Should You Allow 1 Night Stay at Your Seminyak Villa Bali? 

1 Night Stay at Your Seminyak Villa Bali 1

Seminyak is known for its beautiful cafes, boutique shops, fashionable bars, and high-end shopping choices. When you add in a fantastic stretch of sandy beach and some opulent hotels, villas, and spas, Seminyak is always busy with Bali cultures mixed with vibrant coastal lifestyle, and this area a must-see for everyone visiting Bali. This is why Seminyak is very lucrative for villa and vacation rental business. In regard to this busy area, should villa owners allow one night stay at their Seminyak property or should they apply strict minimum stay requirements? Here we will discuss all the benefits and loss of the minimum staying policy. 

Why Minimum Stay is Generally Recommended for Villas in Bali

The short-term rental sector relies heavily on minimum stay regulations for vacation rentals. They can even be useful in some situations. Some vacation rental owners and managers utilize them to give their cleaning and maintenance personnel a break in between stays.

However, relying on minimum stay rules to make more money and maintain high occupancy may cause more harm than good—in ways you may not realize. Vacation rental minimum stay requirements are a significant aspect of your total revenue and occupancy plan when utilized in conjunction with dynamic rates.

Some hosts are partial to the three-day policy. Others favor week-long (or even month-long) stays. And still more tout the benefits of a one-night minimum. Depending on your market and hosting style, it may truly make sense to simply “set it and forget it.” Find something that works, and run with it.

However, we’ve discovered that a little tweaking goes a long way. Hosts of seminyak villas for rent that are proactive in adjusting their minimum night stay policy in response to market demand, seasonality, and forthcoming events can realize significant monthly revenue gains.

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What Does Allowing 1 Night Stay Brings Into the Table for You?

Helps You With Gap Nights

Though generating a lot of revenue, long stays also result in “gap nights”, which are nights between bookings that are unable to be booked because they are less than the minimum. For example, if you have two 7-night stays with a 5-night gap between them and a 7-night minimum, the 5th night will be unavailable. It won’t show up on Airbnb (or other vacation rental listings you are on), let alone your own website. You can enhance the occupancy of your Seminyak vacation rental by permitting a shorter minimum during the gap. Otherwise, it’s revenue that can’t be booked.

Help Increase Occupancy in Your Villa Seminyak

One method of increasing occupancy and revenue that is sometimes ignored. Lower prices that comes with 1 night stay booking have the potential to increase sales to your villa Seminyak Bali. Here’s how you may use minimum stays to boost occupancy and income while also delivering a pleasant surprise!

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Helps You With the Cleaning

You can stay on top of cleaning with overnighters. While this may seem like a hassle, it ensures that your Seminyak private villas are always clean. One-night stays may work for you if you live on site or are able to clean yourself and are willing to replace the beds, clean the entire facility, and so on on a regular basis.