Things That Make You the Real Property Investor


Investing sounds easy and simple. It is like everyone can do it regardless their occupation and educational background. Well, it is not entirely wrong because investors indeed come from different disciplines and backgrounds. However, there are certain things that make you the real investor or not. Investing in property is possible but it is not all the time that people jumping into this industry come out successful and rich. Some of them fail and keep going while others fail and give up. Aside from the ‘success’ point, being the real property investor involve more on mindset, process, ability and mannerism. Property investing is not only for building wealth but also as a great access of a delivering an early and comfortable retirement.

Clues of the real property investors

Property investing is an access to provide you luxurious lifestyle you have dreamt of. However, it cannot be achieved in only a day or two. It requires long process and most human are impatient creatures to begin with. Here are some clues to know if you are real property investor or not:

  • If you believe that any property is an investment then you are not real investor. To believe in one thing, you cannot rely on your assumption or rumor. You need to dig into the fact. The fact is, fewer than 10% of properties qualify as investment grade. Thus, not all properties are investment grade. Thus, finding the right property to invest in means you need to find the one that has the qualification to property investment grade.
  • You are real property investor if you understand that property cannot make a cash machine in a year or two. Well, it could be if you happen to have a large chunk of saving and equity. However, it needs time for property to grow big and make steady flow of income. Even if you choose the right properties, it still takes time to accumulate. Besides, capital growth also takes time to build. Everything about property investing business takes times to plan before executed. It may take more than three years before you can rely on your property investing to have steady income and build wealth.
  • Real investor won’t rely on personal feeling or liking. For example, you buy a property because you like it personally and you think you can live in it for long time. However, you only see from your point of view not your buyers or tenants. And that’s what makes you not the real property investor because the real one won’t involve personal preference to make any decision.
  • The real property investor won’t ever think they can do it alone. Real estate is resource-intensive. Thus, you cannot be ignorant and keep going on the business without knowing what you are getting into. To achieve success, you need to trust others. You need to find and build solid team to support you throughout your journey in property investing. Only then you can achieve success because other’s knowledge and experience have powerful impact to it.