balinese Spa
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Flower Bath
  • Scuba Diving & Stay
  • Surfing

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Create Wellness Package in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

International wellness travelers spend an average of $1,528 each trip, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, which is almost 53% more than the average international guests. It’s also important to know that wellness travelers are more impulsed to spend more in their retreat, which opens up the up-selling. This means owners can profit from travelers’ willingness to pay more on this type of trip. 

Create wellness packages for guests that include your villa rental and a variety of activities at an unbeatable price. This can be as basic as an on-site massage or meditation session, but it will provide significant value to your guests.

You can also form a partnership with local business to create wellness package bundle. Also, try to cooperate Balinese culture in your villa rental. Bali is one of the most popular destination for wellness and healing trip among travelers, anyway!

Here are some wellness package ideas you can try:

  • Two night stay in your villa with one yoga session in nearby yoga studio. 
  • 2N3D package with Balinese herbal drink class + Balinese massage with flower bath.
  • 1 week stay with free kombucha drink from XXX vegan cafe + Melukat ceremony.