Komodo Island Boat Tour, 4 Days Itinerary Ideas

Komodo Island Boat Tour, 4 Days Itinerary Ideas

This summer holiday would you like to find yourself between two worlds and enjoy luxury amenities and ancient remnants?  Well, on this stunning island you can have it all on just one Komodo island boat tour. Komodo Island is a place that everybody should visit at least once in a lifetime. The island is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a stunning place of unspoiled nature and postcard-like scenery as a backdrop for your sailing trip.  Besides the largest lizard, there is much more to admire and many stunning sights to behold. Komodo will welcome you with a variety of treasures and some of the most appealing attractions on the earth. For instance, a rich historical heritage, gorgeous white sandy beaches, exotic wildlife, along with its picturesque village and hospitable villagers. Here are 4 days filled with the best things to do on Komodo Island.

Sailing itinerary for Komodo Island Boat Tour

Day 1- Sebayur Besar

On the first day of the Komodo Island Boat tour, it is a good idea to set sail to Sebayur Besar Island. Sebayur Besar abounds in natural beauty both below and above the water. Here, you will find stunning beaches, clear crystal water, and a friendly local. The island is also known for the best sunset panorama view within the Komodo National Park. When you see the stunning sunset, you won’t believe your eyes. However, the best way to see the magical sunset is by a trek to the top of the island. It takes around 45 minutes. Besides the sunset, this island offers a beautiful snorkeling spot. You can jump in the water and spot the beautiful marine life and colorful coral cover!

Day 2. Komodo Island boat tour to Siaba Besar

After breakfast, make your way to Siaba Besar. The island is home to fascination underwater both snorkeling and diving. Siaba Besar is one the best places to start your underwater trip on Komodo Island. This stunning island guarantees superlative swimming among sea turtles, therefore the island has the nickname “Turtle City”. Here, you have the chance to find dozens of green turtles sitting in the coral garden.  Moreover, you’ll witness plenty of colorful fish around corals, and if you are lucky, you will spot the barracuda cruising around. 

Komodo Island Boat Tour, 4 Days Itinerary Ideas

Day 3. Padar Island

On the third day, Padar Island is a great idea for your sailing trip. Padar is a wild island located between Komodo and Rinca Island. The highlight attraction of Padar is its stunning panorama. Padar is formed by rolling hills that stretch out facing the crystal blue sea. You can climb to the hill on Padar to enjoy the magical sunset from the top!

Day 4.  Rinca Island

On the last day of the sailing trip, consider visiting Rinca Island. The island is the best place in Komodo National Park to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Therefore, adding this stop to your Komodo’s trip is a must!

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